Yeh Rishta Goenkas split 25th November 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Goenkas split 25th November 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Goenkas split 25th November 2020 Written Update Kartik wants Naira to be away from Kairav until Kairav gets at ease to talk to her. He is deeply affected seeing Kairav’s condition. Doctor advises the family to let go of any serious matter and just focus on keeping Kairav happy so that his stress levels get under control. Doctor tells them that Kairav’s heart can’t handle more stress. Kairav is treated, but his condition doesn’t get better. Naira blames herself for not being a good mother.

Kartik knows her pain. He tells her that she is responsible for putting Kairav into such a stressful state by not believing him. He tells that no child can tolerate sharp accusations when his little mind is innocent. He knows his son is innocent. He wants Naira to believe Kairav. Naira also believes that Kairav is innocence. She doesn’t think Kairav can harm Vansh, but she wants to know the reason for Vansh’s lie. Gayu has no idea about the family dealing with Kairav’s tension. She stays unaware, being away with Vansh.


Naksh and Bhabhimaa learn the tensions in Goenka house. They so wish that Naira and Gayu don’t get against each other while sorting their sons’ issue. Bhabhimaa feels that its fate that is playing harsh with Naira and Gayu. Naksh consoles her.

He goes to Goenka house to meet his sisters. Naira wishes for Kairav’s speedy recovery. She wants to tell Kairav that she believes her. She finds Kairav at her place and is regretful to put him into disbelief. Naksh meets his sisters at Goenka house. Gayu feels happy that he is trying to help out Vansh with so much care. She is equally unhappy with Kartik and Naira. The misunderstandings grow in Gayu’s mind further. Naksh meets Naira to console her sorrow as well. He knows that Naira is fighting a new battle for the family and with the family. He encourages Naira to find any good way to win back Kairav and Gayu’s trust.

He tells her that she is a fighter who always wins. Naira feels happy by his advice. She gets motivated to take things in her hand and fix it up. Kartik is much agitated by seeing Kairav’s condition. He wants to express his feelings to Kairav. Kairav stays away from Naira. Naira tries to end their rift. She wants both Kairav and Vansh to become cheerful again. She feels punished seeing their sad faces.

On the other hand, Manish decides to free Samarth from the college project. He asks Kartik to handle it. Kartik refuses to snatch Samarth’s right. Manish tells that he has thought for the family’s betterment. Manish, Dadi and Suwarna feel Naira and Gayu aren’t being alert mothers and missing out in their duties. They want the kids’ problem to get tackled soon.

Manish tells Kartik that Samarth has to give priority to Vansh and Gayu when they need him the most. He doesn’t want to burden Samarth with work. He takes the decision for Samarth’s relief. Gayu overhears their conversation. She misunderstands Manish for snatching Samarth’s right once again and being partial towards them. She decides to raise a voice against the injustice faced by her family because of Kartik’s family. There is a huge clash coming up when Gayu accuses Kartik and Naira for being a big reason for the family biasing.

Furthermore, Gayu’s accusation breaks Kartik’s heart. Kartik decides to leave the family and go away just to do justice with Gayu. Will Naira fix up things before its too late? Keep reading.

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