Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2021 Kumkum Bhagya Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2021 Kumkum Bhagya Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2021 Kumkum Bhagya Update Mahira warns Preeta that Karan will leave her and come back to his old lover. She asks Preeta to get careful and count the days, its the first day of her destruction. Preeta takes the warning lightly. She doesn’t let Mahira assume her weak or scared. She believes that Karan loves her and will always loves her. She wants Mahira’s misunderstanding to get cleared. She knows that Mahira’s hopes will fall flat when Karan doesn’t entertain her. Mahira doesn’t reveal that she has joined hands with Prithvi, Sherlyn and Akshay as well. Akshay blackmails Kritika about making her pictures viral.

He demands a huge amount to secure his future. Kritika falls in his trap in order to save her marriage with Prithvi. She doesn’t realize that Akshay is just a medium to distract her focus from Prithvi’s matter. Prithvi acts to learn the problem and become the problem solver for Kritika. Will Kritika really fall in Prithvi’s deceptive trap? Keep reading. Comment your views on Akshay’s return.


Full Update:

Preeta suspects that Prithvi is following her. Karan meets her and finds her with a knife. He asks her the reason for showing him the knife. He doesn’t tell him anything. He is thankful to her that she has done a lot for the family. She tells him that she loves him and also his family. They find Mahira secretly overhearing their talks. Karan doesn’t say anything to Mahira. Mahira thinks she has won his trust. Preeta tells her that just she knows the truth. She adds that she doesn’t think Mahira can do anything.

Mahira tells that Karan cares for her. Preeta adds that she doesn’t want to comment anything, she will not waste her time on anything such. Mahira tells that she will make the lie true. She asks Preeta not to think much, Karan loves her just because she is staying along. She asks Preeta to know that Karan is a good man. Mahira doesn’t want Preeta to insult her. Preeta warns Mahira against crossing her limits. She asks Mahira not to spoil her relationship. She threatens Mahira to not spare her if she does anything wrong. She has taught a lesson to Prithvi as well.

Mahira tells Preeta that its first day that she will start getting away from Karan. Preeta has faith on Karan. On the other hand, Sherlyn gets insecure that Mahesh will recover and expose Prithvi and her truth. She takes the injection to kill him with the poison. She gets caught by Parminder. Parminder takes the injection from Sherlyn’s hands. She hears Sherlyn’s intentions of killing Mahesh. She is shell shocked. Rakhi arrives at the same instance. She learns about Sherlyn’s crime from Parminder. She can’t believe it. Sherlyn gets confronted. Prithvi apologizes to Kritika for breaking her heart. She is stressed about Akshay.

She avoids Prithvi for some time. Prithvi is angry by her behavior. He tells that he would have not tolerated her if she wasn’t a Luthra. Kritika gets Akshay’s call. He blackmails her once again. She gets scared and switches off the phone. Prithvi keeps a watch on her. He wants to see what’s happening. He switches on her phone and checks the call log. He wonders what did Akshay tell her that she got scared. He messages Akshay to know what’s the matter. Akshay replies with the blackmailing message and demands 20 lakhs. Prithvi learns that Akshay is blackmailing her.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Aaliya explains Tanu that just Rhea can help her out in making a relation of lifetime with Abhi. She tells that once Abhi recovers, he will not accept Tanu in his life, but if Tanu pleases Rhea and keeps her in control, then Abhi will have to listen to Rhea’s wish. She adds that Rhea should wish to have Tanu as her mother, only then Abhi will agree.

Tanu understands what Aaliya means to say. Pragya overhears their conversation. She realizes that Aaliya is manipulating Tanu this time, like she had manipulated Meera to marry Abhi. She wants to stop Aaliya’s plans. She realizes that Tanu isn’t a good person and is just eyeing Abhi’s richness. Pragya decides to save Abhi. Aaliya asks Tanu to win Rhea’s trust and show love for her by planning her engagement. She tells that Abhi can forgive Tanu only if Rhea tells him. Aaliya is using Rhea’s sentiments again, which angers Pragya.

Reviewed Rating for Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2021 Kumkum Bhagya Update: 2/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. I dnt follow it anymore, my entire family stopped watching kum.kum and kundali. Load of unresolved rubbish. The billion never gets caught or shld I say the truth never prevails. Utter negativity and boring.

    • Sherlyn’s pregnancy has not even showed up and shes still wearing a choora which the new bride Preeta is not wearing and the marriage has not consummated yet. The near 40 looking women behave as coy as 21 year olds. Ekta Kapoor has never seen real life it seems, absolutely no maturity in her serials, the only purpose is to keep her resources goi g even if it is at the cost of viwers interests. The Indian cinema has become so mature and bold but she is standing whete she was! Even the channel has no interest in enhancing its reputation.Each malignant character gets their own way .Does it ever happen in the real world?

  2. For God Sake,plzzzzz shut down these two illogical irrelevant crap serials,Ekta kapoor has lost it, brainless ninkumpoop.

  3. maira if you talk like this to dr preeta she will gets upest now be careful maira understand that what I am saying for you maira keep it your mind and you also sherlyn if do like this plan otherwise risbhah he gets upest now sherlyn be careful now days.
    karan you don’t go to kitchen hug to maira please I don’t like it.
    karan make your social distance.
    karan you say to maira stay away from there and be careful Karan.
    karan you can go near to dr preeta that is better for you.
    safe for you.

    • Please stop both serials kum kum & kundali nothing new happen always ekta give preference negativity not positivity always making rubbish always wamps win…… Truth never comes out please for God sake stop these serials we fed up now.. No Positivity seen please ban balaji tele films….

  4. Stopped watching. Cancelled our zee subscription. Pointless paying when prime time is filled with utter rubbish. It sends out the totally incorrect message that good never prevails. The marriages aren’t sacred. Just a childish and repetitive story line with the same faces and same issues. I can’t understand how they win awards. Even the once good looking Karan doesn’t appeal anymore. Preeta annoys us all. Just end this program once and for all. Who do we email to complain about it.

  5. Only I want to say that stop these two nonsense and intolerable serials Kumkum n Kundli. In these villains win always , and honest people face defeat
    with villains. It is.so much irritating to watch them. Makers want to show audience that truth defeats and badness always wins and gains respect from people….disgusting…aise production ko ban kar dena chahiye

    • She is right stop this nonsense and boring serials because it always use to irritate us because of the villains of this serial I hate them

  6. Becoming very boring kundali bhagya never ending saga abt prithvi sherlyn n mahira. Pls add a positive dimension to this plot.

  7. Bunch of fools very annoying series wasting of money
    To hell for the writer what those this taught us always do bad you will get away with it

  8. Why sherlyn is safe again.Come on Mahesh need to come out of coma..Kritika should have a secret admirer who love her unconditionally and despite akshay treat come back and marry her with kareena permission

  9. She is right stop this nonsense and boring serials because it always use to irritate us because of the villains of this serial I hate them

  10. Even i stop watching repeating of same story the story is just being dragged by the story writer… Utter foolishness….. Trp increases only if the charm is maintained in the storyline. HATE PRITVI SHERLYN AND BITCH MAHIRA…. KUMKUM AND KUNDALI BHAGYA IS UTTER RUBBISH STORIES DON’T WATCH ATLEAST SOME NEW SERIALS CAN GET THAT SLOT AND WE WATCHERS CAN WATCH SOMETHING BETTER


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