Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th December 2020 Written Update Twist for Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th December 2020 Written Update Twist for Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th December 2020 Written Update Riddhima Vansh unite Riddhima thanks Vihaan for saving the family. She feels her prayer got answered. She clears to him that she just loves Vansh. Vansh gets emotional seeing her take over his death once again. He tells her that he is her Vansh, he is back. Riddhima doesn’t get a moment to react and faints down. Vansh rushes her to the hospital where he finds her getting critical. Vansh prays for her life when he fears that he may lose her. Dadi also prays that Riddhima survives, after all she is Vansh’s true love. She gets Anupriya arrested. She sends the evil duo to the jail. She hates Anupriya’s evil face. Vansh doesn’t deter and prays for his wife.

Vansh catches a burning diya in his hand while praying to Bappa for Riddhima’s life. The doctors declare Riddhima dead, when a moment occurs and she returns back to life. Vansh’s love does the miracle for Riddhima. Vansh runs to Riddhima when he gets the news of her consciousness. He hugs her with love. He tells her that he loves her a lot, he is her Vansh, he can’t let her go away from him before they live their lives completely. He wants her to get completely fine and return home with her.

Vansh completes the sindoor ritual with her. He asks her to take some rest. Riddhima gets conscious later and finds him attending her. She sheds tears of happiness that Vansh is back in her life. Vansh tells her that he wants her to recover soon. Riddhima wants to confess why she got him home, not for the sake of property. He tells that he knows that she wanted to protect his family. They share a moment. He puts the nuptial chain in her neck.

He just wants Riddhima to come home with him so that they can have a life of their dreams. They have lovey dovey moments. Vansh informs the family that Riddhima is recovering and would come home soon. On the other hand, Kabir is going mad in rage that his mother got insulted and punished for the crimes. He wants to settle scores with Vansh and Riddhima. He awaits Vansh and Riddhima to give them a shocker of life. He begins to create misunderstandings between them. He doesn’t want Riddhima to get her deserved happiness. Kabir plots to create a rift between them so that Riddhima cries.

Vansh tells Riddhima how he got to know the truth of Anupriya’s crimes. He had heard Anupriya making a confession to Siya. He wanted to get her arrested by Kabir’s hands itself. He wanted to punish Anupriya for her crimes. Riddhima fears that her secret will also be known to Vansh some day. She wants to confess the secret past to Vansh. Riddhima wishes that Vansh forgives her for the past. Will Vansh forgive her? Keep reading.

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