Yeh Rishta Kairav gets accused 20th November 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kairav gets accused 20th November 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kairav gets accused 20th November 2020 Written Update Naira wants to apologize to Kairav before he really hates her and gets distant from her. She doesn’t want to lose her son. She feels she is getting punished for hurting her parents. She had taken a wrong decision in her childhood and left her parents owing to a misunderstanding. She is scared that Kairav will also do the same and run away from the house after developing hatred for her. Kairav doesn’t hate her, but is scared of her anger.

He dislikes that she didn’t keep her promise. Naira wants to unite with her son. She makes a lovely painting of them, but it gets spoilt in no time. Naira takes it as a bad omen that her son will be getting distant from her. She gets tensed but sheds her fears by making prayers for his safety. On the other hand, Vansh is adamant to complete the challenge and show it to the seniors. He wants to make the video of him jumping down the terrace so that he proves his bravery.

He wants to do it for Kairav’s sake so that Kairav stays in senior’s group. Kairav is reluctant. He doesn’t want Vansh to put his life in danger. Vansh doesn’t listen to him at all and instead asks him not to make him nervous before the jump. Vansh is sure that he will fall directly on the mattresses and stay unhurt. He wants to make the video himself if Kairav doesn’t help. Naira is worried that she had seen the kids fighting.

Gayu has also seen Kairav and Vansh fighting for something. They don’t know that Vansh is going to jump down from the terrace and Kairav is opposing his plans. The fight seems worrying for them. Naira doesn’t want to ask Kairav and upset him. Gayu tells that she will speak to Vansh. They get late in asking the kids. The family makes special Diwali prayers. Manish hands over the college file to Kartik. Kartik knows Samarth would like to have the file.

He gives the file to Samarth and surprises him again. Naira wants Gayu to have the special prayers for the new project and Samarth’s success. Samarth and Gayu like the lovely surprise from Kartik and Naira. They know that Kartik and Naira are very understanding and would never upset them. Vansh goes away to jump down the terrace and make a video. Kairav follows him to stop his madness. The servants remove the mattresses from the lawn. Vansh isn’t aware of the missing mattresses. He makes a video to show the seniors.

Naira looks for the kids and reaches the lawn. She finds Kairav screaming for Vansh. She gets a misunderstanding in mind that Kairav had pushed Vansh down the terrace. Kairav was actually trying to pull back Vansh and stop him. Kairav doesn’t clear her misunderstanding, since he is too scared to talk to anyone after seeing Vansh’s fall. Vansh gets too injured. Naira shouts aloud to call the family outside. Kartik and Gayu panic.

Gayu worries that Samarth has gone for his important work and isn’t with her to attend Vansh. The family looks for Kairav and takes care of him, while Kartik rushes Vansh to the hospital. Vansh gets treated in time. He reaches a stable condition. The family consoles Kairav, who is in trauma over Vansh’s accident. Kairav hides the fact that he already knew Vansh is going to jump down the terrace and still he didn’t tell any elder. He feels guilty.

Moreover, Naira hides the truth that she had seen Kairav pushing down Vansh. Gayu wants to know what had happened with Vansh, how did he fall down. Vansh is scared to tell the truth. Shockingly, he loses strength in his legs. Vansh’s disability breaks down Gayu. Naira breaks down and admits the truth that Kairav is responsible for Vansh’s condition. Kartik and Gayu are shocked to know this truth. Will the family punish Kairav this time? Will Vansh tell them the truth and save Kairav? Keep reading.

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