Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2020 Written Update Joyful peak for Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2020 Written Update Joyful peak for Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2020 Written Update Joyful peak for Abhi Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Aaliya loses her cool that Pragya is snatching Rhea from her. She vents her anger by ruining her room. Mitali finds her shattered. She asks her if Pragya will become a ringmaster once again. She believed Aaliya and insulted Pragya. She asks Aaliya if she has failed. Aaliya wants her to leave her alone. Mitali tells that Aaliya has failed. This angers Aaliya.

Aaliya is ready to do anything to make Pragya away. Rhea tells Pragya that she didn’t think of harming Prachi after knowing their relation. She swears and makes Pragya believe her. Pragya apologizes for not believing her and slapping her. Rhea wants to get more slaps from her. She wants Pragya’s love. She asks Pragya how will she balance her love between both her daughters. She tells that if she loves her more, her jealousy will get less. She wants to be with Pragya. She asks Pragya to send Prachi to Abhi.

Dadi asks them to stay together with both the parents. Rhea wants more love than Prachi. Pragya tells that Prachi doesn’t know their relation, she will also love her once they unite. Dadi blesses them. She wants to tell Abhi that Rhea has united with her mother. Rhea wants Pragya home. Pragya is happy to get Rhea back. Rhea celebrates Diwali with Pragya.

Meanwhile, Shahana and Sarita call Ranbir home so that he spends time with Prachi, but they don’t give him time. Ranbir doesn’t want Shahana to reveal any secrets. Sarita demands to know. Shahana tells that he was in a hurry to go home, but he stopped on Prachi’s request. She tells Ranbir that Prachi used to call him by bad names and always scolded him. She tells that Prachi used to think he is proud, a flirt and holds much attitude. She tells that she isn’t lying, Prachi disliked him before.

Sarita asks her to stop that nonsense and come with her. She leaves Prachi with Ranbir. Ranbir finds Sarita very sweet and understanding. Mitali doesn’t want Pragya to come home and stay with Abhi. She knows that Aaliya has seen Abhi and Pragya uniting. She wonders if Aaliya’s plan to use Meera has failed. She knows Meera will never be able to confess love to Abhi. She hates Pragya. She doesn’t want Pragya to unite with Rhea.

She is glad that no one knows about her hatred for Pragya. She remembers that Raj’s bank balance is nil. She wants to be good to Abhi and also Pragya. She thinks to get money from Abhi to help out Raj. She knows that she will have to please Pragya now. Dadi is very happy to tell Abhi about Pragya. She doesn’t get to see Abhi. Abhi meets her. He wants to know if Pragya and Rhea united. She gives him the good news. He gets too happy that his prayers is answered. She wants them to meet Pragya and Rhea. He goes to find his family.

Ranbir confronts Prachi about her opinion on him. He asks her if she really thinks he is a flirt. He wants her to clarify. She tells him that she used to think wrong about him before, but now she believes him, he is good-hearted, he is her life. She confesses love to him in a sweet manner. Ranbir is much happy. He loves being with her and listening to her sweet words all the time. They get into a moment. She tells him that she feels he is her destination, his world. He wants to give her happiness. She also wants to hear him praise her. Ranbir also confesses his love. They spend romantic time.

He wants his life to be spent with her. He wants her to keep commanding her. He wants to do anything for her. She knows he loves her a lot. Shahana gets happy to see them together. Pragya and Rhea spend time on the terrace celebrating Diwali and lighting the diyas. Abhi gets happy to see them smiling. He knew that Pragya will melt Rhea’s anger by her love. He joins them. He asks them to celebrate Diwali with him. Rhea asks him why didn’t he tell her about Pragya. Pragya tells that she stopped him from revealing the truth. Rhea has no complains. Rhea wants to light crackers. Abhi and Pragya get happy to be together.

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