Kumkum Bhagya Abhi painful cry 11th March 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi painful cry 11th March 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi painful cry 11th March 2021 Written Update Prachi informs Rhea that Pragya isn’t at home. Rhea tells that its good for her. Shahana reprimands Rhea for being so heartless and accusing Prachi always. She tells that she should control Ranbir, who is after Prachi. She defends Prachi. She regards Prachi as her sister. Prachi apologizes to Rhea. She tells that she didn’t know about Ranbir’s plan and the marriage didn’t happen. Rhea tells that she would have punished her for this.

Shahana tells that Prachi had no idea what was Ranbir planning. She adds that Ranbir will come on Prachi’s one call. Rhea asks Prachi to try whatever she wants. She threatens to snatch Prachi’s happiness. Prachi cries that Rhea misunderstands her. She has Shahana on her side. Sarita prays for Pragya to get strength to help Abhi recover. She wishes that Pragya gets Abhi’s support back. She blesses them. Mitali informs Aaliya that Gayatri has gone to meet Abhi. She fears that anything can happen.

Tanu agrees with her. She tells that Abhi is scared of Aaliya. She asks Mitali to go and see Gayatri. Mitali is scared to go. Aaliya tells Baljeet that she isn’t getting any fun by beating Abhi, he doesn’t remember her and their relation. She doesn’t know how to handle him. She tells Baljeet that Abhi has been hitting others, she had to beat him to control him. She doesn’t want Abhi to attack anyone.

Baljeet swears to take Abhi with her and leave the house. Tanu asks Aaliya if Baljeet will really take Abhi. Aaliya tells that Abhi won’t go anywhere, he gets violent, he will try to beat Baljeet as well, he isn’t the same rockstar Abhi. Meanwhile, Pragya tries hard to end Abhi’s fears. She promises to not hit him. Abhi trusts her promise. He comes out of the cupboard. Pragya asks him not to get scared of the stick, which has also become his friend. Abhi gets into some relief. He asks her to play along.

Pragya questions him about his wounds. He doesn’t remember anything. He tells her that he was playing and got hurt. She asks the game. He tells that he was just throwing things around. She realizes that he has no sense at all. She pities his state. She realizes that she needs to really help him out. He cries like a kid that the guitar fell on his feet. Pragya also cries with him. He complains about Aaliya who doesn’t give him any food. Abhi bonds with her. She tells him that they will apply the haldi to his wound to relieve him.

She adds that haldi won’t cause any pain. She does the aid. He feels the pain and bites her hand. She doesn’t react on his bite and does her duty. Abhi realizes that she is really nice. He leaves her. He feels sorry that he had hurt her. He finds her crying. He gets scared that she will go and complain to Aaliya that he had bitten her hand. She tells that she will not tell anything to Aaliya. Pragya cries when he runs back to hide in his cupboard. Mitali asks Pragya if Abhi had bitten her hand again.

She doesn’t want Gayatri to leave the job. Pragya tells that she will not leave her job. She asks Mitali to allow her to take Abhi to dine with everyone. Mitali asks Gayatri how can she guarantee that he will not hurt anyone. Pragya tells that Abhi will feel happy on wearing new clothes and not react in anger. Mitali asks her not to invite problems for them. Pragya returns to Abhi. She asks him what is he hiding under the pillow. He doesn’t show his sketch. She asks him to show the drawing. She finds it really nice. He tells that he likes sun. He wants to climb up to the sun. She smiles hearing his innocent kiddish talk. He tells that he wants to go out and enjoy. She tells that she can take him out.

He tells that Aaliya will not permit and beat him. She asks him not to feel scared, she will take him for outing once he wears good clothes. She asks him not to tear his new clothes. Mitali tries to spy on them. Abhi agrees to change his clothes. Mitali watches them to see who is Gayatri. Abhi asks Pragya to show her face. He wants to know who she is. Pragya refuses, but Abhi demands her to show her face. Abhi gets to see Pragya’s face. Will he remember Pragya? Comment your view and keep reading.

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  1. I don’t the like the track of aliya and tanu they do all bad sins they are excused this is wrong pls close this trend of excusing wrong for heaven sake

  2. Peut être que abhi guérira complètement de sa maladie miraculeusement en voyant le visage de gayatri. Qui c’est ? love healed many things.

  3. Tell the Director to make Abhi remember Pragya’s. face. Because that would be very unfair to Pragya and end the mad episodes and give they happiness. We are tired of sorrowful sorry sorry sorry sorry miserable and tears, pains evil we are tired oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowe are tired.

  4. ‘We are in agreement with A. views!’ ‘You writers and producers are promoting the wrong and trying to invite mixed feelings and opinions into people minds, to wit:- Evil will always succeed and Good will fail!?’ ‘How cheap and low can you makers E.Kapoor and your writers A.k. and others get!?’ ‘What kind of mindless functions, shameless, disgusting and nasty ugly things you are doing, leave those things for shows like Fear Files, Nagging, to name a few!’ ‘Why the soap operas!??×’ ‘You give us insane and nauseating venomous monsters like that Hmmmmm!! Allia, Tanuki hard face, parasites and Matali, Raj, Tiji and Palavi all Alias moron minions!’ ‘Wow Unbelievable you people are!!’x ‘The lord alone knows what you makers minds are made up of!?’ ‘A lot of brainless 🧠🤯🤪🤕🥺🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️👈ideas and thoughts 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🗣FAILURE!!’👂👈👎👎👎✋🙏

  5. I am happy for Tanu return, because I know it’s time for her to pay for all her evil deeds, she just can’t go like that, how I wish Abhi can vent his madness on Aliya and Tanu. Hope the director will do justice to it

  6. There’s too much exaggerations. The twist is just too much, my daughter already wants to do evil things only because she feels evil will always win no matter what good things you do, so Please can the director of this series make revisions and adjustments and do the needful. Please can good will also triumph. …its now boring and heart breaking…

    • S..hitting abhi is really heart breaking.. if director doesn’t know how to continue..better stop like some other previous serials..buy don’t spoil..y tanu came now..ranbir and prachi chemistry also boring

  7. Disgustful! Ekta Kapoor should immediately stop telecast of the serial. How to f#”* up a good serial (initially)is her forte now.
    She thinks the audience is a fool!

  8. I want to see the end of Aliyah and Tanu. But I expected the director to bring Bubu back since the police men could not see her dead body that mean something is fishing here. Sometimes my kids cry because of the evil, I know you just want the story to be long pls promote good than evil.thanks.


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