Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th October 2020 Written Update Kabir is rejected

Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th December 2020 Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th October 2020 Written Update Kabir is rejected Riddhima comes to meet Kabir on her Karwachauth. He knew it that she will come to meet him. He decorates the place beautifully and reminds her about their love story. The moments get flashing in front of her eyes. Kabir tells her that he has something to show her. He shows her the huge picture of their happy times. He tells her that he will celebrate Karwachauth with her. He also plans to keep the fast.

He makes plans that they will break the fast together. Riddhima stops him from feeding her the Sargi sweets. She refuses to him. She tells him that she has fallen for Vansh and wants to keep the Karwachauth fast for Vansh. Kabir fails to understand it. He knows that she loves Vansh and acts ignorant. He wants her to admit it if she can dare.

Kabir is shocked when she admits that she wants to keep her relation with Vansh. Riddhima tells that she got married to Vansh as part of her mission, but she got to know Vansh well now. She has failed to control her feelings for Vansh. She rejects Kabir’s love. She tells him that she is Vansh’s wife now and wants to keep the marriage with all her heart. She feels Vansh has given her a new identity.

Riddhima doesn’t want to break the belief of Vansh. She can’t cheat Vansh. Kabir acts shattered by her rejection. She tells him that she never imagined that she will break his heart. She feels helpless and sorry. She clears his false hopes. She admits that she is going to make a new start with Vansh. She calls it over with Kabir. She apologizes to him. She hopes he understands her. Kabir acts to understand her. He stops her to finish it from his side. He tells Riddhima that she can’t end their love in this way.

He asks her to realize that she still loves him. She doesn’t listen to him. He asks her if Vansh loves her. She is very sure that Vansh loves her. He asks if Vansh admitted or make any confession. He feels horrible that she didn’t think of their love vows. He asks her to imagine Vansh’s reaction when he learns her deceive, her truth and her motive to enter his life. He scares her by making her imagine the outbreak of the truth. She just wants to tell the truth to Vansh when time comes.

She doesn’t want the relation to survive on lies. She tells that she will admit the entire truth to Vansh before making a new start. He tells her that Vansh will never forgive her knowing her cheat. She is ready to accept any punishment. She promises to keep the relation with sincerity. He wants her to not be foolish. He wants her to not support a murderer, which is wrong. He tells that Vansh will not be able to forget her truth, he will kill her like he killed Ragini.

Riddhima tells him that Vansh didn’t kill Ragini. She asks him not to say anything if he isn’t aware of the truth. He wants to know what truth is she talking about. She doesn’t reveal since she doesn’t know the entire truth. She doesn’t want him to judge Vansh. She tells that her decision is final now. She is determined to move on with Vansh. She wants Kabir out of her life. She decides to open up her life’s chapter in front of Vansh. She is fearless to admit the truth.

She breaks her relation with Kabir for once and all. She returns the ring to him. Riddhima walks out of his life, while he controls his growing anger. Riddhima thinks of Vansh. Kabir wants to ruin her love story. He misses Riddhima’s love in his life. He feels the pain of losing her life. He throws away the ring. He expresses his rage. Kabir gets revengeful against Riddhima. Riddhima wants to take the next step towards her love. She wants to unite with Vansh. Vansh finds her crying and cares for her. Riddhima realizes his love.

Riddhima gets emotional about Vansh. They have a moment. He doesn’t want her to keep the fast for a person she doubts. She tells that she got a clarity about him. She wants him to understand his importance. She tells that he doesn’t trust her. She hopes he understands her feelings. She cutely teases him calling him a soulmate. Vansh likes the way she expresses her love. Furthermore, Dadi wants the family to celebrate Karwachauth rituals. Ishani pulls Angre’s leg. Dadi wants Ishani to forget the old customs.

Ishani wants to trouble Angre. Dadi tells that wives can test their husbands by the ritual. Angre fails to impress Ishani. Riddhima wants Ishani to respect Angre’s love. Ishani is enraged over Riddhima’s lecture. Vansh and Riddhima have a special moment when he presents the bangles to her. Vansh gifts diamond bangles to Riddhima. Anupriya wants Riddhima to fall in Vansh’s sight. She wants to expose Riddhima’s truth so that Kabir wins the game. Vansh surprises Riddhima by getting the right bangle size for her. Riddhima wishes her relation with Vansh gets strong.

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