Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th November 2020 Written Update Riddhima gets a savior

Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th November 2020 Written Update Riddhima gets a savior

Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th November 2020 Written Update Riddhima gets a savior Riddhima doesn’t deter from her aim. She ultimately finds out that Kabir is the one who killed Ragini. She realizes Vansh has become a prime target of Kabir and Anupriya. She regrets her love for Kabir before. She also regrets her blind faith on him. Kabir has slowly started to firm his grip on VR mansion. He doesn’t think Riddhima can cause any harm to him. He tells Riddhima that he always knew that she will spy on him and reach the truth some way.

He praises her for accomplishing the goal so soon. He didn’t know that she will track the truth in a day’s time. He calls her really smart and a good learner, since he had trained her to become a spy. He tells that it was his life’s only motive to take Vansh’s place in the family. He doesn’t have any qualms to reveal his crimes in front of her. He tells her that he had committed many murders in order to frame Vansh. His only motive was to frame Vansh and put him behind the bars.

He admits that he had killed the maid Mrs. D’Souza, the wedding planner Devraj and Ragini’s namesake father Sate along with Vansh’s ex Ragini. He admits his crimes to Ragini. He tells that he had committed numerous crimes. He counts Riddhima’s mistakes that she always believed him.


Kabir confesses to Riddhima that he had played a game with her since the very first day of their love affair. He was helpless to trap her. He tells her that she is so innocent that she has charmed Vansh. He likes her work. He tells her that she deserves a medal to help him in breaking Vansh. He reveals it all that he had planned to get her into his life just to use her against Vansh. He tells that she has broken down Vansh and did what he wanted. He had trapped her in his love and made her sacrifice her entire life.

He tells that he had fooled her to get her married to Vansh. He reveals that everything was his well planned plot. He calls her a big fool. Kabir tells her that he had committed many crimes, he has killed all those innocent people to just blame Vansh. He happily confesses his crimes, knowing Riddhima can’t do anything. He tells that she has blindly believed her. He doesn’t think that Riddhima can outdo him.

He also reveals that Vansh didn’t kill Neha, he was trying to save Neha from the fall, but Neha had to die. He tells Riddhima that everything since the start was his plan, his brilliant plan against Vansh. He had to take Vansh’s place in VR mansion and so he did. He has won in the game over the smarty Vansh. He feels proud that he defeated the powerful man Vansh Rai Singhania. He owes a lot of gratitude to Riddhima for helping him in every move, knowingly and unknowingly. Riddhima feels like a big fool to believe Kabir and have dreams of their love. She realizes that her decision to love Vansh was absolutely correct.

He doesn’t stop there. He goes on making huge confessions to boast of his greatness, his smartness and his courage to take such drastic steps against Vansh. He tells Riddhima that every move was planned to bring her closer to Vansh, so that Vansh believes her and shares all his secrets himself. He holds much hatred against Vansh, unaware that Vansh was actually to bring Anupriya’s son home. He tells her that he wanted to ruin Vansh since years. He is happy to stay with Anupriya after many years and get her love. Anupriya is proud of her son who smartly challenges Vansh and won. Kabir feels bad for Vansh. He tells Riddhima didn’t believe Vansh and now she would cry.

She can’t believe that he is a cold-blooded murderer. She learns Anupriya’s crimes as well. She gets close to know that Anupriya had killed Uma and also attempted to kill Siya. Kabir reveals that Anupriya had killed Uma years ago and also burnt her painting to erase her memories. He tells that Anupriya hates Uma and also her stepchildren. Riddhima is shell shocked to know that Anupriya had tried to harm Siya. She wonders that Anupriya fakes her love and care for the family.Anupriya admits her crimes. Kabir and Anupriya reveal that they had planned to kill Vansh at the cliff, but poor Vansh gave his life himself. Riddhima worries for Siya’s life.

The crimes get revealed one by one. Riddhima swears to not spare them. She wants to expose their truth. Kabir threatens her life with ease. He tells that he can kill her and get rid of her forever. Kabir attacks her to give a demo. Riddhima doesn’t care for her life when Kabir threatens her. She tells that Vansh used to stand for his family, she will also protect the family. She wants to save the family from Kabir. He asks her to think of the family’s hatred. He tells her that she can’t tell anything to the family, since she has nothing to say. He tells that she is the reason for Vansh’s death. He makes it clear that she can’t harm him, the family will hate her if she dares to tell her truth.

Kabir threatens to kill Ishani. Riddhima runs to save Ishani.Kabir fools Riddhima and threatens her that he will kill the family if she dares to tell the truth. Kabir sends his goons to get Riddhima killed. Will Riddhima get saved? Will Vihaan come to her rescue? Vihaan’s entry will be happening as Riddhima’s new savior. How will Vihaan change Kabir and Riddhima’s lives? Keep reading.

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