Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2020 Written Update Dussehra twists

Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2020 Written Update Dussehra twists

Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2020 Written Update Dussehra twists Dida tells Pallavi that Ranbir will forget his past. She feels she is at fault that she always sang Prachi’s praise and insisted Ranbir to spend time with Prachi. Pallavi tells that Ranbir couldn’t see Prachi’s reality. Pallavi insults Prachi once again. She asks Prachi not to act smart. Prachi doesn’t know why they are being so rude towards her. Pallavi tells that she shouldn’t trap Ranbir in her beauty.

She warns her to stay away from Ranbir. She tells that Prachi is just their employee. Dida wants them to respect them as their boss. Pallavi tells that Sarita and Pragya won’t be earning well. Prachi tells that their needs are met. Pallavi asks Prachi to take her old clothes to wear. Prachi cries on hearing the insulting words. They order Prachi to go home and change her clothes. Prachi doesn’t leave the job. She takes their order. Ranbir asks them about Prachi.


Pallavi tells that Praci has gone home to change clothes. Ranbir has no idea about them. Abhi meets his family. He wishes them happy Dussehra. He tells the family that he will celebrate Dussehra this time and also Raavan Dahan. Rhea wants to see Raavan. Abhi asks her to go to the terrace and see the Raavan. Dadi likes to see him happy. Aaliya is also happy that Abhi is far from Pragya and Prachi. Abhi tells that he has to get ready for the festive celebrations.

Sarita tells Pragya that her business means a lot to her. She asks Pragya not to come along to the party. Pragya tells that she will always help her. Sarita tells that she looks so good, she will not be able to refuse if anyone asks for her hand. She pulls Pragya’s leg. She tells that she can’t stay away from her. Pragya tells that she will not go away from Sarita ever. She hugs Sarita. Prachi returns home with a bad mood.

She tells Pragya that Pallavi and Dida were pampering her so much that she got late. Pragya tells that they will get ready and leave for the party. Aaliya and Raj welcome the guests in the party. Raj meets the Kohlis. Vikram asks Pallavi did she tell everyone about Ranbir’s engagement. Pallavi is excited for the engagement. Dida wants her to control it and keep it a secret. Vikram goes to get Abhi. Pallavi tells Dida that she is going to see the caterers, so that she can keep Pragya and Prachi away from Ranbir.

Aaliya likes to see Pragya’s insult. She knows that Kohlis hate Pragya now. Sarita manages the order. Pragya assists her. Pallavi meets Pragya. Pragya wishes Pallavi and gets to see her rude side. Pallavi asks Pragya and Sarita to serve the guests. She poses accusations on Pragya. She shows her hatred towards them.

Sarita tells Pragya that she would have not taken the order if Vikram’s manager didn’t request them to come. Pragya asks Sarita to understand Pallavi’s stress. Sarita wants Pallavi to realize her mistake. She dislikes the way Pallavi hurts Pragya. Ranbir awaits Prachi. Abhi learns that Sarita is the caterer. He realizes that Pragya has arrived with Sarita. He wants to meet her.

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