Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2020 Written Update Pragya shatters

Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2020 Written Update Pragya shatters

Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2020 Written Update Pragya shatters Pragya gets a voice note from Abhi. He calls her at the hotel for an urgent talk. She senses the tension in his voice. She thinks its about Rhea’s hatred. She wants to solve Rhea’s matter. She wants to meet him and know the matter at the earliest. She calls Abhi’s number to know the reason for his tension. She fails to connect to Abhi. Mitali and Raj team up with Aaliya and Rhea. They are happy that Abhi has agreed to marry Meera. Dadi tells them that Pragya’s re-entry in the house has brought happiness.

She tells Rhea that Pragya was going to bring Rhea home from the police station. Rhea doesn’t believe it. She tells Dida that she doesn’t have anyone else than Abhi. Aaliya declares Abhi and Meera’s marriage, much to Dadi’s shock. Pragya looks for Mehra landline number. Aaliya explains to Dadi that Pragya is a bad omen for them. Rhea tells that Pragya doesn’t love her. Pragya calls the landline when Mitali answers. Aaliya tells that Abhi is marrying Meera for Rhea’s sake. She congratulates Meera. Pragya can’t believe her ears.


Rhea unites with Meera. Dadi tells Aaliya that Pragya is her Bahu, Meera can never take her place. Pragya overhears the entire conversation on the call. Mitali tells that nobody can stop the marriage. Dadi wants to talk to Abhi. Aaliya tells that Abhi has himself proposed Meera for marriage. She tells that the truth is Meera has accepted Abhi’s proposal. She adds that no one can force Abhi. Pragya is disheartened. Aaliya tells that Abhi and Pragya’s relation is dead, while Meera has kept Pragya’s responsibility till now.

She wants Dadi not to react if Abhi is giving Pragya’s place to someone else. She tells that they will keep a grand marriage for Abhi, its good that Pragya isn’t coming back. She further adds that everyone is happy without Pragya. Pragya shatters with the news. Abhi rushes to meet Pragya. He knows that Pragya has done many favors on him and always saved him from problems. He is pretty sure that she will solve this problem too. Vikram calls Abhi to ask him about attending a conference. Abhi doesn’t want to commit.

Vikram tells Abhi that Pallavi had suffered a heart attack and he is at the hospital. He doesn’t want Abhi to come to the hospital. He asks Abhi to just attend work. Abhi calls Dida to get details of the hospital. He tells that he will be coming to see Pallavi. Ranbir pleads Pallavi to not hurt Prachi’s heart. Pallavi doesn’t listen to him. She tells Prachi that she knows everything about Ranbir and her. Vikram interrupts to stop Pallavi. He sends Ranbir and Prachi out of the ward. Pallavi controls her temper.

Abhi wants to inform Pragya that he is going to the hospital to meet Pallavi at the hospital. He hopes Pragya gets his message and comes to meet him at a later time. Pragya loses her cool on meeting Abhi. She tells him that she knows the entire matter about his marriage with Meera. Abhi fails to explain his situation to her. He wants Pragya to attend his engagement with a hope that she will stop it. Pragya gets a wrong meaning from his words and is heartbroken.

Pragya doesn’t believe that Abhi can marry someone else. She gets another audio message from Abhi. She wants to meet him and know the truth. She doesn’t want any such wrong thoughts to come in his mind. She rushes to meet him. She tells Sarita that she is going to meet Abhi. Sarita prays that Pragya unites with Abhi. Dadi explains the family that Abhi will never be happy with Meera, because Pragya is his happiness. She knows Abhi loves Pragya. She tells that nobody will be happy in the house.

Rhea tells that she will be happy with Abhi and Meera’s marriage. Dadi asks Aaliya not to let this happen. Mitali tells that Abhi and Pragya got separated after Kiara’s death by their own wish. Raj tells Dadi that Abhi has always been in sorrow when Pragya was with him, its better that he stays happy without her. Aaliya wants Dadi to understand their sentiments for Abhi. She tells that relations don’t work in instalments, its better to end such relations.

Dadi declares that she isn’t happy with Abhi and Meera’s marriage. Aaliya asks her to leave the house if she can’t be happy for Abhi. She insults Dadi in rage. Dadi gets too hurt when Aaliya shows her the door. Mitali and Meera get worried. Meanwhile, Prachi tells Ranbir about her blood relation with Rhea. Ranbir tells her that Pragya has a relation with Abhi. She tells that Pragya is Abhi’s wife. He is in shock to know it. She tells that he should be with Pallavi now. He cries that he will be getting away from Prachi forever to keep his promise to Pallavi. Ranbir feels sorry for himself, seeing Prachi leaving. She walks lost.

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  1. Kum kum bhagya is becoming monotonous and boring. The storyline is being repeated over and over. There isn’t a smooth transition from scene to scene. It also projects a lot of negativity and is biased. Why is it Abhi cannot figure out that Aliya is the mischief maker. It does not reflect the intelligence of some of the characters. Waste of time.

    • The story is losing credibility and is becoming senseless, surely Abhi loves pragya,she was shot,an imposter brought Aliya and Tanu, Abhi noticed alot changes and persivered,yet when real pragya comes his husband cannot know his wife despite everything, doesn’t mean that Abhi is foolish, surely Ariya always go Scott free CV after the evils committed,can,t pragya and Abhi have peace, the story is portraying true love in a negative manner,why?
      NB/the updated viuasa is very expensive,plz l would like to go back to old one, failure to which it might not be affordable

    • Exactly..Everytime is the same thing ..same thing Aliya does,same thing abhi doesn’t her mischief,pragya’s Everytime silence…jzt to much bored with this serial..

    • I used to love the show but now it doesn’t make sense it’s like am watching the same thing over and over, like in accident how do you get hit by a car and the only thing you get is a scratch in the head really guys make it look real like abroke leg or hand,and Aria how can she get off with so much wrong doings I mean she’s akiller and she never not once paid for her wrong doings please make it interesting it’s not good when people know what will happen before it does like the Diwali part we have seen it already

  2. Please let Abhe & Pragya marry. otherwise I will also stop watching the show I’m fed up also with Aliya & Meera i hope there will be a twist a twist where they all become 1 familu again.

  3. Kumkum bhagya getting very boring day by day as if Aliya is all in all.She can do anything whatever she wants.And this is being done repeatedly.We are getting fade up with all these monotonous things.

  4. Story suggest that ABHI IS A FOOL NOT SO INTELLIGENT always trusty the mischievous Aliya.
    Moreover Paallavis pressure on Ranbir to marry Rhea for her own ego and destroying her own sons life.
    The serial is dragging, repeat of scenes is most boring, there is no.story left now

  5. This serial is so boring , what the hell is this ,Prachi is also abi,s daughter, how can his sister reya can say get out to his mom and sister

  6. Very boring serial writer does not know how to prolong the story in a good way every time accident and such a fool superstar hero no body seen in this whole world.

  7. I am now totally confused. Why is Abi busy with his sick sister. There are so many evil people in the show. I cannot stand watching it. People kill, they get sent to Poor Australia, others are supposed to be in jail. Where l live, rhis sort of subbish would never happen. I want to go and live in India wher l can kill, kidnap and just continue with my disgusting life. Please people, who is making up all if this rubbish. It is unbelievable. pregnant people are pregnant fir years. OH MY GOODNESS


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