Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2021 Written Update High drama

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2021 Written Update High drama

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2021 Written Update High drama Aaliya apologizes to Rhea for hurting her and behaving odd at times. She tells that behaving odd is in their blood, even Rhea is like her. She adds that she has done everything for their betterment. She manipulates Rhea once again. She tells that Pragya had spoiled Abhi’s life and never came back to see him once. She asks her to wrong Prachi’s life and keep Ranbir happy. She asks Rhea to have lunch with her would be in-laws. She asks her to throw out Prachi from Ranbir’s heart.

She thinks to always keep Rhea in her favor. Rhea goes for lunch. Ranbir is much angry on Pallavi for her lies. Aryan tries to calm his anger. Vikram reminds Ranbir that he loves Pallavi. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t love Pallavi now. Vikram tells that its his love that he didn’t expose Pallavi’s drama. He asks Ranbir not to get angry on Pallavi. He wants Ranbir not to make mistakes. He takes Ranbir’s car keys. He asks Ranbir to have lunch with Rhea.

Ranbir agrees to have the family lunch. Rhea really wants to be good with Ranbir and his family. Pragya brings Abhi for the family lunch. This shocks the entire family. Rhea gets emotional seeing Abhi fine like before. Pragya takes Abhi downstairs. Abhi gets scared seeing Aaliya. Aaliya wants Abhi to go back. Pragya tells that she will help him get saved from Aaliya’s beating. She asks Aaliya to let Abhi dine with them. Abhi sits there. Aaliya tells that Abhi can hurt anyone. Vikram doesn’t mind anywhere. Ranbir greets Abhi.

Pragya tells that Abhi has to connect with his family. Aaliya tells that Abhi won’t be connecting with them, Abhi won’t get fine if he wears good clothes. Pragya tells that Abhi can’t recover if he is locked at home. Pallavi finds Gayatri doing the right thing. Raj doesn’t like Gayatri. Pragya gives strength to kiddish Abhi. She asks the family to introduce themselves to Abhi. Rhea tells Abhi that she is his daughter. The family gives an introduction. Abhi doesn’t remember any of them. Abhi cries in fear when he is asked to sit with them.

He gets confused. Aaliya tells that Abhi doesn’t remember them. She feels Gayatri is making fun of them. She rebukes Pragya. Pragya tells that she will feed the food to Abhi. Abhi behaves really weird, spoiling everyone’s mood. The family gets worried for him when he fails to have the food intake on his own. Pragya cries seeing Abhi’s struggle to eat the food. The family is also shocked by his helplessness. Pragya teaches Abhi to eat food.

Abhi finds the food very spicy. He refuses to have food. Pragya asks if he will have milk. He doesn’t let her go anywhere leaving him alone. She tells that his family loves him a lot, they will not hurt him. Ranbir observes Pragya. He wants to know her identity. He questions her about her truth. He tells that she can handle Abhi well. He threatens to tell her truth to the family. Pragya wonders if Prachi told him the truth. Mitali asks Rhea not to talk to Abhi. Aryan tells that Abhi stays calm when Gayatri is around. Tanu wants to keep Rhea happy.

She tells that Abhi needs a friend like him. Abhi reacts when Raj pats him by mistake. Abhi attacks Raj in rage and turns violent. He feels Raj has intentionally hurt Raj. The family asks Abhi to leave Raj. They get scared seeing Abhi’s rage. Baljeet runs to call Gayatri, while Aaliya goes to get a stick.

Ranbir suspects Gayatri who knows about Abhi’s choice. Pragya tries to lie to Ranbir. He is sure that she isn’t any old servant. He asks how is she able to control Abhi. Baljeet informs them that Abhi has gone out of control, Aaliya is going to beat him. Pragya rushes to save Abhi. Aaliya beats up Abhi in front of the entire family, who is shocked to see her inhumane act. She shouts on Gayatri for bringing Abhi outside.

Raj complains about Abhi. Abhi tells that Raj had hit him first. Pragya explains him that he can’t hurt anyone. Aaliya asks Gayatri not to order them. Pragya asks them not to call Abhi insane, he is just ill, he will recover soon. She blames them for making his state worse. Abhi gets upset that Gayatri left him alone. Pragya apologizes to him. She takes Abhi to his room. Will Pragya be able to get Abhi back to his old self? Keep reading.

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  1. Yes, deff pragya Wil help Abhi recover if that Aaliya don’t interfere aaliya is heartless 😡

    Maybe it Wil be more romantic for Abhi n pragya now with no one in their way 😅

  2. Dt aliya should for once be dealt with now. Is she untouchable dt everybody fears her? I detest dt lady n still convinced dt her wickedness is not only an acting thing but a part of her real life. The worst aspect is dt she lies so much n now has destroyed Reahs life. I feel for her though. Meera would ve helped her but aliyas intrusion spoilt everything. Shame on dt disgusting character.

  3. I love you abhi pragya ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💕💕 deff pragya will help abhi recover if that Aaliya don, t interfere Aaliya is heart less but abhi pragya is true love 💕💕😘😘

  4. Just take Aliyah offscreen please. We r tired of seeing her face. And the story bores when Evil triumph for that they only get caught at the ending of the story which is less than 5 minutes


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