Kumkum Bhagya Abhi wild avatar 8th March Full Update

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi wild avatar 8th March Full Update

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi wild avatar 8th March Full Update Prachi vents out her frustration. She tells that everyone can see Ranbir’s love, not her feelings. Shahana tells that its Prachi’s mistake to not see Ranbir’s love. She asks Prachi to accept that Ranbir loves her a lot. She tells that Ranbir left everything for her sake, he always stands by her. Prachi asks her to support Ranbir if she wants. Shahana asks Prachi not to do any fake acting. She doesn’t feel she has done any mistake, since she trusts Ranbir’s true love.

Prachi tells that he was cheating her to marry. Shahana tells that Ranbir realized his mistake and didn’t do the marriage. Prachi tells her that Ranbir has really changed, he is accusing her for his change. Sarita finds them home and asks why are you late. She realizes that they had a fight. She tries to sort their problem. On the other hand, Baljeet is much worried that Abhi isn’t attended by anyone, Rhea is drinking in sorrow.

She feels they should have left him to recover at the hospital. Aaliya tells that though she loves Abhi more than the shares, she won’t send Abhi to the hospital. She knows that she will lose the company shares and business if the news spreads that Abhi is in mental hospital. She is doing everything to keep his name in the business circle. Baljeet pities Abhi, who has no one to support. She cries that Aaliya had beaten up Abhi and scared him.

She tells that she can forgive anyone in her life, except Pragya. She finds Rhea coming home in a drunken state. Aaliya asks Tanu to enter Abhi and Rhea’s lives. She tells that she loves Rhea more than Aryan, she doesn’t love Prachi. She asks Tanu to love Rhea, and never lecture her. Tanu feels Pragya also doesn’t like Rhea, she is just concerned for Abhi.

Aaliya tells that Pragya isn’t in Abhi’s memories now, he doesn’t remember her. She asks Tanu to have a strong bond with Rhea. She tells that Abhi should feel that Pragya had left Rhea and Tanu has supported Rhea in the tough times. Tanu agrees to trick Abhi and take Pragya’s place in his life. Aaliya finds her a dumb woman. She tells Tanu that Rhea loves Ranbir. Tanu wants to meet Kohli family. Mitali asks Aaliya to call the maid Gayatri on work again.

Shahana apologizes to Prachi for lying to her. Prachi forgives her. They ask Pragya about her job at the school. Pragya tells that just one kid is troubling her, but he will also be fine soon. Aaliya tells Tanu that she will forgive her, and even Abhi will forgive her if Tanu wins his heart. She asks Tanu to become Abhi’s friend to convince him for marriage when he gets fine. She wants Tanu to interact with Abhi. Tanu agrees to work out her plan. She tells that Abhi is her first love. Aaliya wishes her good luck.

Abhi scares Tanu and attacks her in no time. Tanu begs him to spare her life. Abhi asks her to play along. Tanu refuses and calls her mad. He loses his cool and tells that he isn’t mad. Aaliya and Mitali reach him to save Tanu. Aaliya gets him in control. He begs them for food. Tanu tells that Abhi has become a wild animal. Aaliya asks her to give him some time till his mental problem is cured. She tells that they can’t lose hope. Mitali takes the food for Abhi. Mitali realizes that Abhi doesn’t even know how to consume the food.

She feels so sorry for him. Pragya meets the doctor to know about Abhi’s condition. She asks him to tell him about Abhi so that she can understand and help him. Doctor finds her worried for Abhi. He tells about Abhi’s disturbed mind, he has lost control on his body, he had internal bleeding in his brain and didn’t had improvement till now. Pragya gets depressed on knowing that Abhi may never recover. How will Pragya help Abhi? Keep reading.

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  1. Too long n prolonged this love story. Too much sufferings Pragya is going through. It should end sooner. Tanu should be out fast. Abhi n Pragya should meet again soon. Story should end.

  2. Please Director of Kumkum Bhagya and the writer of Scripts, can your Twists allow Pragya and Abhi a little love. Secondly can you refer to the season 1 where the Priest said that Pragya and Abhi’ s union is a perfect combination. Why bring in Tanu again. By now, we should be emphasizing Rhea and Prachi’s life. ABHI AND PRAGYA ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OLD. LET PEACE REIGN. Review the show from SEASON 1 and use it to draw conclusion.

  3. Pragya doit agir comme avec un enfant difficile. Ne jamais rentré dans sa chambre avec un balai et lui faire des plats sui aideront Abhi avoir faim.

  4. Wat nonsense makers please kick tanu off the show..shes not required in this situation n for God’s sake please send someone who can show aliya her place…its been high time aliya needs a bigger master planner than her to fail all her plans to separate abhi n Pragya..n please cut this mad character of abhi short v all want to see Pragya n abhis romantic life…n make purabs character strong so he can be a proper husband n control his devil wife…n send someone much smarter than aliya who will bring abhi n Pragya close n fail all aliyas wicked plans…throw tanu out🤬😡

  5. Why bring Tanu? Better if writers and producers get rid of Aliya by accident or something new storyline and followrd by Mitali, bcoz both evil and always planning new evil ideas..so better mr, writer if u want more ratings..i seriously hate Aliya n mitali and have stopped watching this drama till Abhi mehra is back to Normal..

  6. Pragya ve abhiyi birleştir iyileştirecek tır mutlaka pragya onu tanasada hisleriyle hissedecektir pragyayi

  7. Pragya ve abhiyi birleştir iyileştirecek tır mutlaka pragya onu tanimasada hisleriyle hissedecektir abhi pragyayi

  8. O tanu belasını da geriye gönderin çocuk katilinin orada işi ne birde abhi ile birleştirilmesi çok saçma rhea ya kendisini sevdirsin mis ne hakla oldurucem diye bas bas bagriyordu kiarayi öldürdü şimdi diğerlerine mi geldi iyice saçmalamayın lütfen çok rica ediyorum diziden uzaklaştırmayı n bizleri

  9. Please Remove The Evil Women Aliya n Tanu For Good. Hate To See Them So Evil Only After Money Name n Fame. Bring Disha Sunny Purab Kiara N Prachi n Rhea With Their Help Pragya Can Bring Abhi Back To Normal Soon
    He ll Be Back Rocking Like Before With His Love Of His Life Daughters n Positive Family.

  10. ‘Damn right!’ ‘Get rid of those demonic creatures Allia, stupid dumb head, disgusting Tanuki, Tai ji,does everything Allia tells her to do and when she comes in front of other people her tongue just do a flip deceitful .’Matilli, Raj Palavi morons, Allia mindless minions , ungrateful……..!’ ‘These writers, makers, needs a lot of professional guidance, they gave only one way of putting story lines together ent.KA.!!?’ ‘We don’t ever talk or depend on that frustrated E Kapoor waste of time!!’× ‘You want the young generation to portray more Ok, fine!’ ‘Just give to your viewers Abhishek’ and Pragya togetherness and love that’s all!’ ‘But NOOOO!?’ ‘You have added in more villains, Dilvdailji and his goonies, the bribe takers, all mindless idiots!’ hmmm!?’ ‘Now even Purab!’ 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🙍‍♀️🙍‍♂️’🗣’What Else 😠💆‍♂️💆‍♀️👎👎👎👎✌🙏ha! ha!’🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  11. Directors and writters of kumkum please re unite pragya and abhi again just a little,dnt remove Aliya and tanu so that they can see abhi and pragya’s love to each other…..please please in this episode abhi and pragya should be together for good

  12. Honestly this story has to come to an end its now boring,instead of focusing on Prachi and Rhea getting to know their relations why prolonging 🤨


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