Yeh Rishta Trouble knocks Kaira 12th November 2020 Update

Yeh Rishta Trouble knocks Kaira 12th November 2020 Update

Yeh Rishta Trouble knocks Kaira 12th November 2020 Update Kartik and Naira have a romantic moment while they prepare for their Karwachauth night. Naira finds him busy in work. He tells her that he will quickly finish his work and come to her. She asks him to focus on work, since the family needs a good business running. She doesn’t want to come between his work. He tells her that he will always want to spend time with her.

He has romance on his mind. She understands his work needs. He is happy that she is so understanding. He tells her that he is lucky to get her, but their marriage wasn’t an easy task for him. He reminds that he had come on a camel to take his bride, since he didn’t find any horse that day. The kids get to hear their love story and break into laughter. They pull Kartik’s leg. They tease Kartik further and then advice him to get a horse this time on the Karwachauth night. They give a challenge to Kartik that he has to ride a horse and surprise Naira.

Kartik takes up the challenge. Naira doesn’t think he should waste his precious time in silly challenges. Kartik tells her that he is quite serious to fulfill the challenge. Kartik thinks it will be very easy to book a horse for the occasion. He tries to make a booking, but doesn’t get through any successful booking.

Naira tells him that he doesn’t need to book any horse, she will explain the kids that the booking isn’t possible. Kartik tells her that he has committed to the kids, he will come on a horse any how. Naira asks him to drop the idea. Kartik doesn’t listen to her at all. He tells that he also wants to fulfill his long wish. Meanwhile, Krish surprises Naksh and Kirti by singing a lovely song for them and baking a cake for them on Karwachauth eve.

He makes his parents celebrate Karwachauth happily. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani are very happy to see Naksh and Kirti together. Krish wishes his parents stay together forever. Kartik tries to get a horse. When he doesn’t find a real horse, he thinks to adjust with the fake horse. He finds the horses model car to travel home. He makes a quick booking. He is asked to wait until the groom is done with his booking. Kartik wants to get the horses soon so that he can reach home on time. Naira gets decked up for the eve.

Kairav compliments her, just like Kartik does always. He tells Naira that Kartik has gone to get a surprise for her. Dadi is worried that Kartik isn’t at home. Manish thinks Kartik has gone to office by taking his advice seriously. Naira tells that Kartik didn’t go to office, but for some personal work. Dadi asks Naira to call Kartik home.

Naira makes calls to Kartik and summons him home. Kartik tells her that he won’t be coming back without a horse. The moments get hilarious when Kartik awaits the groom to leave the horse car and leave. The groom learns that his bride has run away. He files a police complaint to find her. Kartik gets the car by difficulty. He takes the car home and enjoys the horse ride feelings. The car breaks down. He gets stuck on the highway. Naira awaits him. Kartik informs him that the car broke down. Naira seeks his location to reach him on time.

Dadi wants Naira to bring Kartik home soon before the auspicious time passes. Naira leaves from the house. She gets caught by the police, who assume her to be the runaway bride. Naira tries hard to explain the Inspector that she is already married and is going to meet her husband. Inspector doesn’t believe her when she fails to produce her ID card. Kartik and Naira fall into unexpected trouble on their Karwachauth.

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