Anupama Vanraj critical step 19th February 2021 Upcoming

Anupama Vanraj critical step 19th February 2021 Upcoming

Anupama Vanraj critical step 19th February 2021 Upcoming Anupama is worried for Pakhi. Nandini tells that Pakhi would be sleeping after Vanraj’s birthday celebrations. Anupama feels Pakhi is safe with Vanraj. Vanraj comes home from the temple. He asks Kavya about Pakhi. Kavya tells that she went for a bath. He tells that Pakhi isn’t at home. She argues with him. He calls Pakhi. He gets worried and questions Kavya if she had scolded Pakhi. Kavya tells that she didn’t tell anything to Pakhi. Vanraj tells that Pakhi left the family to come to her, he should have understood her silence.

He feels guilty that he didn’t take care of her. Pakhi is lost and disturbed because of her parents’ separation. Vanraj and Anupama have a talk on the call. Anupama wishes him and enquires about Pakhi. She asks if Pakhi is okay. She wants to talk to him. He tells her that Pakhi isn’t at home. Anupama gets stressed. He tells her that he will find Pakhi and bring her home. Pakhi sheds tears because she is deeply hurt. Kavya feels Pakhi ruined the special day by disappearing. She hopes Pakhi is okay. Anupama finds Pakhi coming home.

Pakhi feels dejected. She accepts her mistake of going to Kavya’s house. She breaks down. Anupama asks her the reason for her coming. Pakhi tells that her presence was disturbing Vanraj and Kavya. Anupama informs Vanraj that Pakhi has come home. He asks the reason for her leaving. She asks if anything happened that Pakhi got worried. He heads to home to speak to Pakhi. The family is happy to see Pakhi. Pakhi tells that she has come along.


Paritosh asks Pakhi is she okay. Pakhi reacts in anger. Anupama and Leela know that Pakhi is upset because of Kavya. Kavya learns that Pakhi went home. She calls her irresponsible. Vanraj tells that Pakhi is hurt. He tells that Anupama has handled the entire family since 25 years and that too perfectly. He feels Kavya couldn’t handle Pakhi. Kavya wishes that Pakhi doesn’t come back to her. She wants to be with Vanraj in peace. Anupama cheers up Pakhi. Pakhi missed her a lot. Anupama asks her why is she so hurt. Pakhi shares her problems with her.

She doesn’t like Kavya’s taunts. She tells that she doesn’t like to bounce between two houses after her parents’ separation. Anupama understands her emotions. She tells him that the entire family burns in a broken relationship. Pakhi asks Anupama where will she live after Vanraj returns home after divorce. She wants Anupama and Vanraj together. She makes Anupama realize that she will be leaving the house. Anupama tells that they will stay together. She asks Pakhi not to feel lonely. Vanraj turns up home. Vanraj wants to see Pakhi and clarify his stand. Everyone wishes him happy birthday. Vanraj learns about Samar’s job.

He gets happy to know about his children’s progress. They ask him about Pakhi. Kinjal doesn’t accept Pakhi’s misbehavior. She feels insecure that Kinjal has taken her place. Kinjal blames Pakhi for being responsible for her own problems. She adds that Pakhi is selfish, she just thinks of herself. Anupama asks Vanraj to speak to Pakhi. Anupama and Vanraj become part of the birthday celebrations. He chooses his family to celebrate his birthday. Kavya decides to make a new start with Vanraj. What will Kavya do now? Will Anupama be able to get over her life’s woes? Comment your view and keep reading.

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