Ishq Mein Marjawan New twist 11th December Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan New twist 11th December Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan New twist 11th December Written Update Riddhima feels that she is being followed. She ignores the person spying once with a plan to catch him red-handed. After exposing Aryan, she thinks the person would be none other than Kabir. Riddhima makes Aryan confess his crime in front of the family. She proves Vihaan as Vansh. Riddhima had heard Vansh and Ishani’s conversation and knew the baby names. She makes Vihaan tell the same names and win Ishani’s trust. Vihaan tells the same names as Vansh and wins Ishani on his side. He also adds a dramatic story of why he changed the baby names. Ishani melts her heart towards him. Kabir asks about the forged signatures.

Riddhima knows Vihaan is a hacker and asks him to hack the CCTV feeds. They together prove that Kabir has forged the signatures to trap them. Vihaan produces the CCTV footage and proves Kabir wrong. Kabir gets slapped by Dadi. Kabir fails to prove himself right. Riddhima tells Dadi that Aryan was conspiring against Vansh for the sake of property. She puts the same blame on Aryan. Kabir gets a clean chit when Aryan takes the entire blame on himself, but Riddhima exposes Kabir’s truth as well. Vihaan tells Dadi that he was wrong to give a place to Kabir in their family. He decides to throw out Kabir and Aryan from the house.


Dadi reprimands Kabir and Aryan for their cheap plotting. Aryan tells the family that he has realized his mistake and apologizes. Dadi slaps Aryan as well. Ishani scolds Aryan a lot. Dadi apologizes to Riddhima and hugs her. Kabir gets revengeful. Riddhima wants Kabir and Aryan to leave the house.

She tells that Vansh doesn’t forgive the culprits. She ousts Kabir and Aryan from the house. Vihaan tells that he is their elder brother and will escort them to the door. He asks Anupriya and Chanchal to also leave if they want to go with their sons. Riddhima gets confused by his decision. She wants to know what is he trying to do. Vihaan brings Kabir and Aryan back for the sake of their mothers. He impresses Dadi, but goes against Riddhima’s plans. He tells her that he wants to keep his enemies close to him to keep an eye on them.

He tells that his favor on Kabir and Aryan will help them get the property from Dadi easily. He wants the consent of the family for the transfer. Riddhima likes his plans. Vihaan gets into a romantic moment with Riddhima. He makes her reminisce Vansh once again. Riddhima makes Kabir apologize to Ishani. She insults Kabir in a way. Kabir holds his temper to take revenge later. Anupriya calms down Kabir. Kabir bears insult from Ishani as well. Anupriya tries to provoke Vihaan against Riddhima. She tells him that he should be alert of Riddhima, who is his biggest enemy. Vihaan tells that he knows everything and wants to keep his enemies close. Ishani doesn’t want to forgive Riddhima as well.

Riddhima finds the same person again when she keeps the property papers. The person dressed as clown tries to steal the papers. She follows him and traps him with no exit to go. She tells that she knows his identity, that’s Kabir.

She asks Kabir to unmask and reveal his real motives behind the new disguise. She tells that she knows his truth already. She presses a button and drops the net on the clown. She tells that he is badly caught. The clown puts the net on her and traps her. Kabir has been the king of disguises till now, but this time its going to be Vihaan. Riddhima is much shocked to see Vihaan. She got a solid evidence to prove that Vihaan is Vansh, that too within the given time by Dadi. But, what is Vihaan up to. Will Vihaan reveal the truth that he is Vansh? Is Vansh back? Keep reading.

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