Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2021 Update Abhi life verdict

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2021 Update Abhi life verdict

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2021 Update Abhi life verdict Pragya breaks down seeing Abhi’s critical condition. Prachi feels strange that Pragya didn’t call her. Prachi calls Sarita to know about Pragya. Prachi tells that she is scared for Abhi and Pragya, Purab had told her that they are fine, but she is feeling really restless. Sarita tells her that Abhi and Pragya would be fine. Sarita cries on speaking to her. Prachi insists her to share the problem. Sarita reveals that Abhi and Pragya’s lives are in danger, someone wants to kill them. Prachi’s fear turns out to be true.

She tells Shahana that she will save them, she will not let anything happen to them. Pragya reaches the hospital. The man helps her on time. She can’t thank him enough. Pragya asks the doctor to attend Abhi. She rushes him inside. She realizes that the accident patients are given a priority. She calls Purab by borrowing a phone. She asks Purab to come at the hospital, Abhi is shot. Purab can’t hear her properly. He tells her that he is finding her in the jungle area. He doesn’t get to know that Abhi is shot.

Bittu kidnaps her, and doesn’t see Abhi there. Purab tells Aaliya that Pragya is in the city hospital. Aaliya wonders if its an accident. Purab asks her to sit in the car. Gupta asks them to go to the hospital. Sarita informs Prachi that Abhi and Pragya are safe. She asks Prachi to not come at the hospital. She reveals that Pragya had called Purab to inform him. Prachi wants to see her parents at the hospital. She doesn’t want to listen to anyone. Purab tells that Prachi is stubborn like Abhi. He asks Aaliya to send the car for Prachi.

Aaliya informs Rhea about Abhi, he is at the hospital, Pragya is also with him. Rhea wants to rush and see Abhi first. Ranbir also learns the news and goes with Rhea. Aaliya tells Purab that she has informed Rhea. Rhea doesn’t want to inform Prachi. Pragya finds herself kidnapped. She realizes that Abhi was left unattended at the hospital. She wishes that someone got Abhi admitted for treatment. She shouts for help. Bittu meets her.

A doctor finds Abhi in the critical state. He asks the nurse to admit Abhi soon. Rhea drives in tension. Mitali tells her that Pragya is responsible for Abhi’s pain. Purab and Aaliya reach the hospital to find Abhi. Purab yells at the nurse. They don’t get any entry there. Purab loses his control when the hospital staff doesn’t cooperate. Purab goes to make a call. He comes across Abhi, who is left unattended. Purab is shell shocked to see Abhi shot. He can’t believe the sight. He gets into a deep pain by the shattering sight.

Aaliya, Sarita and Baljeet are also shocked to find Abhi shot. Purab rushes Abhi for treatment. He reprimands the staff. Abhi is sent to the OT. Ranbir meets Prachi. He takes her to the hospital. He tells that nothing will happen to Abhi. Doctor tells Purab that he asked the staff to admit Abhi before itself. Purab asks him to save Abhi. He threatens to sue the hospital. Doctor asks him why didn’t he admit the patient.

Purab tells that Pragya got him there. He requests the doctor to just save Abhi. Aaliya is angered that Pragya didn’t admit Abhi and left. Purab senses that Pragya is in trouble. Bittu threatens Pragya. He calls her a selfish woman to run to save her life. She thinks the henchmen don’t know that she took Abhi to the hospital. He angers her. She doesn’t tell him that she didn’t leave Abhi in the jungle.

He tells her that Digvijay will meet her and tell the reason for enmity. She wants to know the reason, but doesn’t want to die. She thinks she needs to go to Abhi right away. Abhi’s condition gets severe when the doctors fail to remove the bullet stuck in his skull. They wait for a senior surgeon for Abhi’s surgery. Rhea meets Abhi and breaks down seeing his state. She gets against Pragya, blaming her for Abhi’s state.

Reviewed Rating for Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2021 Update Abhi life verdict: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. Please save abhi without him nd her nothing is they to watch.please send aliya charater in a critical condition onces.everyone so happy to watch.I did n’t saw like this sister in the world.she is a worst momen .she don’t know how lucky she is .she got a abhi like brother. Abhi have all the qualities he is a best brother,best husband and best father.pragya also same i love u both of u abhi and pragya…..a lot.

