Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2021 Written Update Preeta at stake

Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2021 Written Update Preeta at stake

Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2021 Written Update Preeta at stake Kritika gets pleased when Karan and Preeta bring Mahesh for the rituals. Mahesh is still in coma, but they make him perform the rituals by blessing Kritika. Akshay calls up Megha for a meet. Megha agrees to meet him. Akshay isn’t scared of anyone now. He knows that Preeta can never expose his truth. Kritika and family reach the temple for the puja. Preeta makes a special prayer for Kritika’s life. She doesn’t want Kritika’s life to get ruined. Sherlyn hates Preeta.

She is happy to get the responsibility of Kritika’s marriage. She wants to become the favorite of the family. She aims to snatch Preeta’s supporters. She tells that Preeta will fall alone when Kritika goes away from the family. Preeta wishes that the day becomes a good one. She wants time to expose Akshay’s truth. Her intentions are good. She just wants to save Kritika from a wrong relation. Sameer spots Akshay with Megha. He realizes that Akshay is with Megha, not Ruchika. He wants to inform Preeta about Akshay.

Sameer tells Preeta that Akshay has done wrong with Kritika, he is cheating all of them. He informs that Akshay is with Megha. Preeta asks Sameer to keep an eye on Akshay. Sherlyn tries to hear Preeta’s conversation. Preeta warns her against spying on her. Sameer loses his cool on finding Akshay and Megha entering a hotel room. He tries to get through the hotel staff. He learns the room number. He goes to get a concrete evidence against Akshay.

Sameer informs Preeta that he got to know the room number. Preeta gets Shrishti’s call. She tells Shrishti about Akshay and Megha’s affair. She reveals that both of them are together. Shrishti tells that Akshay had done a drama to frame them in the trap. Preeta tells that Akshay knew Megha already and laid the trap for them to prove them as liars. She tells Shrishti that Akshay is very clever, but she will catch him red-handed. She wants to take Kritika, Rakhi and Kareena to the hotel room to expose his truth. Shrishti likes her plan.

She asks Preeta to take everyone and show Akshay’s true colours. Sherlyn wants to know who is called Preeta so often. Shrishti calls up Sameer to wish him all the best. She tells him that Preeta had shared the plan with her. She also wants to head to the hotel and expose Akshay’s truth. She wants to support her sister in the big plan. Preeta stops everyone from going home. She asks them to just spare an hour. Kritika asks Preeta if its a surprise for her.

Preeta asks them to trust her and not misunderstand her. She wants to tell them about Akshay. Rakhi and Kareena ask her what is she planning to do. Preeta takes the risk. She tells them that she will expose Akshay’s truth, he is a wrong man. Kareena asks her what has happened to her. Sherlyn asks Preeta to stop it. Preeta tells that Akshay had blamed Shrishti for no reason. Kareena wants Preeta to go to her Maayka if she can’t see Kritika happily getting married. Preeta reveals to them that Akshay is with Megha in a hotel room, he knew her and plotted that fake molestation scene just to fool others.

She tells that Akshay planned everything to prove her wrong in front of the family. Kareena asks why does she always blame Akshay. Preeta tells her that Kritika is like her sister, she doesn’t want her life to get ruined. She wants to save Kritika’s future. Kareena doesn’t listen to them. Kritika tells Kareena that she will verify her trust, she has an hour to spare for Preeta’s sake, she also wants to see if Akshay is a wrong person. She tells that she trusts Akshay, but she trusts Preeta too.

She tells that she will check on Akshay to clear their misunderstanding so that the blame is proved wrong. She tells that Preeta is like an elder sister and loves her a lot. She knows Preeta can’t be wrong. She also trusts Shrishti. She tells that Akshay has done wrong with Shrishti. She supports Preeta and Shrishti. She also wants to listen to Preeta and clear the doubt for once and all. Preeta convinces them. Kareena asks Kritika not to spoil her relationship by doubting Akshay. She calls it Kritika’s mistake.

