Yeh Rishta Ranvir Sirat meet Upcoming 23rd April 2021

Yeh Rishta Ranvir Sirat meet Upcoming 23rd April 2021

Yeh Rishta Ranvir Sirat meet Upcoming 23rd April 2021 Kartik changes the engagement venue for Sirat’s training sake. She misunderstands him at first. She tells him that she had to practice her boxing in Udaipur. He tells her that he had changed the venue to ease out her switching into the dual roles of his would be bride and a successful boxer. He wants her to pursue the boxing career while matching up the timings of their wedding functions. Kartik and Sirat get into a moment, which gets witnessed by the family.

Manish also gets believing that Sirat is the right girl for Kartik, who can give a new start to his life. He wants his son to move on over Naira’s death. Kartik and Naira get delightful when they offer the wedding invitation card in the temple. They make prayers for their bright future together. They make a relation of friendship. Kartik gets affected by Naira’s memories. Sirat asks him to share his feelings with her as a friend. Kartik too wants her to share her heart out whenever she feels like. Sirat and Ranvir are still missing out each other.

Ranvir doesn’t think he can ever face Sirat. He doesn’t want the day to come in his life when he meets her. Sirat teaches a lesson to Rhea. Kartik supports Sirat, leaving Rhea infuriated. Sirat decides to call Kartik by his name. She tells him that she will always respect him. Dadi orders Kartik to take Sirat for shopping. Kartik and Sirat want to avoid the preparations. Dadi wants their marriage to happen in a grand way like they always do.

Consequently, Dadi and Nani try to bring Kartik and Sirat together. Dadi compels Kartik to take Sirat for shopping. Kartik and Sirat are coming to terms. Suwarna gets happy to see their bonding. Kartik takes Sirat to the designer boutique where she condemns the high price of the designer clothes. She doesn’t want Kartik to spend the money on a dress just for the sake of brand. Kartik tells her that he isn’t embarrassed by her behavior, but likes the fact that she values the hard-earned money.

He still insists her to buy a dress for the engagement. Sirat gets emotional while shopping, since a moment strikes her and takes her back into the past. She cries and pours her heart out in front of Kartik. She reveals about her marriage day when she had been waiting for Ranvir to come, but he left her alone in the mandap. She adds that he had failed to convince his family for their marriage. Kartik shares her sorrow. He tells her that he will always try to keep her joyful and bright, as a good friend.

He promises her to not let sorrow come back in her life. Ranvir also lands up in Goa. He doesn’t expect to see Sirat, but comes across her. Ranvir gets to see her at the moment he was missing her. He wonders what’s Sirat doing here. He tries to talk to her, but she leaves with Kartik. Ranvir chases Kartik’s car to stop him, but fails. Ranvir decides to find her out. Sirat realizes that she is going to make a relation with Kartik for a lifetime, just when Ranvir returns in her life. Which way will Sirat lead her life? Will she accept Ranvir back in her life, by forgetting her commitment towards Kartik? Comment your views below. Keep reading.

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