Yeh Rishta Gayu meets Naira Amazing big twist coming

Yeh Rishta Gayu meets Naira Amazing big twist coming

Yeh Rishta Gayu meets Naira Amazing big twist coming Sirat is hell bent to apologize to Kartik and Kairav once to get rid of her guilt. Sirat shares her feelings with Maudi, and tells her that she isn’t feeling happy after knowing about Naira’s identity. She could have least dreamt about this truth. She tells Maudi that one can’t imagine how fate connects people, how things take a turn when a truth comes out. She was misunderstanding Kartik and was not sympathetic towards Kairav as well before she learnt the truth.

She tells that she doesn’t want Kairav to be heartbroken that his mum left him. She has the same sorrow that she didn’t get her mum’s love. She tells that her mum is alive, still away from her, but there is a hope that Sheela may change and love her. She tells Maudi that Kairav doesn’t have any single hope that his mum will come back and love him. She knows that she isn’t Kairav’s mum to connect with him, but she can at least pacify him that she isn’t his mum, but just resemble Naira. She wants to explain Kairav that she can be her friend, but can’t become his mum.

She tells Maudi that even if she becomes Kairav’s mum, she can’t become Kartik’s wife. She tells that she wants to meet them at their place and apologize for her rudeness. She feels really sorry with the way that she had behaved with Kartik and Kairav. She regrets that she should have known the truth. She tells Maudi that she asked Kartik a lot of times about his wife, but he was in much sorrow that he couldn’t tell anything to her. She adds that she will mend up things for Kartik and his family by meeting them. She hopes that they give her a good welcome.


Moreover, Maudi and Rohan support Sirat in her attempt to fix things that she had spoiled. They want Sirat to meet Kartik, without knowing the fact that destiny is actually taking Sirat to Goenkas. Sirat tells that she was aware of other people resembling her, the possibility of lookalikes in the world, but didn’t know that situation will arise in this manner. She decides to leave for Udaipur. Kartik and Sirat are in equal pain because of her looks matching Naira.

Kartik weeps a lot and decides to go home to his children. Upon reaching home, he makes up his mind to live his life for his children. Kartik wants to be with Kairav and Akshara. Kartik meets Dadi and Manish. He tells the family that the girl isn’t Naira, she just looks like Naira, but she is a different personality. He wants the family to not mention her name again. The family agrees to Kartik. Kartik pacifies Kairav by explaining him the difference between Naira and Sirat. He explains Kairav that Sirat isn’t his mum. Kairav understands and accepts his word.

Rhea learns the truth about Sirat’s shocking identity. She didn’t know that Kartik had spent the night at Sirat’s home to find the truth. Rhea wants to marry Kartik before any problem arises. Sirat arrives at Goenka house to meet Kartik. She comes across Gayu first. Gayu gets surprised to see her and calls her Naira. Gayu starts apologizing to her.

She had always wanted to get rid of her guilt by apologizing to Naira. She feels Naira has come back and given her a chance to repent. She hugs Sirat with affection. She runs to inform the family that Naira has come back. This shocks the Goenkas. Sirat gets scared seeing Gayu’s strange behavior. She makes a leave from the house without meeting anyone else. Gayu takes the family to the gate to show Naira, but fails.

Goenkas plan a sports fun time together after Kartik’s return, where Rhea tries to get close to him. Sirat worries that she will be forced to take up Naira’s identity. She denies to be Naira. The family learns that Kairav is missing from the house. Kartik suspects that Kairav is with Sirat, maybe he had seen Sirat and ran to her. Will Kartik find Sirat and Kairav? Keep reading.

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