YRKKH Upcoming Naira Boxing Promo Kartik left in shock

YRKKH Upcoming Naira Boxing Promo Kartik left in shock

YRKKH Upcoming Naira Boxing Promo Kartik left in shock Kartik goes to extreme levels to get the kite for Kairav, knowing the kite has Kairav’s special message written for Naira. Kairav wants to tell Naira that he is missing her a lot. Kartik behaves stubborn when the entire family stops him from chasing the cut off kite. Kartik doesn’t listen to anyone. He wants Kairav to trust his dad. He doesn’t want anything to get snatched from his son. He wants to see his children happy. Kairav tells Manish that he wants Kartik to listen to him. Manish feels helpless. Kartik has dedicated his life to Kairav and Akshara.

He just knows to do his fatherly duties. He doesn’t care for anything else. He clears that he can’t be dutiful towards all the relations. Kartik meets Kairav and hands over the kite to him. He realizes that Kairav is missing Naira. He can sense it by talking to Kairav. He takes care of Kairav and Akshara like always. He tries to become their mum and dad. He wants to fill in Naira’s place for them.

He knows that he can never take Naira’s place, but can try to keep them happy. Kairav asks him if Naira had read his message. Kartik tells that Naira has read his message and wants him to be happy. He tells Kairav that Naira is watching them every day, they have to be happy for her sake. He asks Kairav to remember that Naira is always with them, though away. Kairav requests him to enrol him in a boxing training programme. He shows interest in boxing and fights. He wants to learn the sport so that h can protect his family in bad times.

Kartik doesn’t want Kairav to take any risk. He wants to protect Kairav from every possible danger. On the other hand, we get to see Naksh, who sinks in depression after Naira’s death. He can’t move on in life. He feels he has lost his mother and now his sister as well. He tells Kirti that he isn’t interested in the business, because he couldn’t save Akshara or Naira with the money he earned. He regrets to lose the two most precious relations of his life.

Strangely, he doesn’t mention his dad Naitik, who is alive and possible living in Mumbai alone since he supported Naira in her isolated phase. Naitik’s entry should happen to support Naksh. Naksh is much shattered that his family isn’t with him. He doesn’t think for Kirti or Singhanias at this time. Kirti is much upset that Naksh is forgetting himself because of Naira’s leaving. Naksh reminisces Naira. Manish cries to see Kartik and Kairav hiding their sorrow from the family. He feels so helpless as a father.

Naira has left the family and broke many relations. Suwarna wants Kartik to give her some duties of his children. Kartik doesn’t want to share any duties. He tells that his children are a medium for his living. He doesn’t want to involve anyone. Manish learns that Kairav is interested in boxing. Kairav tells that Kartik will never agree to him. Manish asks Kairav to sound serious when he talks to Kartik. Kairav tells that he can never convince Kartik. Manish thinks he should support Kairav.

Manish tells Kartik that he is being a good father, but should be a good son as well. Manish tells that he has got Kairav enrolled in the boxing sports training at the school for Kairav’s happiness. Kartik opposes the decision. He feels he is responsible for Kairav’s safety. He doesn’t want Kairav to get injured. Kartik rushes to save Kairav before he gets hurt in the training. Manish wishes that Kartik gives attention to the family as well. Kartik decides to put Kairav in a music class instead the boxing training.

He clears out that he is living just for his children. Kartik feels that Naira has gone too far from him, but isn’t letting go her memories. He gets regretful. Naira makes a comeback as a boxer. She is seen fighting someone in the boxing ring, while Kartik makes an entry there. He is shell shocked to see her alive. Is it Naira or her look alike? What do you think about Naira’s return? Comment below and keep reading.

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