Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th September Review Update

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th September Review Update

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th September Review Update The deadly monsters turn into black smoke and trap Aman and his family. Aman gets trapped and fails to see anyone. He tells Roshni that he can hear them, but can’t see her. Tabeezi tells that the black smoke will block their sight. Roshni tries to get rid of the black smoke. She uses her powers and succeeds. They get worried on getting some sound from Armaan’s room. They realize that they have badly trapped Jhumru with Armaan, knowing Armaan isn’t liking him.

They are also scared for Armaan’s life. Shayari and Rehan also use their powers to help out Aman and Roshni. Jhumru goes to tell Armaan that he will save him. He turns out to be a Jinn himself. The room gets devastated. Jhumru cheats Aman and Roshni. He wants them to believe that Armaan is turning evil because of Kaala Jinn’s spell. He wants to kill Armaan and become the next Kaala Jinn himself. He tells that Armaan’s family will help him in his motive.


Aman and Roshni ask Tabeezi to suggest some solution to reach Armaan. The family tries together and gets rid of the monster’s powers. They try to get through the door and reach Armaan. When the family enters the room, they find the room devastated. They find Jhumru hurt. Jhumru tries to blame Armaan in front of them. Jhumru acts great to blame himself. He tells that Armaan is jealous of him and tried to attack him.

Roshni is glad that both the kids are safe. Aman is worried that Armaan wants to become Kaala jinn himself by walking on the wrong path. Rehan doubts Jhumru. Shayari reminds Rehan that Jhumru isn’t a deadly Jinn, he is an innocent kid who saved Armaan’s life from Kaala Jinn’s trap. Jhumru gets happy seeing them fight. Tabeezi tells that she will find a way to stop Armaan’s growing evil.

Jhumru wants to make Armaan away from his parents. Tabeezi tests Armaan’s evil and finds a way to stop his evil. She fails to read the solution because of Jhumru’s storm attack. Jhumru changes the solution until they take the situation under control. Tabeezi gets to believe the wrong solution. She asks Roshni to wrap Armaan in the magical blanket, which will remove the evil from Armaan. Jhumru wants the magical blanket to trouble Armaan and make him weak. He plans to attack Armaan. Shayari asks Rehan not to question Jhumru.

She asks Jhumru to tell them about his family. Rehan tells that he wants to send him away. Shayari tells that she will find his parents. Jhumru lies that he doesn’t remember anything. Rehan scolds him for the lie. Jhumru cries to convince them by a sobbing story. Shayari cheers up Jhumru. Rehan doesn’t get positive vibes. Aman and Roshni try to put Armaan to sleep. Roshni feels the blanket is connected with Armaan’s sleep.

Aman asks her to have faith on the book. Roshni stays awake while trying to put him to sleep. She senses danger around Armaan. Shefinds Jhumru instead the jinn. Jhumru tells that he has come to put Armaan to sleep. Roshni doesn’t know his evil intentions of killing Armaan. Jhumru learns that Shayari and Rehan have found his family. He gets angered on knowing Aman’s decision to send him away.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th September Review Update: 4/5
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