Yeh Rishta Dadi clever move Upcoming marriage track

Yeh Rishta Dadi clever move Upcoming marriage track

Yeh Rishta Dadi clever move Upcoming marriage track Kartik realizes that he should change his lie into truth. He asks Sirat to become Kairav’s mother by getting into a fake marriage with him. He thinks this is the only solution by which both of them can fulfill their dreams. He tells her that her dream of becoming a boxing champion can fulfill if she becomes a Goenka. He also has a dream to give an understanding mother to his children, without getting into a real marriage mess.

He tells her that he loves Naira a lot, no one can match him as Naira, but still he wants to have a fake marriage with Sirat to avoid a forced marriage with Rhea. He doesn’t even know if Rhea can take care of his children. He tells Sirat that he has seen her concern for his children. For him, Kairav is much important. He wants to fulfill Kairav’s wish by getting Sirat as his mother. Sirat tells him that he can’t take an advantage of her face and goodness, he has to explain Kairav himself that she isn’t Naira.

He breaks the shocking fact that Kairav is already aware of Sirat’s identity, that she isn’t Naira, but Kairav has accepted the truth and also wants her to become his mother. He tells her about Kairav’s hearty wish. He mentions that Kairav wants Sirat to fill up Naira’s place. Sirat grows emotional, but doesn’t want to be called a stepmother. She tells Kartik that she won’t be happy by breaking his family, Manish will never accept her in the family. Kartik promises to handle the family issues. He just wants Sirat to give her consent.

After much ado, Sirat denies to accept his proposal. She doesn’t want to make marriage a joke. Kartik gets heartbroken that he couldn’t convince Sirat to fulfill Kairav’s wish. On the other hand, Rhea provokes Manish against Sirat by telling imaginary stories of Sirat and Kartik. She warns Manish against losing Kartik to Sirat. Manish grows worried when Kartik arrives home. He questions Kartik about his decision to marry Sirat. Kartik tells him that he isn’t thinking to marry anyone. Manish gets a big relief. He wants to find a way to make Sirat out. Dadi wants Kartik and Sirat to marry to give a stable life to Kairav.

Sirat tells Maudi about Kartik’s proposal. She adds that she rejected his proposal. She makes a decision to leave from Kartik’s life. Maudi feels her pain and wishes to find a way for Sirat’s good future. Maudi and Dadi decide to get Kartik and Sirat married. They come up with a plan to convince Kartik and Sirat some how. Will Kartik and Sirat agree for the marriage? Comment your views. Keep reading.

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