Kumkum Bhagya Twists today 1st Feb Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Twists today 1st Feb Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Twists today 1st Feb Written Update Ranbir doesn’t want to cheat Prachi and marry her, since she is the love of his life. Prachi gets Rhea’s call. Ranbir drops some sindoor in Prachi’s hairline. He takes it as a sign of fate. Prachi learns that Pragya and Abhi are in danger. Rhea informs her that they are facing a big threat. She wants to know about their location. Prachi tells that she has to find Pragya soon.

She can’t let anything happen to Abhi and Pragya. Rhea and Prachi have same love for their parents. Ranbir knows that its his lie to Rhea that reached Prachi now. He wants to stop Prachi. Abhi finds Pragya upset on him. He tells her that she is very special for him. She takes his memory test. Abhi tells Pragya that he remembers their first meet. She asks him to tell about their first fight, first apology. He doesn’t know anything about their firsts. He manages to answer it in his silly sweet ways. He asks her to ask anything romantic.

He tells that he has all the answers if she asks romantic things. He tells her that he remembers about their first hug, first kiss and first night. She tells that she knows that he will remember such things. He tells that he doesn’t want to talk about their fights, but just their love. He tells that he didn’t forget anything good about her. He just wants to remember her. He romances her. She tells that he always diverts her by his talks.

Abhi asks Pragya to come close. He tells that they complete each other always. Prachi wants to go and find Abhi and Pragya. Ranbir stops her. He tells her that he had lied to Rhea to send her away. He asks Prachi to believe him. She tells that his parents are really in danger. She tells that he is lying to her. He tells that he isn’t lying. She asks him if he can swear that he never lies to her. He doesn’t swear. He tells Aryan that Prachi is really believing that her parents are in danger. Ratna likes Abhi and Pragya’s love.

Abhi tells that Pragya is always fighting with him when he wants to love her. They get into a kiddish fight. Ratna unites them. She asks them to never leave their support even for the world. She tells them that world is jealous of lovers. She blesses their true selfless love. Ratna makes them promise that they will never leave each other. She wants them to stay happy together. Pragya apologizes to him.

He asks her not to apologize in love, they have to be happy and together. He tells her that they will always be together. The henchmen get into a fight for their mission to kill Abhi. They have a competition to reach Abhi first and kill him to get the big reward from Digvijay. They make a mutual decision to kill Abhi and share the reward equally. The shooter gets his personal enmity with Abhi because of the earliest defeats. Keep reading.

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