Kritika tells that she can’t marry by keeping the doubt on her mind. Kareena asks her if she wants to break the marriage. Rakhi tells them that they will go with Preeta once and find the truth. Kareena knows that Rakhi trusts Preeta a lot. She agrees to go on Rakhi’s word. She asks Rakhi to punish Preeta if she is wrong. Preeta is ready to happily accept any punishment if she is wrong. Kareeena threatens Preeta. Preeta takes the family to the hotel room to confront Akshay about Megha. Akshay hides Megha and acts innocent. Will Preeta be able to prove Akshay wrong this time? Comment your opinion and keep reading.

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  1. I am do fed up with this storyline ..its boring. Preeta need to stop a save her marriage with Karan yes..and let kereena bua and her cloones marry her daughter..

  2. I think preeta will win because she is doing good by saving kritika’s future and family members too but I have noticed that when Akshay’s matter came and preeta came to know the evil face of Akshay and she planning to expose Akshay infront of everyone then why preeta is not planning to expose Sherlyn and Maira because that both lady evil are making plan to prove that preeta is worng and Maira is innocent oh god I pray to you that preeta win and that 3 evil lose

  3. For God’s sake🤦‍♀️💔, why does preeta always go thru such thick humiliations just because she has a good heart? R u trying to tell us being good doesnt pay at all?
    With this ur serial u r actually not teaching any good morals. Evil always prevail. For once honour that lady(preeta) and let we ur viewers feel at ease PLEASE. IT IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.😥😥😥

  4. Same old story line….they go there and find nothing or she will look like a fool. Same thing happens all the time. Most boring ever. Please get this serial off the screen wasting our money paying to watch the same story.

  5. Tired of watching the same plot going round in circles. This isnt normal. The show is boring and outcome is predictable with Preeta being the whipping horse for the likes of Kareena Sherlyn etc. The show isnt stimulating anymore🙄 . Wont be watching anymore

  6. Great you people are just born to show that “burai ki jeet hoti hai humesha agar aap me thodi si bhi achhai bachi ho to bigad jao, achhai me rakha hi kya hai? Baar baar koshish karne per Bhi aapka hi mazak banta hai Jaise Preeta ka banta aa raha hai😅 yeah hi saalo se ho raha hai, pehle Prithvi, sherlyn, mahera aur ab Akshay lekin Preeta aaj tak kisi ko bhi nahi pakad payi hai😂😂😂” Writer are trying to learn this from their superb duper hit serial “We should be choose Akshay as a role model not Preeta’ but I am sorry I can’t be that no-one would like to so here we will make your plan fail Mrs or Mr Writer by not watching your sadu serial and again your TRO will go down 🥳🥳🥳👍🏻👏👏 you please continue your rubbish repeat story and bring your TRP down never try to go raise up your TRP okay 👍🏻

  7. Peeta always acts hastily without proper planning looks foolish every time. Sameer cant do anything by himself do you have a phone with camera take a shot nah follow while recording…….the writer has these folks looking very dumb and the story goes on.

  8. Ekta Kapur proov that in this serial wrong person never defeat. I think every person & family see this serial only due to PREETA & KARAN

  9. Always it’s the same story …preeta never wins. At least this time I request the script writter to make sure to let preeta win and expose Akshay. Then only the viewers will get more interest in watching

  10. Same old same old a story was coming up with Pawan and sirti that would have been interesting other than this story line….you could actually tell what’s taking place with this story line up…but it’s really interesting see in karan standing up for preeta in the episode to come😍

  11. It’s high time they put an end to this nonsense. The creators of a serial don’t know when to stop and continue dragging a storyline, till such time the TRP drops and the show is finally called off air.
    Please add no more sub-plots and give the story a decent ending , clearing the mystery and suspense of Sherlyn, so that all threads are finally tied. Else people will stop watching !!!!!

  12. The same thing repeats again and again….am tired of this movie…so boring….why does a vilian in a movie nt exposed? Yet uh are jst adding more vilians…does that even make sense??????

  13. Preeta is a righteous person and she knows what she is doing but akshay is a shaitan and so is sherlin ,maira. i feel preeta should get justice and expose the evil deeds of the 3of the rakshas maira sherlin and akshay and kreetika should slap akshay in front of everyone to show what a fraud and cheat he is , they should expose all 3of them on camera and also sherlin and mairas mother as well as they are equally evil


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