Kumkum Bhagya Abhi wedding twist 2nd April 2021 Update

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi wedding twist 2nd April 2021 Update

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi wedding twist 2nd April 2021 Update Abhi gets injured even after Pragya saved him from the chandelier’s fall. Ashok and Bittu try to run away. Prachi finds the goons and alerts the family. Vikram goes to catch them but they flee after scaring the guards by a gun. Vikram calls the police. He tells Pallavi that the goons had come to kill Abhi. He files a complaint. He tells Pallavi that he has to go to the police station.

Rhea gets worried for Abhi. Doctor treats Abhi’s injury. Rhea shares her pain with Gayatri, unaware that she is Pragya. Prachi and Ranbir have a moment. Rhea makes Prachi away. Ranbir has seen Pragya in the house. He hides her secret. Ranbir tries to act sweet with Rhea to make Prachi jealous. Ranbir praises Pragya and Abhi’s love. He tells that when Pragya wasn’t allowed an entry in the house, she has come as a maid to be with Abhi. He wishes that even he gets a true love. He regrets that he didn’t get true love. Pragya is worried for Abhi.

She didn’t know that Abhi’s life is in danger. She wants happiness and safety of her husband and daughters. She had promised to complete her family. She wants Abhi’s wish to get fulfilled. Sarita shares Pragya’s sorrow. Pragya reaches back to Abhi. She finds the family discussing about her. Baljeet tells that Gayatri had saved Abhi’s life, she will stay with him. Tanu blames Gayatri. Doctor tells the family that Abhi is improving, the reports are better.


Baljeet knows that Gayatri is teaching everything to Abhi. Tanu gets happy on receiving the legal papers. She tells Aaliya that she is finally divorced, she is free to move on in life. Aaliya asks her to marry Abhi. Tanu tells that Abhi’s mental condition isn’t fine. Aaliya tells that Abhi never accepted her, he will just accept her if she becomes his wife before he gets fine. Tanu asks if Abhi will marry her. Aaliya tells that Vikram’s family will become the witness, she will not let Pragya come back.

She wants Tanu to know that Abhi can get fine any time, Gayatri is taking good care of him, its better the marriage happens soon. Tanu agrees to marry Abhi. Ranbir is still heartbroken. He wants to give the same pain to Prachi. He offers lift to Prachi. He tells her that he has come to pick her, she shouldn’t get scared. He asks her not to have any drama. He tells her that he can see her fear that he will know her love feelings if he comes close. Prachi knows that Ranbir still loves her. She wants him to move on.

Meanwhile, Abhi proposes Pragya for marriage. She gets surprised and too happy. He tells her that they can stay happy all life, if they get married. He admits that he likes her company. She tells that she also likes his company, but she will marry him when he gets fine. She asks him to not trouble anyone. He promises to be a good person. She is much happy that Abhi wants to marry her even when he doesn’t remember them or their relation. Ranbir meets Pragya and asks her to stop Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. Pragya angrily stops his marriage, leaving Aaliya puzzled.

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  1. How many times he will get married
    When his daughters are at the marriage age.

    Tanu again ??!!! same drama
    Pl bring some twist to find out about Aaliya
    Where purab and disha
    Bring back Kaira and sunny
    King SingjhPl bring some interesting twist like this
    Same Abhi ka haldi, mehndi function with Tanu and during marriage goons will.come and stop marriage kya hai drama
    Pl ,with humble request,. pl bring back old abhi and let find out all evil acts of Aliya

    • The writer is just full of this nonsense. How long will you be able to keep this storyline like this. Stop this let them meet. Pragya and her husband and get it over with. And start making it work for Prachi and that full of himself dude. This is just unnecessary dragging. You stressing out the people at home. Give a little happiness and to the twins parents. And let them reconcile.

  2. Please END kundali bhagye- it is way pass its expired date. I think k this is the third time Abi has lost his memory/ mind what ever ??!BTW!the blurb is hilarious. E
    Cameo of profiles of Pragya and Abhi from which Abhislowly erased and the voice over asks kya issue pa n a kasaarh toot kayega??.°they forgot their own story line!! A P have NOT been together for the last30 years

    s:: 7 years when P decided to keep their daughter fromA till the girl died aged 7 fell of a rock. Then P used. A TO GET PREGNANT., Then P used Abhi to get pregnant with twin. As soon as they are born.she takes one baby and disappears for 21 yrs! So what GREAT SAA is th vo
    Gassing on about? Don’t such lack of respect to your viewereor Imli-we will move en mas to Anupama and Imli.leave you alone Ina morass of repeat stories and a stable fell of vamps idling

  3. Let Abhi leave happy I’m getting relly sick of this now, I know people who are not watching the show because of this delay change of characters as well just be professional


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