YRKKH Upcoming Verdict on Naira return 7th January 2020

YRKKH Upcoming Verdict on Naira return 7th January 2020

YRKKH Upcoming Verdict on Naira return 7th January 2020 Kartik loses Naira when she slips down the cliff edge. He can’t believe that he has actually lost her forever. He slips into a disbelief. He doesn’t want anyone to say that Naira would have died. He tells them that Naira just slipped down and got hurt, he will go and bring her, she would be alive and waiting for him to come and rescue her. He goes mad in frustration on his failure to not hold her hand in time when she was falling back.

He wants to curse himself that he failed to save his wife. Kartik’s state gets horrible, which makes his entire family connect to his pain and cry. Naksh is also into a disbelief that he lost his sister. He tells Kartik that they will go and bring Naira, she would be waiting for them to come to her and pamper her with care. Kartik and Naksh want to go down the cliff, but the family stops them, after calling the rescue team to find Naira.

Kartik gets inconsolable. He can’t imagine his life for seeing such a bad day when he saw Naira dying and going away from him. Kartik is in shock, just like the rest of the family members. Everyone makes a wish that Naira survives and returns to them safely. One of the onlookers pass a comment that Naira would have died by now. The person faces Kartik’s wrath. Kartik doesn’t want anyone to say anything wrong about Naira.

He requests the rescue team officers to take him along to search for Naira. Seeing the dangers involved, the officer asks him to secure his life first. Kartik isn’t permitted to accompany the team. The officer compels them to protect themselves from the dangerous cliff. He sends Goenka family home, while some of the family members stay back to wait for Naira. Kartik’s condition makes Manish fall weak. Manish knows that Kartik can’t live without Naira. He wishes she returns back to them to handle the family and relations.

He tells Akhilesh that none of them can live without Naira, she is the soul of the family. Kartik’s unmeasured pain becomes more troubling for them. Dadi misses Naira on reaching home. She tells them that the house is waiting for Naira’s return, Naira has to come back to them and end their wait. The family makes prayers for Naira’s return. The family has sweet memories of Naira, which they cherish in the low phase.

They all have a longing to see Naira once. Naksh informs them that they didn’t find Naira yet. Kirti doesn’t want to end Kairav’s hopes. Kartik goes raging when the rescue team gives the verdict that they couldn’t find Naira, maybe she is dead. Kartik can’t believe it. He wants to go and look for her. Manish sees Kartik’s weak mental state and lies to him to secure his life. He doesn’t want to lose Kartik after losing Naira. Manish tricks Kartik to drug him and take him home, knowing the latter will hate him for his move.

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  1. Plz…..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Return our Naira aka Shivangi Di in YRKKH show. We are really miss you….
    Thanks 😊

  2. Without naira this show will very bore and I think without naira kaira’s lovers will leave see this show if you don’t want to this so pls back to naira we need to come back naira . 🙏😢


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