Yeh Hai Chahatein Prisha loses Saransh 20th November 2020 Written Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Prisha loses Saransh 20th November 2020 Written Update Prisha is happy to see Mahima alive. She asks Mahima how did she survive. Mahima tells that she is very much alive. Rudraksh tells that he got Mahima home. He wants Ahana to take care of Mahima. He takes Prisha for the plan. Yuvraj can’t miss the drama. Ahana wants to know how is Mahima alive. Prisha tells Mahima that she can’t believe that she is alive.

Rudraksh tells that Mahima met him in Ooty and introduced herself as Prisha’s sister. He tells that she is Saransh’s real mother, and Rajeev’s girlfriend. Mahima wanted to meet Prisha in Ooty, but Rudraksh had to take her home to make her meet Saransh. He tells that he had no time, he had to take decision quickly, so he got Mahima to Saransh. He tells that he left a letter for Prisha at the hotel, he wanted to tell this big news personally.


Vasudha tells that Mahima is back, which was unbelievable for her. He tells that Mahima is Saransh’s real mother. Ahana asks Mahima why didn’t she come back before to see her son. Mahima tells that it wasn’t in her fate to meet him before. She asks for Saransh. Rudraksh gets Saransh to Mahima and tells that she is his mum.

Saransh gets puzzled. Rudraksh tells that Mahima is his Maasi, Prisha’s sister. Saransh hugs Mahima and makes her happy. Prisha tells Vasudha that they should tell everything to Gopal. Gopal comes there to know what’s the urgency. Ahana finds the drama getting overhead. Gopal learns that Mahima has come back. He is surprised to see her. Prisha shares her joy with Gopal. Gopal hugs Mahima. Mahima tells Prisha that she has come to take Saransh with her. Prisha is worried. Vasudha asks Prisha to explain the truth to Saransh. Prisha is tensed that she will lose Saransh.

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