Yeh Rishta Gayu confession 11th January 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Gayu confession 11th January 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Gayu confession 11th January 2021 Written Update Kartik and Kairav have a breakdown. They face an emotional turmoil just like the family, who are confused on seeing Kartik coming home without Naira. The family was waiting for Naira’s return. Their dreams also shatter at once. Kairav needs his father, just like Akshara needs Kartik. Kairav doesn’t get Kartik at his side. He regrets that Kartik is losing himself because of Naira’s loss.

Kartik’s behavior gets worrying the family. Kartik stays lost and gloomy. He doesn’t care for the family or his own self. He sinks in depression that Naira has left him. This didn’t happen with him for the first time. He had faced the same sorrow when Naira was assumed dead and was living far in Goa. This time, Naira has really left them. Kairav feels the pain in his heart on knowing that Naira has left him forever. Kartik and Naira’s love story ends on a sad note. Naksh regrets that he lost his sister. He feels sorry for little Akshara.

He tells that he would have died instead his sister. He tells Kartik that Naira is snatched from them. Kairav shatters with the truth, just like Kartik. But little Kairav becomes a support system for Kartik. He wants to bring his dad back to the conscious self. Kartik loses his own identity. Manish tells Kairav that they have struggled to get Naira back, but they have failed. Kartik is influenced by Naira’s memories to the extent that he gets a longing for her.


He just wants to go to her. He feels he should be where his Naira is. His love for Naira is so pure. He didn’t wish Naira to leave his hand mid way and go far from him to the heavens. He finds one way to unite with her, that’s to accept death just like her. Goenka family are unable to cope up with Naira’s death. They have much grief in their hearts. They don’t want Naira’s sorrow to take away Kartik from them. Kartik’s rage gets noticed by the family. They understand his inner conflict, his rage and frustration on his fate that separated Naira from him.

Kairav becomes a caring elder brother for Akshara. He wants to take Akshara to Kartik so that Kartik can be reminded his duties well. Kairav begs Kartik to open the door. He cries at the door step. His condition makes Manish and Suwarna pity him. Kartik doesn’t listen to anyone. He stays lost in his grief. Naira’s recorded message becoming a soothing source for his senses. Kartik finds himself once again as Naira’s husband, when he hears her melodious voice. Kartik wants Naira with him at any cost. His longing gets so heart-wrenching.

Manish and Suwarna find Naira’s message consoling her family. Manish senses a storm is coming to ruin their lives, post Naira’s death. He tells that Naira has left them, but the phase coming now will be very difficult. Kartik is summoned for Naira’s last rites puja. Manish and Kirti want to call Kartik for the puja.

Manish hopes that Kartik accepts Naira’s death. Kartik refuses to accept that Naira has left him forever. He wants to die and go to her, but Naira stops him from ending his life. Moreover, Gayu sinks in guilt that she couldn’t even apologize to Naira. She confesses that it was her mistake to let Naira go away from the family. She regrets for her sister’s loss. Gayu sheds tears of repentance. Gayu realizes that Naksh was right, she got too late in confessing her mistakes to Naira and apologize. She wanted to live happy with her sister. She didn’t know that Naira will leave her forever. Gayu takes responsibility of Kairav and Akshara.

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  1. The series is becoming irritating. We want Naira to live. And not to die.Her character as Naria is important for the whole series. Please change twist and let her return as Naria.


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