Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th November 2020 Written Update Vansh devastated

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th November 2020 Written Update Vansh devastated

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th November 2020 Written Update Vansh devastated Vansh has lost Ragini for once and all. He will never get back from Kabir, the actual culprit. Anupriya and Kabir recall that they had shot Ragini not once but twice to save their secret from coming out. Vansh is devastated that he couldn’t get Ragini, who was his last hope to get justice for his dead mother. He cries on losing the last link which could have solved the mystery of Uma’s murder.

He wanted to punish the murderers with his hands as he promised his dying mother. He had kept Uma’s painting as a memory which reminded him that his promise isn’t fulfilled. Anupriya had burnt the painting as well. Though Vansh has forgiven Anupriya for that mistake, he can never forgive her if he knows that she has killed Uma. Anupriya is a cold-blooded murderer who had killed Uma brutally just to get her rights on the huge business empire.

Aryan tells that he had shot the video that day, but got saved from Vansh. He doesn’t know who had shot the first bullet. He is glad to get the chip back. He wants to know who was the other person who secretly shot Ragini. He also wants to find out that killer. Anupriya tells Kabir that nobody knew that she was also present in that room. Vansh went to look for her, while she got time to kill Ragini.

She thought Ragini deserves to die, since Ragini was threatening her. She got saved from Vansh as well. She stopped Ragini from telling the truth to Vansh. She tells Kabir that Vansh would have killed her if he caught her that day.

Kabir tells that fate was on their side, Riddhima saved them this time. He is glad that Riddhima has told him about Ragini and took him to her. He tells that they were not aware that Ragini is alive. He asks Anupriya to be thankful to Ragini. Anupriya isn’t scared that her secret will come out. Kabir tells that the secret is too big, which can shake the entire family. He reveals the big secret that Anupriya had killed Uma. Anupriya tells that it was necessary to kill Uma so that she could make her place in the life of Vansh’s dad. She wants to find out the proof which Ragini holds against her. Kabir is sure that Vansh can never find out his mum’s murderers.

Vansh wants Uma’s murderers to die. Riddhima realizes that she has lost Ragini at the same time when Vansh could have got to know about Uma’s murderers. She wants to tell Vansh that Ragini is safe with Kabir. She wants to be true to Vansh on seeing his devastated condition. She can’t see him shattering. She tells him that its getting stormy, they should go inside the house and talk. Vansh doesn’t listen to her and stays in his sorrow. He gets dizzy.

Riddhima realizes that Vansh isn’t a criminal. Vansh tells her that Ragini was alive and he decided to save her, when she told him about Uma’s murderers. He had forgiven Ragini for her deceive the moment he thought he will lose her. Vansh had no idea that someone from his family has killed his mum. He made it his life’s aim to find the murderer. He learnt that Ragini was blackmailing the murderer for money.

He was close to know the name, but eventually failed. He tells Riddhima that Ragini slipped in coma, he had hidden Ragini from his family as well so that he can know about the killer. He tells her that he was protecting Ragini from the killer, who resides in his family. He was waiting for Ragini to reveal the murderer’s name. He tells her that he wanted to give a new life to Ragini. He didn’t tell anything to Riddhima, since her life would have fallen in danger as well. He also protecting Riddhima too. Riddhima regrets that she didn’t trust Vansh.

Vansh believes Riddhima was at home and didn’t get Ragini. He trusts her and tells her everything about his past. Riddhima thinks she should also be true to her husband, after getting her misunderstanding cleared. She feels sorry that she didn’t believe him before. She cries a lot seeing his broken state.

Before she could tell him anything, a dejected Vansh falls into the grave and gets hurt by the stone. He turns unconscious. Riddhima finds him hurt. He gets covered by the dry leaves. Riddhima wants him to get conscious and also fulfill his motive to get justice for his mother. She doesn’t want anything to happen to Vansh. Kabir tells Anupriya that Vansh and Riddhima’s lives will get a storm. He knows that Vansh will never forgive Riddhima knowing she had made Ragini escape. He praises Vansh’s plan to keep Ragini a secret for three years. Kabir and Anupriya celebrate their victory. Ragini gets conscious.

She hears Kabir’s plans of getting Vansh arrested. She gets scared to see Anupriya. She wants to run away before Anupriya harms him. Anupriya wants her son to become the owner of VR mansion and business. Ragini succeeds in escaping from Kabir’s place. Riddhima struggles to get Vansh out of the grave. She manages to take him home. She is much sorrowful and guilty to face Vansh. Vansh gains consciousness and cries that he missed Ragini. He tells Riddhima that he loves her, since she has earned his love.

He trusts her love. She fears to tell him the truth that she has deceived him due to a misunderstanding. He tells her that she has always supported the truth for which he is proud of her. He likes her fearless side. He finds her a brave and true person. He confesses his feelings to her. He tells her that he couldn’t become a good son and good husband. He apologizes to Riddhima. Riddhima hugs him. She wants to apologize to him. She knows he has a big heart, he will forgive her. Kabir and Anupriya get a huge shock on finding Ragini missing. Kabir looks for Ragini. He finds her and takes her captive.

Riddhima finds Vansh dealing with his pain. Vansh tells her that she isn’t wrong to misunderstand him. He knows she will never break his trust. He tells that he didn’t keep Ragini captive with wrong intentions. He feels he cheated Ragini. He tells her about the ashes of Uma’s last sign. He wanted to get justice, but feels it will be just a dream now. He loses all his hopes. He gets guilt stricken. He asks Riddhima for a favor. She feels guilty that she is the reason for everything. Will Riddhima tell Vansh about Ragini? Will Kabir kill Ragini by the time Riddhima reaches her? Keep reading.

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