Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2021 Written Update Pragya high alert

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2021 Written Update Pragya high alert

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2021 Written Update Pragya high alert Aaliya informs Pragya that Meera isn’t in their house now. She asks Pragya about any other witness. Pragya tells that pandit Badrinath is at the Ram Sita temple. She asks Inspector to meet the pandit. The Inspector tells that she will send her team to call the pandit home and clear things. Aaliya tells that Pragya is lying. Sarita is waiting for Pragya anxiously. She wonders what happened at Mehra mansion. She wants to go to Mehra mansion and wait for Pragya. She doesn’t know what to do. She stays tensed.

She has much emotional attachment with Pragya. She tells that nobody can help Pragya in this times. She still prays for Pragya. The pandit is summoned at home. Pragya tells that Inspector wants to talk to him to confirm the marriage. The pandit is ready to give his statement in Pragya’s favor, since he has got Abhi and Pragya married. Mitali tells Pallavi that maybe they aren’t doing the right. Pallavi believes that Aaliya is right, Pragya is a wrong person and wishing bad for Abhi. Aaliya asks them not to worry.

Tai ji asks her if Pragya can prove the marriage. Aaliya tells that either Pragya or them will lose today. Pragya gets the temple pandit with her. She asks Inspector to speak to the pandit, then nobody shall stop her from meeting the pandit. Inspector asks Pandit about testifying the marriage. Pandit tells them that he has got Abhi and Pragya married. Pragya tells that she has married Abhi three days back. She tells that the divorce doesn’t matter now.

She wants to give a statement that the divorce papers aren’t valid, her marriage is valid. Pragya asks Tai ji to tell the Inspector that Aaliya doesn’t have any value of marriage. She accuses Aaliya. She proves that she is Abhi’s wife. She tells that she can call Aaliya’s husband to testify as well. She has no hopes from the family. She tells that they can’t stop her from meeting Abhi. Pandit changes his statement and apologizes to Pragya. He lies to the police that he is doing a sin to lie that he got Abhi and Pragya married.

He proves Pragya a liar on Aaliya’s orders. Aaliya has emotionally blackmailed him by saying that Pragya has tried to kill Abhi for the sake of his property. He really thinks that Pragya will poison Abhi and kill him if he supports her and testifies the marriage. He comes in her influence to save Abhi’s life. She tries to bribe him on the name of donation, but he refuses to charge any money for saving a person’s life. Pandit lies to the police that he doesn’t even know Pragya. Pragya asks him about the big lie.

Pandit tells that he didn’t get any marriage rituals performed. Pragya knows that Aaliya has influenced the witness. Aaliya asks Inspector to take action on Pragya. Inspector regrets to trust Pragya. Pragya tells that Pandit is also with Aaliya. She pleads her. Pragya gets thrown out of the house. Prachi is in shock on receiving a call from the police station. She learns that Pragya is arrested. She tells that the Mehra family believes Pragya is inauspicious.

She tells that just Ranbir can help them. She calls up Ranbir to take his help. She seeks his help for Pragya’s bail. Pragya wants the Inspector to believe her. Ranbir, Prachi and Shahana come to help Pragya. They meet Pragya. Ranbir tells that he will complete the formalities. Prachi is stressed for Pragya. Pragya tells that she is feeling sorry to create troubles. Prachi tells that Ranbir has called a lawyer, she has used her savings to pay the fees to the lawyer. Prachi asks her not to worry for the money. She adds that nothing is important to her than Pragya. Pragya gets released on bail. Inspector warns her of a re-arrest to not return to Mehra mansion.

She tells that bail won’t happen next time. Pragya sheds tears of sorrow. Aaliya gets to see Rhea, who is sinking in alcohol to relieve her depressive pain. She understands that Rhea is missing Abhi. She also cries for Abhi like an emotional human being for the first time. She tells that she had many differences with Abhi because of Pragya, but she has to protect him. She doesn’t want Abhi’s secret to come out. She tells that she doesn’t know what to do if Pragya comes back. Pragya returns home and doesn’t mention anything to Sarita. Sarita is thankful to Ranbir for helping Pragya. Ranbir tells that he would always be there to help them. Sarita goes to ask Pragya about the matter.

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