Anupama written update 2nd March 2021 Kavya new target

Anupama written update 2nd March 2021 Kavya new target

Anupama written update 2nd March 2021 Kavya new target Anupama tells Leela that she wants to think about Pakhi, without caring for the society. She wants to take Pakhi to the psychologist. Vanraj shows his care for Anupama. He pacifies her, leaving the family surprised. He tells Leela that the situation is already bad, they shouldn’t fight among themselves. He tells that they have to convince Pakhi and take her. Vanraj and Anupama meet Pakhi and find her happy. They tell her that they aren’t angry on her. They ask Pakhi to come along with them to meet a psychologist.

Pakhi misunderstands them. She tells that she isn’t crazy, she was anger and took the impulsive move. Anupama tells that she has to meet the doctor once. Vanraj convinces Pakhi. They take Pakhi to the doctor and get an advice. They feel the pain and realize that they had hurt Pakhi a lot. Vanraj is anxious to know about Pakhi’s situation. Doctor tells them that Pakhi isn’t able to accept their divorce. She wants them to behave friendly and give a happy family to Pakhi. She tells that Pakhi is disappointed with Anupama, who reacted against her nature.

She adds that Anupama’s decision was shocking for her. Anupama asks does she mean that they should get back together. Doctor asks them to spend more time and give her attention. She asks them to explain their decision to Pakhi with love. She asks them to handle things and end Pakhi’s fears of losing her parents. Vanraj and Anupama bring Pakhi home. They get a wonderful surprise from Samar. Samar returns home. Anupama gets emotional on meeting him. Samar and Paritosh pamper Pakhi with love. Pakhi promises to never leave the house.

Vanraj and Anupama share a joyful moment seeing Pakhi happy. Nandini misses Samar’s attention. Samar goes after her to compliment her. Vanraj gives most of his time to Pakhi, while Anupama shows her love to Samar. Samar tells that he was much worried for Pakhi. He knows that his mother isn’t a selfish mother, she cares for Vanraj as well. Samar gives his first earning to Anupama. He proves Vanraj wrong. Vanraj realizes his mistake of not believing his son’s mistake. Vanraj blesses Samar. He tells that Pakhi would be going on a school trip.

Paritosh tells that they have to be careful about Pakhi. Anupama doesn’t want her children to live in fear. Vanraj and Anupama bid a farewell to Pakhi. They wish Pakhi to come back happily. Vanraj tells Leela that he would also leave now. Leela stops him at home.

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