Choti Sardarni 3rd November 2020 Written Update Unbelievable revelation for Meher

Choti Sardarni 3rd November 2020 Written Update Unbelievable revelation for Meher

Choti Sardarni 3rd November 2020 Written Update Unbelievable revelation for Meher Manav finally gets to meet Karan, who cries a lot and seeks Meher’s attention. Manav wants to take Karan once, but Meher doesn’t give him. Manav tells her that she is doing wrong to keep a father away from his son. Meher maintains the same lie that Karan is Sarabjeet’s son. Manav gets enough of her lies. He asks her to stop lying and fooling him. He tells Meher that Sarabjeet wanted Karan to die before the birth, he can’t be his father.

He shows Sarabjeet’s signed document which states that Sarabjeet had chosen Meher over Karan at the time of the complicated surgery when he was asked his consent to choose either of Meher and baby. Meher knows what Sarabjeet went through to not choose Karan at that time. She understands his emotions. She knows Sarabjeet loves Karan a lot. Manav tells her that Sarabjeet didn’t choose Karan. This shocking disclosure confuses Meher a bit.

She wasn’t aware of Sarabjeet’s decision. Manav tells her that the document proves that Karan isn’t Sarabjeet’s child. Meher finds hard to accept the unbelievable revelation. She still refuses to hand over Karan to Manav. The show talks are trending over Meher and Manav’s bonding and track. Some are calling Meher selfish enough to keep the baby with her, while some are calling Manav a psycho to keep following Meher and Karan knowing Meher has moved on in her life with Sarabjeet. Do you think Manav should move on with Aditi and forget Meher? Keep checking this space for more news and updates.

Manav tells Harleen that he wants to talk to Sarabjeet on the video call. He asks Harleen and Meher to show him on the video call. Sarabjeet wants to know what is Vikram up to. Manav tells Aditi that he is sorry to ignore her. He tells that he will give her importance as much as she deserves. He wants to show Meher that he will move on with Aditi if she wants. He feeds Aditi with his hands just to show Sarabjeet and Meher.

Seema asks Aditi to be happy. She asks Manav to take Aditi out for dinner. Aditi gets happy when Manav cancels his meeting for her sake. Sarabjeet asks Vikram if he is joking. Manav tells that he isn’t doing anything to impress anyone. He tells that he is a good husband and would become a good father. He tells that he didn’t mean to hurt Aditi or trouble anyone else. He asks Sarabjeet to ask Meher if he is troubling anyone in his absence.

Meher stops Sarabjeet to ignore Vikram’s jokes. Sarabjeet asks his family to enjoy the function. Seema sends Aditi to take rest. Manav tells Meher that he did good acting to please everyone. He asks Meher to be happy now since he is doing everything to show her. He tells that he will keep Aditi happy, he will never come between Sarabjeet and her relation. He tells that he will not break Aditi’s heart. He promises that he will not spoil any relation. He wants her to give her Karan.

She doesn’t confesses that Karan is his son. He tells her that he was just requesting her because of their old terms. He threatens to spoil all the relations if she doesn’t give him Karan. He tells that he will snatch Karan from her. He wants to celebrate Diwali with Karan. Meher tells that nobody can make Karan away from her. She gets emotional. She sheds tears. She finds a new toy there. She learns from Param that Vikram got the toy for Karan. She asks Param to dump the toy. She wants to keep Manav away. Param tells that Vikram got many toys for Karan. Meher vents anger on the situation. Kulwant meets Meher and makes her face the truth.

Kulwant asks Meher to give away Karan to Manav and lie to Sarabjeet. She tells that Harleen will kick out Karan when she learns the truth. She reveals that Harleen had sent Karan to Jagga and Amrita when Sarabjeet went to Serbia. She asks Meher not to be mad and ruin her marriage. Sarabjeet meets Tarkesh, who tells him that Surya had no enmity with Meher. Sarabjeet wants to know why did Surya attack Meher without any motive. He wants to know if there is some old secret about Surya. He tells that Vikram had entered the room and was staring at Karan. He reveals that Vikram fought with him that day. He wants to know the reason for Vikram’s move.

Manav tries to take Karan. Meher tries to ignore him. She makes excuse to not give Karan to him. Aditi asks her to give Karan to Vikram. Manav likes to spend time with Karan. He tells that Meher isn’t giving Karan to him. He indirectly tells her that he can take Karan and run away.

He reminds Meher that there are just ten days left for Diwali, when his son will be with him. Meher feels like crying. She controls her emotions. Manav asks Meher to let him play with Karan for some time. Meher doesn’t listen to him. Manav tells Meher that she is protecting Karan as if he isn’t her son. Everyone finds Meher’s behavior getting odd. Harleen asks Meher to give Karan to him. Meher doesn’t listen to anyone. Manav doesn’t let her go.

Manav tells her that she can’t keep Karan away from him for much time. Meher asks him not to snatch her son. He asks her not to fool herself. He tells that Sarabjeet wanted Karan to not come in this world. Meher fails to understand. He tells her that Sarabjeet never wanted her love child, he wanted to get rid of Karan, maybe he has developed some liking for Karan now, but he never wanted Karan’s responsibility. He shoots sharp accusations on Sarabjeet. Meher finds it nonsense.

Manav produces a proof. He tells her that Sarabjeet has chosen her instead the baby, because the baby wasn’t of Sarabjeet. He wants her to know the difference between real father and foster father. Sarabjeet tells Param that he will be taking a leave to celebrate Karan’s first diwali. He promises to celebrate Diwali with Meher and his sons. Manav tells Meher that Sarabjeet isn’t so great, whom she calls her Lord. He tells that the great man Sarabjeet was trying to get rid of Karan. Meher doesn’t want to hear anything against Sarabjeet.

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