Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th October 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th October 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th October 2020 Written Update Abir and Kunal reach the Maheshwari house to get Kuhu back. Varsha doesn’t let them enter the house. Kunal asks Varsha to bless him and let him meet Kuhu, else he can do it forcibly too. He doesn’t want to go back alone. Kuhu is very happy to see Kunal.

Varsha isn’t ready to send Kuhu back. Abir tells that Mishti and he had named the property to Kuhu, there won’t be any problem in the family now, Kuhu won’t be feeling insecure again. Varsha tells him that Kuhu doesn’t want money, but respect, the property can never get her the deserved respect in the family. Kuhu is ready to go with Kunal, but Varsha stops her.

She tells them that she has a condition to send Kuhu, that Kuhu and Kunal have to stay separated. Kunal tells Varsha that he can’t leave the house, he can’t stay away from Abir at any cost. Varsha tells Kuhu that Kunal still cares for his brother more than his wife. She tells that she will not permit Kuhu to go.

Kunal tells that Varsha has more right on Kuhu than him. He doesn’t want to take Kuhu against Varsha’s wish. Abir and Kunal return home and meet Mishti, who reveals her big decision to the family. She tells that Abir and she decided to leave the house and shift to a different house, which will be good for their baby. Mishti doesn’t want the baby to get raised in between daily fights. She shows the house to them. Meenakshi tells that she won’t let Mishti and Abir go away to Mumbai.

Mishti tells that she has taken the decision for everyone’s betterment. Abir and Kunal try to stop Mishti. She tells that its her final decision. Parul asks Kunal to stop Abir from leaving. Kunal tells that he can never become like Abir. Parul asks him to try and convince Abir. Mishti doesn’t listen to Abir. Kunal goes to stop Abir. He asks Abir to give his old memories back.

He tells that he wants all those moments which made an impact on their life. Mishti tells that nobody can snatch their good memories, her decision is good for everyone. Mishti tells Abir that she has thought well. Abir questions her why did she decide it alone. Meenakshi locks Abir and Mishti in the room. She tells that they can’t leave the house without her permission.

Abir angrily breaks the door. He tells Meenakshi that he was against Mishti’s decision, but her odd behavior made him change his mind. He doesn’t want his mum to always dictate. Jasmeet criticizes Mishti for her decision. Kuhu asks Jasmeet not to blame Mishti always. She tells that Mishti and Abir are leaving the house so that Kunal and she can stay with the family. She understands Mishti’s sacrifice. She doesn’t want Mishti to do this. She tells Varsha that she can’t be happy without Kunal.

She wants to unite the Rajvansh family. She realizes her mistake. Mishti plays a drama to break the family just to unite them forever. Meenakshi offers property to Mishti to stop her from leaving. Mishti doesn’t reveal the truth of the drama to her. She wants Kuhu to return home. Mishti and Kuhu will be uniting the family and restoring the happiness.

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