Kumkum Bhagya News for Pragya Update 22nd April 2021

Kumkum Bhagya News for Pragya Update 22nd April 2021

Kumkum Bhagya News for Pragya Upcoming 22nd April 2021 Tanu didn’t know that Rhea will not support her. She decides to take help from her reporter friend Netra, the NGO women and also the social media. She records a helpless message to get votes in her favor. Prachi is grateful to Rhea for dropping her home and taking a stand for her. Rhea tells her that she took a stand for Abhi, not Prachi. She clears Prachi’s misunderstanding. Prachi tells that Abhi is their dad. Rhea wants to oppose Tanu who has put Abhi in troubles.

She tells Prachi that they aren’t sisters. Prachi tells that she will remember that they aren’t sisters from their heart, even if they are related by blood. Aaliya and Mitali get to see Tanu’s message. Aaliya calls Tanu to rebuke her for speaking against Rhea. Rhea arrives home. Aaliya asks Rhea why did she meet Tanu, what did she achieve. Rhea tells that she wants answers from Tanu. Aaliya asks her why did Prachi and she threaten Tanu.

She wants to protect Rhea from dangerous Tanu. Rhea tells that she meant what she said, Prachi also came there to request Tanu to withdraw the complaint, but Tanu has stooped low this time. She doesn’t regret what she told Tanu. She tells that she will prove Tanu’s lie. Aaliya tells that she also cares for her brother, she will handle Tanu her way. She asks Rhea not to invite troubles for herself. Pragya returns home, while Aaliya shouts on her to leave.

Rhea watches the family drama. Abhi asks Pragya to come back when Abhi gets freed. Pragya can’t leave Abhi alone, being his family. She asks Aaliya to help Abhi and not stop her. Aaliya accuses her for casting bad luck on Abhi. Pragya tells that she has a relation with Abhi, she will never leave from his life. She wants to battle Tanu for his sake. She asks Aaliya not to support her if she wants. She tells that Tanu will benefit from their fights. She asks the family to support her in her battle for justice.

She wants to achieve Abhi’s freedom. She warns Aaliya against hindering her. Aaliya doesn’t tolerate Pragya. Pragya questions the family members if they are ready to bring back Abhi and unite the family. She tells that Tanu is using the fact that they aren’t united. Ranbir overhears their conversation. He agrees to support Pragya in her justice fight. Baljeet is always with Pragya. She requests Pragya to get back Abhi. Aaliya asks them not to make a mistake. Mitali feels Tanu has wronged Abhi and needs a punishment.

She wants Abhi back in the house. She agrees to stand by Pragya. Rhea tells them that she will support Pragya to bring Abhi home with all the due respect. She wants Abhi’s name to get clear from the ugly accusation. Pragya tells Aaliya that the family is on Abhi’s side, they have the same motive to free him. She asks Aaliya to remember that she is granted the stay in the house just because Abhi has forgiven her.

Meanwhile, Abhi gets angered when the medical team takes his blood sample for tests. Abhi finds Tanu around. He threatens her. He knows that his innocence will be proved. Pragya enters Abhi’s room and misses him. She sheds tears of sorrow for his absence. She wishes him to get back as soon as possible. Rhea comes to share her pain. She asks Pragya to save Abhi from the big problem. Pragya expresses her true love for Abhi. She is confident that Rhea and entire family are with her. She feels its much important that Rhea is with her. They have an emotional union after a long time. Pragya asks Rhea to meet Abhi and show her support. Abhi wants Pragya to help him get bailed.

Furthermore, Aaliya and Rhea meet him and tell that they are on Pragya’s side now. Aaliya accepts her mistake of bringing Tanu in his life. She promises to not oust Pragya. She tells him that she will support Pragya in proving his innocence. This gives much joy to him. He feels the troubles are bringing some good news for him. Pragya meets a lawyer and learns that the case is too complicated for Abhi to get bail. Lawyer explains her the dire consequences. What would Pragya do to save her Kumkum? Comment below and keep reading.

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  1. Aliya u changed really you are supporting to pragya ..This time you r doing great.Happy to see u like this.But I have little bit doubt on you . i can’t imagine like that u changed and supporting pragya.But u r loving ur brother thatsy u r supporting..Happy to see u Rhea keep going like this u r supporting ur mom and sister.

  2. For the first time Aaliya on Pragya’s side..Rhea and Aaliya well done.,hope for the best.Rhea remember one thing Pragya is your biological mother no matter what happened,it was not your mum’s fault or your dad’s fault.That is their destiny , moreover why is Prach not angry with her father.Both of you were taken care by one single parent.


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