Kundali Bhagya 11th December 2020 Written Update Sherlyn targeted

Kundali Bhagya 11th December 2020 Written Update Sherlyn targeted

Kundali Bhagya 11th December 2020 Written Update Sherlyn targeted Preeta rebukes Ramona for adding the poison in the sweets and putting her family in huge trouble. She exposes Ramona successfully. Rakhi confronts Ramona for poisoning her Bahus. She tells that Ramona has insulted her by this misdeed. Mahira tries to cover up for Ramona’s crime. Shrishti shuts up Mahira. Karan asks Mahira not to cover up for Ramona’s crime, since Preeta and Sherlyn were in danger. He tells that Sarla was arrested and got the bail by difficulty. He reprimands Ramona.

Preeta tells them that Sarla didn’t do anything wrong with Sherlyn. She wants Sherlyn to withdraw the case on Sarla and apologize to her. Sherlyn tells that she can’t believe it. Rakhi tells that its proved that Sarla is innocent. She tells that she will go to the police station and file the counter case on Ramona. This shocks Sherlyn and Mahira. Rakhi wants to do justice with Sarla. She wants to just support the truth. She can’t see wrong happening with Sarla. She tells that she will take action against Ramona.

Mahira tells that Ramona is not at fault, she had informed her about the poison, but it was too late. Ramona tells that she had kept quiet so that Mahira doesn’t get blamed. She wants Rakhi to trust her. Rakhi asks Ramona to apologize to Sarla. Ramona apologizes to Sarla. Sarla tells that she was feeling guilty that she has put some wrong ingredient in the laddoos. She feels the same thing happened with Ramona.

She forgives Ramona even if she has done it intentionally since Ramona is related to Rakhi. She tells that Ramona is Rakhi’s friend and deserves respect. She asks Ramona not to do anything wrong again. Karan calls Preeta and Shrishti very smart that they brought the truth out easily. Preeta tells that she trusts Sarla, who is too innocent to spare enemies also. She knew that Sarla is innocent. Sarla feels proud of her daughters.

Karan asks Sherlyn to accompany him to the police station and withdraw the complaint. He tells that her rigidness will get her into trouble. He tells that her baby was in trouble because of Ramona. He asks Sherlyn if she will not rush alone and file a case against Ramona. He tells that she always wanted the family to support her, this time he is ready to support her even if she wants to file a case against Ramona. Sherlyn is speechless and helpless. She has to take the case back in order to save Ramona from the family’s wrath.

Karan asks Sherlyn why doesn’t she want to take the complaint back knowing Sarla is innocent. He tells that Sherlyn was so angry a day before and now she is non-responsive. He tells that Ramona’s crime could have harmed the baby. He tells that he is equally worried for the baby, since he is the baby’s uncle. He threatens to file a case on Ramona for the sake of his nephew. Sherlyn doesn’t want to file any case on Ramona. She knows he is acting smart. She tells that she won’t file a case on Ramona, but she will withdraw the charges on Sarla.

Karan tells that he is proud of Preeta. Shrishti asks about her. Karan tells that he was actually complimenting her. Sarla thanks Rakhi for trusting her. Rakhi apologizes to her that Ramona had ruined her image by blaming her. Rakhi asks Preeta to go home with Sarla and spend time. She tells that Karan will come to pick her up at night. Preeta happily hugs Rakhi. Sarla takes a leave. Rakhi is glad that everything got fine.

Sarla comes home with her daughters. Janki asks Sarla if the plan worked. Sarla tells that nobody shared the plan with her. Preeta tells that they didn’t tell her so that Sarla would stop them. Shrishti tells Janki how she did a drama and framed Ramona, making Ramona admit the crime. Preeta returns to Luthra house and finds Karan sleeping. Upon waking up, Karan gets into a cute fight with Preeta. They have some really cute moments. Keep reading.

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  1. Hahahahahah speaking of Sherlin’s pregnancy 🤣🤣 the writer seems to have forgotten to pick it up from there it’s over a year and Sherlin is still pregnant with no bump🤣🤣🤣


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