Anupama 20th October 2020 Written Update Kavya spoils the fun

Anupama 20th October 2020 Written Update Kavya spoils the fun

Anupama 20th October 2020 Written Update Kavya spoils the fun Kavya reaches Vanraj and Anupama’s marriage venue. She tells Anupama that she was going to marry Vanraj, who didn’t come to marry her and cheated her. She tells that she is much upset that her marriage couldn’t happen. She exposes Vanraj and ruins his peace. Anupama is much sad that her happiness broke down. This turns out to be Vanraj’s dream. Vanraj realizes that Kavya didn’t name him. Kavya apologizes for coming late.

She tells that she should have come before, but she was stuck in some important work. Anupama tells that its better that she came late. Kavya taunts Vanraj and makes him worried. Kavya tells that she will be a part of all the post marriage functions. Baa asks her not to make any bad omen. Kavya tells that bad omen has already happened in the mehendi function, nothing such will happen again. Vanraj is nervous. He fills the sindoor in Anupama’s hairline.

Kavya hands over the nuptial chain to him. She asks him to make Anupama wear it. Vanraj realizes that she is controlling her anger. Anupama tells them that she wants to thank everyone for being a part of her happiness. She wants to tell Devika about Vanraj’s gift. She tells that Vanraj has given her five gifts, that’s his love, trust and her three children. Rakhi gets bored hearing the boring drama. Kavya feels bad.

She realizes that Anupama has good hold on Vanraj’s family. Kavya angrily goes away. Paritosh warns her. He doesn’t want her to do any drama. Sanjay calms down Paritosh. Kavya tells Anupama that she knows about bidaai rituals. She asks Anupama to keep the emotional rituals. Everyone agrees to Kavya’s idea. Kavya plays music and dances on the emotional song. Vanraj thinks Kavya has gone mad in shock. Kavya makes Anupama dance along.

Anupama and her mum get emotional during the bidaai ritual. Anupama is very happy. Her mum tells that she is happy to give her hand to Vanraj this time. Anupama tells her mum that she has got so much happiness that she isn’t able to hold it. Her mum tells her that she will be becoming Saas and Dadi soon. She praises Anupama for being an ideal wife. She praises Vanraj for being an ideal husband. Her mum blesses her. Bhavesh also gets emotional. Dolly tells that Baa cried in her bidaai also. Baa tells that every mum cries when its about bidaai.

Kavya plans to make Anupama out of the house. Baa asks Kavya not to go out, and stay back in groom’s side. Kavya tells that she will be with Anupama this time. She wants to have her grahpravesh with Vanraj. She finds the family happily bonding. She breaks Anupama and Vanraj’s gathbandhan. The family is shocked to see that broken ties. Kavya tells that Vanraj is just of her. Anupama gets to see Vanraj and Kavya in the bedroom. She is shell shocked.

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