Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2021 Full Update Abhi surprise move

Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2021 Full Update Abhi surprise move

Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2021 Written Update Abhi surprise move Pragya recalls Abhi’s promise to her. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will go and pray for Abhi at the temple. Pragya taunts Tanu. Aaliya asks Tanu not to care for Gayatri’s words. Digvijay meets Raj and enquires about Abhi. Raj tells about Rhea’s engagement. He adds that Abhi is busy in the engagement function. Digvijay wants to find about Abhi. Pragya meets Abhi. He gets scared of the family. She asks him not to stay scared, nobody will beat him, he just has to stay careful and not trouble anyone.

She gets a chocolate for him. He tells her that he isn’t able to have the chocolate. She gets the food for him. Abhi talks to his doll. Aaliya asks Mitali to make arrangements before time. Mitali tells that she is handling everything alone, unlike Tanu who just talks big things. Aaliya replies that Tanu has changed with time, she has gone to temple to pray for Abhi. Mitali laughs on hearing this. Aaliya tells that Tanu wants to help Abhi. Tanu returns from the beauty salon.

Aaliya asks Tanu about the temple visit. Tanu tells that she didn’t visit the temple, she had prayed for Abhi and went to the beauty salon. Aaliya rebukes her for the lie. Tanu asks her if she is jealous. Aaliya asks Tanu to let them also look nice in Rhea’s engagement. Abhi gets to see Tanu in her makeup avatar. He asks Tanu to play with him. Tanu agrees. She tells Aaliya that its the power of looks that Abhi is impressed with her.

Aaliya also gets hopeful that Abhi will accept Tanu. Pragya is worried. Tanu wants Abhi to know about their past. He doesn’t remember anything. He asks Tanu not to get scared of him. Ranbir refuses for the engagement. Pallavi panics and asks him not to drive her mad by refusing in the last moment. Ranbir asks her to relax, he was just playing a prank to fool Aryan. He apologizes. She wants to hear the truth from him. She tells that she will understand his silence also. She knows that Ranbir doesn’t love Prachi now.

Ranbir tells her that his heart isn’t letting him move on, he has got over Prachi’s memories. Pallavi asks Ranbir not to lose happiness for any silly person. Ranbir is still affected by Prachi. He misses her. Abhi does the make up to Tanu. She gets scared seeing the bad make up. He laughs on her. He tells her that she is looking like a wild cat. Aaliya also bursts into laughter seeing Tanu. Mitali and Pragya too can’t control.

Abhi is scared of Aaliya. He tells that he had made Tanu a wild cat. Tanu tells that she is really angry. Mitali asks her to get the touch up. Abhi tells Pragya that he had done the make up to Tanu and also spiked her hair. Pragya is happy to see him joyful. Tanu warns Rhea about Prachi, who can snatch her love, Ranbir.

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