Anupama Written Update Kavya rejected 15th January 2021

Anupama Written Update Kavya rejected 15th January 2021

Anupama Written Update Kavya rejected 15th January 2021 Kavya gets jealous on seeing Vanraj celebrating the festive with the family. Vanraj heads off to fly kites with his loving family. Leela gives her advice to Anupama. She tells that she should not miss her kite, even if it goes away. Anupama knows that Leela means to say about Vanraj and Anupama. Hasmukh answers Leela well. He doesn’t want Leela to lecture Anupama all the time. Vanraj shares a laugh with Paritosh. Kavya finds all of them happy. She casts her evil sight on Anupama.

She doesn’t want Vanraj to go away. Samar goes to Nandini’s house to invite her for the festive. They get into an awkward moment. He gets to read her diary. He can’t believe that he is battling her inner emotions since she rejected his love. He learns her true feelings by reading her diary. He confronts Nandini about her emotions. He hugs her, knowing about her traumatic first love. He doesn’t want to burden her with his love. Kavya wants to make her feelings reach Vanraj and his family. Samar wants Anupama to choose any kite she wants.

Anupama relives her childhood dreams. Everyone is amazed to see Anupama’s kite. Paritosh tells that Anupama looks a professional in kite flying. Vanraj is also happy to see her. Anupama finds Vanraj struggling with the kite. She sends Samar to help Vanraj. Anupama begins to fly her kite. She feels joyful. Kavya reaches Vanraj and his family. Kavya wants to spoil their happiness. The Shah family rejoice together.

The family is surprised by Anupama’s kite flying talents. Hasmukh steals some sweets when everyone is busy. Samar and Nandini come closer. Vanraj gets distracted by Anupama’s kite. The family gets into a competition. Anupama asks Samar not to lose, stop making the same mistakes and keep trying to win. Vanraj realizes that Anupama may forgive him. He appears happy when he is with her. This makes Kavya worried. Kavya injures her hand intentionally to get Vanraj’s attention. Vanraj apologizes to Anupama. He tells her that he has rejected Kavya and also her request to take her home. He prepares to confess his feelings to her.

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