Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th October 2020 Written Update Vansh returns

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th October 2020 Written Update Vansh returns

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th October 2020 Written Update Vansh returns Riddhima searches for Sejal, who is caught up in the basement by Aryan and Chanchal. Aryan threatens Sejal to get Riddhima’s past secrets out. Sejal doesn’t reveal anything about Riddhima and Kabir. She knows that Kabir is Riddhima’s enemy and this truth should be known to Riddhima first. She is ready to risk her life to keep her friendship.

Aryan tells Chanchal that Sejal is really crazy to risk her life for the sake of Riddhima. Kabir takes a disguise of a helper to enter VR mansion. Riddhima seeks Siya’s help and reaches the basement area. She searches for Sejal, while Sejal tries hard to make some audible sound. Aryan and Chanchal get alert of Riddhima. Dadi calls Riddhima in time and saves Riddhima from getting attacked by Aryan. Aryan wants a truth about Riddhima so that he can separate Vansh from her forever. He wants his revenge on her.


Riddhima learns about the havan prayers kept at home. Dadi informs her that Vansh is returning home. This brings a smile on Riddhima’s face. Siya quickly clicks her photo to send to Vansh. Riddhima waits Vansh. She wants to be extra careful until Vansh comes. She fears for Sejal’s life. Kabir gets busy in searching for Sejal. He wants to know where is she hidden and by whom. He looks for her while pretending to be working for the havan. Riddhima suspects him, but Anupriya misleads her once again.

Riddhima wants the havan to go well. Dadi wishes Riddhima and Vansh’s bond stays strong always. She blesses them. Riddhima has started liking Vansh a lot. She misses him badly. Meanwhile, Chanchal doesn’t want Sejal to die. She feeds Sejal to keep her alive. She asks Sejal to tell about Riddhima’s past to get free. Sejal doesn’t speak up and angers Aryan. Sejal sends her watch with Chanchal so that Riddhima gets a clue and reaches her. Kabir reaches the basement to find Sejal after Anupriya tells her suspicion.

Aryan scolds Kabir, who is in a helper’s role now. Kabir gets certain that Aryan is hiding Sejal. Aryan cleverly shifts Sejal to Chanchal’s room. Kabir fails to catch Sejal. He misses out the important detail. Aryan tells Chanchal that he doesn’t want to take any chance, if they lose Sejal, their game will be over. Aryan wants Sejal to be captive until she tells the truth to them. Sejal wishes Riddhima reaches her soon. Riddhima gets a surprise call from Vansh. He informs about his early return. He tells her that he wants to know if she is really missing him. Riddhima doesn’t confess. He finds her smart to ignore the question.

Vansh plans a surprise on his return. Riddhima waits him more eagerly. She finds Sejal’s watch and gets curious to find her in VR mansion. Kabir reveals her disguise to Riddhima. He makes a lie that he has come to help her out in finding her friend Sejal. Riddhima informs him about Vansh’s arrival. Kabir intentionally attempts to get caught with her, so that Vansh punishes her for the deceive. Will Kabir succeed in his evil plans? Will Vansh really spot them together and misunderstand Riddhima? Keep reading.

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