Barrister Babu 8th October 2020 Written update Anirudh shocked

Barrister Babu 8th October 2020 Written update Anirudh shocked

Barrister Babu 8th October 2020 Written update Anirudh shocked Anirudh rushes to cross the barriers and reach Bondita. He gets late in reaching Bondita, who is already sent away by her Mami and Mama. Mami had sent away Bondita before Sumati could get up and create a scene. She dragged Bondita in a cruel manner and sent her away by scaring her further. Bondita is much manipulated. Anirudh feels sorry that he couldn’t understand Bondita’s silence. He feels much guilty. He thinks Bondita has taught him a lesson of life when he was ignorant of her struggles, he was just focussing to help her study, but she has left by setting a big example for her.

He regrets his actions so much that he stands weeping. Sampoorna reminds him that he can meet Bondita and apologize to her later on, since the time is crucial and he has to reach Bondita first. She fears that Bondita is getting ill treated in the village. She has no idea that her mother is the one who is ruining Bondita’s life. She warns Anirudh to just rush to Bondita before it gets too late. Binoy stops Anirudh to create hurdles for him. Anirudh pledges to come back with Bondita. He calls off the engagement with Saudamini.

With growing fears, Anirudh leaves his mansion, while Bondita has a sinking heart to get away from her mother. Mami plays really clever. Sumati has no idea about her daughter. When she gets conscious, she hurriedly looks for her daughter. She asks her brother about Bondita. He is speechless to answer her. Seeing her tension, he wants to tell her that he has sent Bondita for labour work. Mami stops him from telling anything to Sumati. Sumati is in grief.

A painful moment for Bondita to depart from the house, leaving behind her unconscious mother. The moment flashes in her eyes. She sticks to her courage so that she gets help for Sumati by meeting Gandhi ji. She questions the man about Gandhi ji and irritates him. She is aware of Gandhi ji just because of Anirudh’s teachings. She gets a smile on her face because of the golden memories. She sings Gandhi ji’s favorite song which Anirudh taught her.

Anirudh reaches them to ask for Bondita so that he can take her home with him. He doesn’t find Bondita anywhere. He misses her cheerful smile and naughty talks. Bondita is far away going with the brothel owner. She sings on the way while rejoicing to meet Gandhi ji. She tells that once she meets Gandhi ji, all her troubles will be subsiding. She wants Gandhi ji to explain the villagers that they are wrong to kill someone just because the lady is a widow or abandoned by her husband.

Bondita gets positive and happily goes with the man. She believed her Mami, who sold her for money. Anirudh learns that Bondita has left after taking a job. He is shocked to know that he lost her. He doesn’t lose hopes. He fears that Mami has done something wrong. Rasila’s words strike his mind. He realizes that Bondita is sent to a bad world, as Rasila told him about the new shelter for the abandoned woman. Mami blames Anirudh further. He realizes that its all his fault.

Anirudh knows his mistake that he didn’t trust Bondita before. Mami lies that she had taken good care of Bondita and Sumati, who had become a target of villagers’ evil rage. She informs that Sumati was getting burnt alive by the villagers, while she saved her life. She lies to him that Bondita’s courage has ended, which made her decide to flee from the village to save her life. Anirudh doesn’t believe Mami’s words, knowing little Bondita is brave enough to fight for herself. He faces the angry villagers who come there to kill Bondita. Anirudh takes the blame on himself. He tells them that he is an abandoned husband, he didn’t abandon Bondita, she has left him all by her wish. He clears her name and realizes his mistake.

He fails to meet Sumati’s eyes. He feels responsible for Bondita’s sorrow and pain. He apologizes to Sumati. Sumati isn’t convinced by him. Anirudh takes the diya lit by Bondita with faith. He holds that to make a pledge. He tells Sumati that Bondita had to leave the house because of him, he will not come back either until he finds Bondita. He swears to not step in his house until he gets his wife welcomed there. Anirudh’s words give some hope to Sumati, who breaks down thinking the danger faced by Bondita. Anirudh tries to race against time and find Bondita.

Ahead in the show, Saudamini plays an evil move and lies to everyone that Anirudh has got engaged to her. She tells the Roy family that Anirudh was lost and made her wear the ring. Trilochan believes her. Saudamini and Binoy play the last move to trap Anirudh. Saudamini tells Trilochan that she has no problem with Bondita’s return, but she will also marry Anirudh.

She wants Trilochan to welcome two Bahus home when Anirudh comes back with Bondita. She doesn’t leave her rights on Anirudh. This makes Trilochan worried. A battle for Anirudh begins in Roy family before Anirudh gets Bondita. Bondita is taken to the brothel shockingly where the man plans to sell her. Will Anirudh succeed to find her in time before she is taken away from the village? Will Anirudh track her and save her from the brothel? Keep reading for latest updates on this show. Tara Bai’s entry in the latest to happen in the show. Check back tomorrow for latest news on the new entry and upcoming twists. Comment your views on this show below.

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