Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2020 Written Update Mahira enters the house

Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2020 Written Update Mahira enters the house

Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2020 Written Update Mahira enters the house Karan and Preeta have a moment. Preeta’s nuptial chain breaks. Preeta gets worried. Karan doesn’t care for the bad omen. Sherlyn asks Pandit about the bad omen. Pandit tells her that she shouldn’t welcome the bad spirit inside the house. He asks her not to let that evil person enter the house else it will be big trouble for everyone. He tells that she will be the most affected one if the evil person enters in the specified time.

Sherlyn gets worried. She tells that Mahira is bad for Preeta. She hates Preeta so much that she is ready to tolerate Mahira. She doesn’t think she should believe the Pandit. Rakhi tells Bani that Mahira is asking for Grah pravesh when she isn’t their Bahu. Kritika tells that Preeta did wrong before, they don’t like Preeta, but Mahira is also wrong at this time. Kareena asks her not to interfere between elders. She tells that Bani is right to welcome Mahira home.

She wants Rakhi to understand that Mahira is depressed and wants their support. She asks Rakhi to be thankful and keep Mahira happy. She tells that the family will have betterment if they please Mahira. Bani tells Rakhi that they are just having a formality. Sherlyn tells Karan that they are going to have Mahira’s Grahpravesh.

Moreover, Karan finds Mahira mad. Preeta is worried. Kareena tells that Mahira assumes that she is his wife. Karan tells that he will not have any rituals done with Mahira. Kareena tells that it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t want to obey his elders knowing they are wrong. He refuses to Kareena. Kareena tells that they shall welcome Mahira home.

Rakhi doesn’t do the aarti on Kareena’s saying. Kareena takes the aarti plate. Sherlyn lights the diya. Mahira wants to show Preeta that she is entering the house with the family’s consent. She is glad to get the same Grahpravesh as Preeta, even though Karan isn’t with her. Preeta and Rakhi find her mad. Mahira wants to defeat Preeta. She makes this her life’s mission.

Mahira wants Preeta to get her bags from outside, since Preeta had ousted her. She insults Preeta. She sends Preeta out of the house with Kareena’s help. Kareena takes Mahira to her room. Preeta gets her bags. Mahira throws an open challenge for Preeta. She tells that she will snatch Karan from her. Preeta doesn’t want to argue with her. Mahira warns her. She tells that she has already told her that she will come back. Mahira sees Karan and changes her statements. Preeta asks Mahira if she is acting hurt. Mahira lies to her. She cries to get his sympathy.

Preeta realizes that Mahira is acting in front of Karan. Karan asks Preeta not to bother Mahira. Mahira acts dizzy to get his attention. Karan looks after her. Preeta is worried after recalling Janki’s words. Karan tells her that he is taking Mahira’s responsibility since its his mistake. He thinks he isn’t doing anything wrong. Preeta tells him that he is wrong, since Mahira isn’t in normal state. She reminds him that mentally sound person can’t act like her. She warns him against Mahira’s madness.

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