Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2020 Written Update Abhi Pragya Diwali union

Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2020 Written Update Abhi Pragya Diwali union

Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2020 Written Update Abhi Pragya Diwali union Sanju tells Prachi that she will be dying by burning alive with Raavan. He goes mad in anger. He doesn’t listen to his friend. He tells her that she has to agree to come with him, else she will be dying. He asks her to forget Ranbir. Ranbir takes the arrow to shoot at the Raavan. Sanju asks Prachi to decide and accept his love, else she will die. His friend asks Sanju to take Prachi out of the Raavan statue, else she will die. Sanju asks Prachi to take the chance to be alive.

He asks her to marry him. Sanju compels her. Abhi and Pragya look for Prachi everywhere, while Ranbir shoots the arrow to burn the Raavan. Prachi doesn’t listen to Sanju. He leaves her to die. He hates her for denying to his proposal. Prachi wishes to tell Ranbir that she loves him a lot. Ranbir feels low as if something wrong is happening. He misses to shoot the arrow right. Pallavi asks him to focus. She wants him to finish Raavan Dahan fast and then proceed for his engagement with Rhea.


Sanju informs Aaliya that he has left Prachi to die, he has tied her inside the Raavan, he will kill her. He tells that Prachi and Ranbir will die when one of them loses life. Aaliya doesn’t seem shocked. She doesn’t care for Prachi. Sanju tells that he will not spare Prachi, if she can’t accept his love, then she will be dying. Aaliya is happy to get rid of Prachi forever. Ranbir regrets that his family isn’t understanding him. Prachi wishes to meet her dad, who would have saved her. Her wish gets fulfilled. Abhi looks for Prachi. Sanju doesn’t see his car.

He wants to escape from the party venue. He sees Abhi and tries to flee. Sanju manages to run, while his friend gets caught. Abhi beats Sanju’s friend and demands to know about Prachi. Sanju’s friend tells him that Prachi is inside the Raavan statue. Abhi wants to inform the family to stop Raavan Dahan. Ranbir shoots the second arrow. Aaliya thinks none will know about Prachi’s death. She feels her dream is turning true. Ranbir’s arrow burns the Raavan this time.

Abhi gets late in reaching the family. He finds the Raavan already burning. He rushes to save Prachi. Ranbir shoots multiple arrows to burn Raavan further. Abhi finds Prachi inside the effigy and climbs up to reach her. Prachi feels that Abhi has come instead her dad to save her. Abhi tells Prachi that he can’t lose his daughter this time. Prachi wants him to safely leave. Pragya finds Abhi rescuing Prachi. The guards stop Pragya from going to the burning Raavan. Abhi suffers burns. He wants Prachi to leave first. Prachi safely escapes and manages to reach Pragya.

Abhi too gets down the effigy. He gets under the burnt statue parts which fall over him. Pragya and Prachi shout for help to rescue Abhi. Ranbir and family rush to save Abhi. Pragya wants Abhi to get conscious. She worries for him. Prachi, Sarita, and others find odd seeing Abhi holding Pragya’s hand. Abhi gains consciousness. Abhi tells them that someone had kidnapped Prachi and tied her into the Raavan statue to burn her alive. Ranbir is shocked to know it.

Prachi tells them that Sanju and his friend were the culprits. Ranbir wants to inform the police. Abhi pacifies Prachi. He wants to get Sanju punished. Rhea grows insecure once again. Sanju apologizes to his friend for leaving him and fleeing. He learns that his friend had been bashed up by Abhi. Sanju learns that Prachi is alive. Prachi doesn’t know if Pragya knows Abhi since before. She is confused. Sarita is also confused about Pragya and Abhi. Abhi doesn’t know why Pragya wants to stay away from him. Rhea finds him missing Pragya.

She wants Abhi to think of her engagement with Ranbir. Pragya tells Prachi that the evil has burnt along with the Raavan. Abhi and Pragya long for each other. Pragya wants to thank Abhi for saving Prachi. Abhi wants Pragya to come back to her. Dadi gets to see Abhi’s emotions for Pragya, which makes her cry. She wants to unite them, knowing they love each other. Aaliya doesn’t want Pragya to return in Abhi’s life. She wants to get Abhi married to Meera. Abhi is scared of darkness on the Diwali night. He wishes Pragya comes back in his life and brings light.

Ranbir and Prachi miss each other. Prachi wants to know why was Pragya so concerned for Abhi, maybe out of goodness. Rhea is jealous of Prachi. She is helpless that Prachi is her sister. Prachi expects Rhea to understand Ranbir and her relation. Dadi wants to bring back Pragya home. She arrives at Pragya’s house to take her to Abhi. Pragya gets a big surprise to meet Dadi. She welcomes Dadi home. Dadi wants her to return home and unite with Abhi. Dadi invites her home for Diwali puja for Abhi’s sake.

Pragya tells that things aren’t sorted between Abhi and her. Dadi emotionally blackmails her and convinces her. Aaliya hopes that Pragya doesn’t come home ever. Abhi informs the family about the Diwali event, that he had invited actors and singers for the performances. Aryan becomes the host for the day. Pragya gets decked up for the Diwali party. Sarita compliments her. She tells Pragya that Abhi has fallen for her. She asks Pragya to be alert of Abhi’s liking. Pragya wants to tell her that Abhi is her husband. She doesn’t reveal it on seeing Prachi.

Prachi and Pragya arrive for the Diwali party. Dadi plans to welcome Pragya. Ranbir and Prachi have big plans on their meeting. Prachi cherishes the ring moment. Ranbir waits for Prachi anxiously. Sanju gets dreams of getting Prachi again. He gets troubled by his landlord, who learns that Sanju is a criminal. The landlord snatches the cash and gold from Sanju. He wants to oust Sanju from the house. He threatens to inform the police. Pragya catches Sanju’s friend and demands to know why Sanju wants to kill Prachi.

Sanju’s friend lies to her that Sanju did that crime on Rhea’s command. Pragya realizes that Rhea still hates Prachi. He tells that Rhea had called Sanju home that day. Pragya wants to confront Rhea and know if she is responsible for the incident. Rhea is changing towards Prachi. She gets sister’s emotions in her heart, but can’t sacrifice her love for Ranbir. Aaliya tries to bring Meera and Abhi close. Pallavi teases Meera. They wish Abhi on the Diwali eve. Abhi awaits Pragya. Meera tells that Aaliya had sent her to him. Abhi clears that he didn’t call her to meet. He senses Pragya’s arrival. Abhi forgets everything on seeing her. She asks for Dadi.

Ranbir meets Prachi. He wants to tell her about his family’s decision. He asks her not to get angry on him. He doesn’t tell about Pallavi and Dida’s annoyance. He compliments Prachi and feels love for her. He doesn’t want Pallavi to see them together. Aaliya tells Mitali that she is planning to get Meera and Abhi married to keep Pragya away. Dida tells the family that she has invited Pragya for the Diwali puja. She wants Abhi and Pragya to perform the puja together. She stops Aaliya from creating obstacles.

She welcomes Pragya as Abhi’s wife by performing a proper home welcome ceremony. Raj and Mitali dislike Pragya, because of whom Neha left them. Raj handles Mitali. He tells her that he can’t lose Abhi’s support. He explains his bankruptcy. Dadi welcomes Pragya home. Prachi doesn’t get to see Pragya with Abhi. Abhi and Pragya perform the Diwali puja together after many years. Abhi is thankful that his life’s darkness got shed off because of Pragya’s arrival. Dadi takes Pragya to give her a Diwali gift. Abhi is all happy.

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