Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2021 Written Update Result time

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2021 Written Update Result time

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2021 Written Update Result time Preeta challenges Akshay. She tells the guests that Akshay isn’t like he appears, he is completely the opposite of what they think about him. She asks them to see Akshay’s reality themselves. Preeta’s words give a warning to Akshay. Preeta tells them about the pictures she is carrying as a surprise for Akshay. She asks the technician to play the pictures on the projector. She tells them that every picture has a story behind it. She wants to bring out all the secrets out.

Akshay gets stressed. Sameer tells Shrishti that they are going to win now. Shrishti tells that Akshay will be bashed up after he gets exposed. Sameer finds her unique. He tells that they can’t miss any drama. Preeta asks Akshay to confess anything if he wants. Akshay tries to stay calm. He tells Preeta that he has nothing to confess. Preeta sounds confident this time. Preeta, Sameer and Shrishti are shocked to see the pendrive changed. They don’t see any pictures of Ruchika. Akshay had made Babu swap the evidences.

Preeta fails to bring his true colours out. She loses her cool. The family likes the happy moments of the functions. Akshay tells them the story behind the happy moments. Preeta is herself shocked that she has failed to expose him. She doesn’t lose hope and attempts again. She learns that the pendrive has been changed. Preeta checks her phone. She tells Shrishti that there are no pictures in her phone.


Sameer knows that Akshay has played a game again. Preeta and Shrishti stay helpless. Akshay expresses his love for Kritika. He acts friendly with Preeta. Sarla learns that Shrishti isn’t at home. She wants Shrishti to be obedient. She is helpless to cage Shrishti in the room from now. She is upset that Shrishti left even when she stopped her. Akshay thanks Preeta for proving his character clean and making him lovable. Rakhi tells that Preeta has won their hearts. Sherlyn and Mahira are happy to see Preeta’s another defeat.

Sarla calls up Shrishti and asks her to come home soon. She tells that Janki fell down and needs help. Shrishti goes home in worry. Sarla knows that Shrishti will return soon for Janki’s sake. Preeta wonders when did the pictures change. She knows that Akshay has done it. Poor Preeta loses again, even though she has turned really brave to attempt to expose Akshay’s truth.

She doesn’t lose courage and wants to stop the marriage at any cost. The truth doesn’t come out. Preeta is determined to prove Akshay wrong in front of the Luthra family and save Kritika’s future. Preeta’s struggle becomes interesting to watch because of her all new bold side. What do you think about the track? At least, we aren’t getting to see a sobbing, speechless, mute and helpless Preeta like before. Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2021 Written Update Result time: 2/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. Preeta and shristi character reflects their incompetence and stupidity. They could never do anything right and always getting into trouble. Why is it that all of Ekta’s soap operas lack substance and is far from the reality of day to day life. I guess it is more about making money and nothing else.

    • Boycott this stupid show.. Its a damn joke. Dumb stupid desperate for story lines. A real insult to the true nature of mother India.

    • I think Ekta Kapoor has lost the plot, because all her soapies has the villains taking center stage and getting lucky. She gets joy from torturing her viewers. She is the ultimate villain.

    • I totally agree,how in the world this could happen,she had the pictures on her phone,hard copy and a pensive, somehow the pendrive magically changed..Preeta deserves to be treated badly…incompetent..work on your marriage..Mahira will get all her right if she continues this silly crusade..

      • The script is leading towards Mahira and Karan being together. I am extremely happy with that because Mahira is much more beautiful, Preeta has a horse face and Shitri even worse, I wish they take she and her sister of the screen completely. Good script Ekta! This like English type scripts, in reality the good woman don’t get the man most of the time, that only happens in Indian movie/show, good radiance.

    • Yes even i don’t like the serial every time the good people keep loosing the battle. Ekta is showing only bad ones can survive. 1/5 for her serials. How are the sponsors keeping quiet. No idea. Spending so much on ads.

    • Who said it’s far from reality? It is reality, the outside woman gets the man most of the time, thats why Mahira deserves to be with Karan to make the script anything close to reality. Only, indian movies/show the goodies the end up together and live happily ever after.

  2. Did Preeta and Shrishti ever win against the wicked plots? From beginning they’ve been losers. Same story every time. So senseless

  3. Preeta and Shrishti always find a way to save the family. Although this time they lose but I think they will find a way out before the wedding. Some defeated story scenes are also important to make it interesting. They are not careless but Akshay have a very bad character. I hope they exposed him this time without getting insult.

    • Poor Mahesh still on bed from so long. Rishabh married a witch another witch staying in same house. Kareena always siding wrong people. Waste of time

  4. Preeta and Shrishti lose this time but I think they will find a way out before the wedding. Some defeated story scenes are also important to make it interesting. They are not careless but Akshay have a very bad character. I hope they exposed him this time without getting insult.

  5. Absolutely stupid…all the secrets never come to light. Up to now mahesh is still in a coma and nobody caught. Sherlyn is pregnant for over a year. Prithvi suddenly disappeared without being revealed. What a dumb story line. I stopped watching since the last episode. I actually thought the story would change this time but its like watching the same thing year in and year out. Only the actors and actresses get older each year everything else is the same. Please end this show with something of more substance.

    • 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
      Ekta kapoor has totally lost it…. the story line is ridiculous….. pregnant sherlyn.. when is she going to have the baby?
      Mahira, continues to live there…
      Prithvi … disappeared.. never got caught/ exposed.
      Mahesh…. lifetime coma
      Storyline goes in circles. …. same plot…. there is always a wedding/ function etc in these….. wake up writers and smell the coffee…. there is more to life… . They think… we the viewers are dumb. … show is making no sense…. has gone OFF track….

  6. Ekta seems to have a losers life yes is everytime so wrong wins over right in her show.she should retire and let someone else who actually wants the story to move on direct because it is the same thing everyday single day jus in a diff way.always liars gettin tru over d truth.has realy bcome boring think i am jus goin to stop view.years wil go by sherlyn n mahira wrongdoing neither prithvi 1 wilever com out.so long sherlyn pregnant but no belly or bby pure rubbish.story draggin to much that y it is losing viewership.

  7. I think the producers and writers have no vision that is why they drag everything all to make money. How can sherlyn be pregnant for more than a year, Mahira keep on doing wrong no one throws her out and now it is Akshay it is as nothing good can happen to this family. Also want to know if people are really like that in India because all the shows r about a wanting someones wife or husband for themselves and if it don’t pin out they want someone else’s wealth. Please I am asking can u not let everything drag on for sooooooi long

  8. Bakwass , Ask from Ekta that how could someone else delete the photoes from preeta’s phone…… Is she stupid , doesn’t she knows to set a password in her phone …… How the hell pendrive was changed ………They are making us fool 😤

  9. dr preeta you can bring anythere pandraw send the akshay photo than you came to know that.
    dr preeta you don’t make upset.
    dr preeta you can go at 5:00 in the morning you don’t wait for Karan.
    sarla why you make upest for shirti.
    shirti you can go at 5: 00 in the morning shirti you don’t think about sarla you leave it .
    shirti you be cool 😇 down and safe.
    shirti be Relex for same time okay.
    shirti you can wait for dr preeta now you go cross the road and be careful okay.

  10. Bored again wasted again after watching the promo that later dia will happn wasted 5 mins oh God …no more watching this stupid serial..plzzz pack off ur show and let a new show come plzz..


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