Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2021 Update Pragya master plan

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2021 Update Pragya master plan

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2021 Update Pragya master plan Aaliya and Mitali meet Tanu outside the court, when Abhi is brought there for the hearing. Aaliya feels Tanu has backstabbed them, when she has shown much faith on her. She tells that Baljeet was right, Tanu is like a snake whose nature is to deceive. Tanu takes the remark on her heart and replies Aaliya to turn her speechless. She feels Aaliya is the snake in the Mehra household, since Aaliya can’t see Abhi and Pragya happy.

She adds that Aaliya has bitten the happiness of her husband Purab as well She further humiliates Aaliya for being a nothing. Aaliya and Tanu get into a heated argument, while Mitali is worried watching the cat fight. On the other hand, Pragya gears up for the court hearing. Ranbir comes to pick her. She tells that she has got an evidence that can prove Tanu a liar. Prachi questions about the important proof.

Pragya reveals that Tanu’s confession will prove Abhi’s innocent, Tanu will be proved wrong if she herself accepts that Abhi didn’t rape her, she was just imposing the charges to take revenge on them. Ranbir asks Pragya how will Tanu confess and why. Pragya makes a plan to provoke Tanu and make her confess the crime. Will Pragya succeed in her big plan? How will Ranbir and Prachi assist her? Will Abhi get freed? Comment below. Keep reading.

Full Update: Prachi tries to surprise Pragya and relieve her stress. She knows that Pragya is handling much tension alone. Ranbir arrives home to meet Pragya. He meets Prachi and feels the same longing once again. She talks of Rhea and spoils his mood. He tells her that he has come to meet her mom, he won’t answer her. They get into a moment. They feel the same love and also witness it in each other’s eyes, yet tend to refuse it. Pragya finds Ranbir in the house. He tells her that he couldn’t sleep all night, he was so worried after hearing out Tanu’s claims. He wants Pragya to win the case and bring Abhi home.

He tells that he wants to tell Tanu that she can’t ruin Abhi’s life by blaming him. He asks her what evidence do they have against Tanu, what will they do in the court. He wants to prove to the society that a crying girl can’t be the victim always. He is ready to try hard to make Abhi win the case. He tells that Abhi’s doctor has agreed to give the statement, Abhi’s medical certificate will help him a lot, his childish state will void Tanu’s blames. Pragya thanks him. She tells that Tanu’s confession will help them.

She mentions that she has the recording of Tanu’s confession, it got recorded unknowingly, she got to hear the recording when she rushed to the police station. She tells them that Tanu had admitted her revenge plans, she will be caught up badly this time. Pragya tells Ranbir that she had arranged a witness in their favor as well. Prachi and Ranbir get glad seeing the big evidence.

Pragya aims to prove Tanu wrong. Prachi wants Abhi to come home and Tanu will go to jail. Ranbir asks Pragya why didn’t she tell Tanu that they will win. Pragya tells that she didn’t wish to alert Tanu that they could defeat her. Pragya wants to meet Raghubeer and show him the evidence to prepare him. Ranbir takes Pragya along. They come across Tanu who is acting helpless. Tanu provokes Pragya. Pragya keeps silence. Ranbir answers Tanu. Pragya doesn’t want to argue with Tanu.

Tanu is confident that she will win. Pragya tells that their victory will be their answer. Pragya and Ranbir meet Raghubeer and tell the evidences they collected in Abhi’s favor. Pragya makes Raghubeer hear the recording. He also tells that its a big confession, a solid proof that would assure Abhi’s release. Ranbir asks Raghubeer to make Tanu pay a big penalty for defaming Abhi. Pragya doesn’t want Tanu to harm Abhi’s image again. Abhi’s family waits for Abhi at the court. Aaliya and Mitali await Pragya and wish that they get to see a good result. Pragya meets them.

She tells them that the day will be good, the truth will triumph, they have enough evidences to win the case. Aaliya loses her cool seeing Tanu. Baljeet tells that Aaliya couldn’t find any lawyer, but Pragya found one. She trusts Pragya. Pragya and Baljeet see Abhi and rush to meet him, while Tanu and Aaliya indulge in an argument. Tanu asks Aaliya to mind her tongue. They both pass personal comments on each other. Tanu calls Aaliya a selfish woman. Mitali tells that Aaliya loves Abhi, she can never wish bad for him, while Tanu has taken revenge on Abhi. Tanu likes to hear their angered verdict on her.

Barrister Babu:
Anirudh and Bondita feel the pain of separation when he decides to drop her at the hostel for a bright future. He wishes all the very best to Bondita for her coming life. Bondita can’t imagine her life without Anirudh, who she gave a Godly figure. Anirudh too finds hard to live without her. Though they don’t acknowledge their relation of marriage and parted ways, they still have a relation of friendship, understanding and respect. They want to protect each other and never let down their expectations. Anirudh decides to eradicate the growing threats on her life when he leaves her alone at the hostel. What lies in Anirudh and Bondita’s fate? Stay tuned.

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  1. Well, well,Tanu and Aaliya are snakes in the grass.This proves they are no longer together.Thank God it seems a big twist will happen and Abhi will be proved innocent, Pragya, Ranbir and Prachi have made Abhi to be proved innocent.

  2. Que a tanu seja presa e pague por tudo e a Brehya seja feliz com sua família é o que nós todos torcemos pare de palhaçadas está muito chato isso só ela que sofre e a cobra não sofre nada


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