Kumkum Bhagya 18 January 2021 Written Update Abhi Meera shocked

Kumkum Bhagya 18 January 2021 Written Update Abhi Meera shocked

Kumkum Bhagya 18 January 2021 Written Update Abhi Meera shocked Aaliya goes to call Meera. Abhi and Purab decide to tell the plan to Baljeet. Ranbir tells that Prachi will react knowing about his marriage. Jai tells that once marriage happens, Prachi will accept him. Palak proposes Ranbir for marriage. Ranbir tells her that he loves Prachi. Pallavi calls Ranbir and learns that he is going to marry. He lies to her. She asks him to be at home and attend Abhi’s marriage. He tells that he has come to get a gift for Abhi. He wants to marry Prachi and be with her, so that nobody manipulates her.

Rhea goes mad while finding a way to exit from the storeroom. She doesn’t want to lose Ranbir. She can’t let Aaliya and Prachi win. Meera goes to check on Rhea. She suspects that Rhea is in the storeroom. She misses to see Rhea. Aaliya stops Meera from seeing Rhea. Meera tells Aaliya that she didn’t see Rhea after refusing to her wish. Aaliya misleads her. She tells that Rhea would be planning some surprise for Abhi.

She hates Pragya and everything related to her. She wonders why didn’t Pragya come to attend the marriage. She calls up Pragya to invite her in an insulting manner. She asks Pragya to get habitual to see her husband with someone else. She invites Pragya to witness the reality. She wants to see Pragya crying. Pragya tells that she is coming. Abhi finally reveals his plan to Baljeet. He tells her that he will not marry Meera, she is his good friend. Purab tells that Meera is just acting, she will not marry Abhi, its just a plan.

Baljeet realizes that she was wrong, Abhi only loves Pragya. Aaliya wants to get rid of Pragya. Baljeet thanks Meera for helping Abhi. Purab asks Meera not to smile much. They don’t want Baljeet to tell anyone the truth. Abhi and Meera sit in the mandap. They eagerly wait for Pragya. Abhi thinks Pragya has come. He gets hopeful on seeing Sarita coming. Sarita has come to look for Pragya. Abhi doesn’t see Pragya. Purab asks Baljeet not to tell anything to Sarita. Sarita tells that she had tried her best.

Abhi and Meera take the risk and exchange the garlands, hoping that Pragya will step in every moment. Abhi doesn’t want to perform rituals. Meera is in two minds. She wishes that their marriage happens. Meera loves Abhi and feels that the marriage should happen if its in her fate. She doesn’t want to snatch rights from Pragya, but wants to accept Abhi if Pragya leaves her rights on her own. Pragya arrives there with the police breaking Meera’s marriage dreams. She proves Abhi’s love true. Do you pity the character of devoted Meera? Comment below and Keep reading.

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  1. Now Abhi has to run away with Pragya and stay in her home with his other daughter for a while to teach Rhea to become a better human being

  2. I don’t pity the character of Meera because she’s a manipulator, after striking a deal with Abhi to help him get back his loveable wife Pragya, she was still wishing Pragya had not come for her to be Abhis wife, she’s a backstabber, thank God that fate turned against her wicked wishful thinking

  3. Writers need to let Alia be exposed and banished forever so Purab can again have Disha, why don’t they ever show their son Sunny? Is he Aaryan? Please expose Alia and the secret she is keeping regarding Aaryan. Everyone hates Alia, she does so much bad and yet gets away. Waiting for Pragya to destroy her forever!!


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