  2. Stop watching this nonsense again and again….Real life mein itni tragedies kabhi nahi hoti…Ekta is making everyone fool and we are ready to be fool.

  3. Omg here we go again boring episode this is how ppl lives rotate in India revenge killing its sad that this is how ppl in India live always in fear so if I was in younger generation shud not worry about getting married becoz they got so much hatred n jealousy in family here now revenge again wen Wil there be peace n have a happy ending they never even meet their dauters n here revenge comes in so boring n so unrealistic to watch wen Abhi n pragya comes to understanding with their dauters eil wait to watch n that devil aaliya must be behind bars then wil be interesting to watch n purab n his x wife get together now it’s too boring revenge hatred n jealousy it’s not good for society sad 😔

  4. They say, man is known by the company he keeps. A tribe is known by the type of Mr. God they create, ( Mr. God is created by tribesmen in their own image)an inclusive or exclusive loving for tribesmen, jealous of other gods and vengeful of jon-believers; and mindset, values, prejudices, overall progressive outlook, and desire to Bea catalyst for positive change , stuck mindset or selling any junk to get rich while taking society down down and down.

  5. oh dear…now abhi will go into coma or not recognize pragya..and pragya as usual will cry thousands of tears…while alia will play the blaming game and plan more cruelty!!! just stop this nonsense, she show should’ve stopped when they got married. both oldies behaving like teenagers and I’m tired of their faces while such stories are stimulants to the writers…sigh!

  6. I wonder how anyone in india gets married,a lot of the india series I watch portrays a lot of suffering and dieying am so done with this nonsense

    • I agree with you Shanas. Their series portray the same thing. Remember King of hearts. They also never had a happy ending even their kids. The writers must re look their writing skills cos they are so predictable.

  7. Yes u r right my dear it’s very boring Idont understand what’s happening is this who is digvijay what is role doing in this serial stupid every tym ekta is doing something boring …. Stop doing like this …..

  8. Lütfen abhi ölmesin diziyi tekrar tekrar suruklemeyin istediğimiz abhi bin yaşaması pragyayla evine dönmesi kızlarını biraraya getirip çocuklarının üzerinden dizi yürüyebilir ama abhi ve pragya ayrılırsa bu diziyi Bitirin haytta izlemeyiz diziyi izlendiren abigyanin birbirine karşı olumsuz sevgisi ben Türkiye’de im çok büyük hayranlarıyi ben hiçbir dizide başrolü öldürüp diziye devam edilmez başrol ölmez olmemesi lazım çünkü başrol dizinin temelidir temel gidince o dizi biter bitmez de devam ederse büyük izleyici kaybeder izlenmez

  9. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️all over again….. either they will die and then rebirth OR in Coma with memory loss…..OMG!! Ekta you really need to get new writers…. be creative…… can Abhi/ Pragya live together for a change? And start facing real challenges of life TOGETHER!! There’s wicked Aliya…. their daughters who hate each other. Get them together…… maybe, the track needs to face real life challenges instead of make belief!!

  10. I have seen many of Ekta Kapoor serials in every serial theme is same that she will not let married couples live together in each n every serial I feel she doesn’t have concept in mind for married couples to live together n how r indian families living she has negative thoughts n narrating in her shows

  11. Honestly this is nonsense Abhi will lose his memory again…and Pragya will be accused of it really…seems like these directors they dnt have anything to say now..they should just end it npw its the right time honestly….

  12. Bahut paka dala ye show hadd yrr aage to badhao sirial ko bs abhi pragya ek huve nii ki fhir alg wahi ghisi piti story Aaliya sbko pragya k khilap ya to abhi marega ya yaaddast chali jayegi hadd hai yrr usse achha band kro show ya fhir kuch achaa dikhao milao abhi pragya ki bar bar alg itna to itna to krishna ji shadi nii hui hogi jitni baar ye log alg hove hai bahut bor kr diya hai ye show

  13. More of the same dotishness againand again Please let some love and happiness reign in this show l am tired of the same story over and over Aliya and her demonic neice will cause more bacchanal and the filth goes on But Abhi and alPragya are happy acting the rubbish.They ate paid for the filth acting.So that is their choice our choice is to stop watching and reading this filth


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