Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2020 Written Update Aaliya shocks Abhigya

Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2020 Written Update Aaliya shocks Abhigya

Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2020 Written Update Aaliya shocks Abhigya Ranbir cries that Pallavi asked him to forget Prachi. Aryan consoles Ranbir. He asks him not to lose his love. Ranbir tells about Pallavi’s ultimatum. He tells that he can’t win Prachi and lose his mother. He loves Prachi, but can’t lose his family for the sake of love. Aryan asks him to speak to Prachi once. Prachi is sorrowful about Abhi’s words. She misses Ranbir in the moment of gloominess.

She thinks of Ranbir. She gets Ranbir’s call. She enquires about Rhea. He tells her that Rhea is better. Prachi sheds tears. He wants to tell her about Pallavi. He finds her crying. She tells him that she would never come between Rhea and him, if she knew about it. He tells her that its not her mistake. She feels she isn’t able to control her tears. She tells that she has hurt many people. She didn’t know that her love will hurt others. She tells that Rhea is hurt because of her. She is sad that even Abhi got heartbroken and upset because of her.

Prachi blames herself that Rhea has attempted suicide because of her. She tells him that Abhi started to hate her, he had come home to tell her that he hates her. She asks him if his family also hates her now. He tells that his family doesn’t hate her, but is angry. She asks him not to lie. He admits that Dida is supporting him, but even she isn’t believing him. He tells that the family isn’t believing his decision and his love.

He tells how his family is against him. She asks him to take steps back and not see her again. He tells her that his family wants him to stay away from her. She tells him that they should get separated, they should sacrifice their love. She wants him to obey his family. She wants to keep Abhi’s words. He asks her if she is afraid because of their families. He is upset that she is stepping back. She asks him to understand Rhea’s feelings.

He asks her about his feelings. She tells that everyone wants him to be with Rhea. Aryan overhears their conversation. Ranbir just wants to follow his heart. He doesn’t want anyone to decide for his love and heart. Prachi and Ranbir have sadness in their eyes. Sarita tells Prachi that Pragya would come in some time. She asks Prachi not to worry for Pragya, she will never drag the matter.

Prachi feels guilty about Rhea. Sarita asks her not to feel guilty, else Pragya will be proved wrong. She asks her to trust her mother, who would never do wrong. She relieves Prachi. Meanwhile, Abhi and Pragya try to know about their daughters. She tells him that Prachi is okay now. Abhi defends Rhea, who isn’t bad at heart. He tells that he can’t hear anything bad about Rhea. Pragya knows that its not his mistake.

She tells him that the truck driver has confessed Rhea’s crimes. Abhi tells that Rhea is his daughter, he trusts her, he knows she can never plot to kill anyone. Pragya tells him that Rhea has confessed it in front of him. She asks him if he doesn’t trust her. He asks her to think how is he feeling when she is blaming Rhea. She apologizes to him. Aaliya is glad to see them fighting. She wants them to fight more so that their love gets less.

Aaliya hinders their talks. Abhi tells Aaliya that Prachi is Pragya’s daughter, she is Rhea’s sister. He expresses his happiness. He asks her if she is not happy. Aaliya tells that she is happy to know it, but she got her answers that Pragya is responsible for Rhea’s state. He asks her not to talk to Pragya like that. She tells that he doesn’t care for anyone else. She asks him to know that Rhea is feeling depressed because of Prachi. He tells that Prachi is also his daughter. She tells that Prachi was with Pragya, that’s why Rhea has grown insecurities.

She blames Pragya for leaving Abhi and Rhea. She tells that Abhi had slipped in depression, he got away from Rhea. She tells that Rhea had a caretaker Meera, but she has raised Rhea as her own daughter. Abhi tells that Pragya left by helplessness. Pragya curses the day when she left her daughter. Aaliya asks her if she didn’t miss Rhea. Pragya tells that she had always missed Rhea, but she couldn’t come to meet her.

Aaliya asks her why is she lying, why she didn’t take any step to meet them and Rhea. She accuses Pragya for knowing that Rhea is her daughter and then taking revenge. She tells that both Abhi and Pragya had their anger and egos, which just ruined Rhea’s life. Aaliya reprimands Pragya for abandoning Rhea to take revenge on Abhi. She tells that Rhea has become like Abhi, she gets angry and vents it out, she regrets later. She agrees that Rhea misbehaved with Prachi. Pragya asks Aaliya not to lie to Abhi.

Furthermore, Aaliya tells that Pragya knew that Rhea is her daughter, and took revenge on her through Prachi. Pragya is shocked by the accusation. Aaliya tells that Prachi has ruined Rhea’s life. She tells that she didn’t know about Abhi and Rhea. Pragya cries that she never knew the truth. Aaliya asks her to not lie and act innocent. Abhi tells that Pragya is innocent. He asks Aaliya to leave her alone. Aaliya asks him to remember Rhea’s truth.

She blames Prachi for being the reason for Rhea’s condition. She insults Pragya further, much to Abhi’s shock. Pragya knows Aaliya is manipulating everything. Aaliya asks Pragya not to differentiate between her daughters. She asks Pragya why did she return. Pragya didn’t know that she is going to meet Abhi. Aaliya shoots sharp accusations at her to break her down. Abhi is shocked to witness everything.

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