Yeh Rishta New track change Written Update 1st May 2021

Yeh Rishta New track change Written Update 1st May 2021

Yeh Rishta New track change Written Update 1st May 2021 Ranvir realizes that he has got Kartik’s engagement ring by mistake. He wants to return the ring to Kartik knowing the engagement would have got halt because of the missing ring. He always regrets that he couldn’t make his relation reach the destination. He wishes to complete the love story and relationship of every person he knows. He rushes to Kartik’s hotel to handover the ring.

Meanwhile, Sirat comes up with silly suggestions as a replacement for the ring. Manish condemns her ideas. Sirat gets under pressure to find the ring. She wants to relax by practicing some boxing moves. Kartik finds her stressed and tries to relieve her. He tells her that they shall fight every problem together. She tells him that when something goes wrong, she thinks of the past. She remembers how things went wrong in her marriage mandap with Ranvir. She doesn’t want to face the same thing again.

Kartik encourages her to forget the past and move on. Kairav tells them a motivational story to pick up good things from the past to strengthen their present. Sirat takes the lesson in a positive way. Kartik asks her not to get scared of the past and run away. Sirat promises to face everything with courage. Sirat tells that they will become an example of friendship, they will always face things together and find the best solution.

Kartik is delighted to see her understanding. They both don’t have love between them, but just understanding, respect and faith. Ranvir misses to see Sirat once again, when he searches for Kartik. He learns that Kartik’s engagement is happening soon. He meets Kartik and hands over the ring to him. He reveals that the ring came along with the medicines. Kartik calls it fate that they met again. He invites Ranvir in the engagement, but the latter refuses stating that he is scared to live happy moments. Kartik understands his emotions and leaves it on his wish.

Ranvir wishes the best to Kartik. Kartik returns to the family with the ring. He reveals that his friend had got the ring for him just in time. Sirat gets confused sensing about Ranvir. Her heart loses peace. Kartik and Sirat proceed with the engagement, while Ranvir learns about her presence. He grows restless and looks for her. Rhea meets Ranvir and confirms that he is Sirat’s ex-lover. She lies to him that Sirat loves him, her Nani is forcing her to marry a rich man, a widower with two kids, just for the sake of money.

She angers Ranvir to the level that he goes and stops the engagement. Rhea manipulates him further by making him recall his love for Sirat. Ranvir rushes to meet Sirat and save her from a forced marriage. Ranvir realizes that the guy is Kartik. He doesn’t stop the engagement to keep his friendship to Kartik, knowing that Kartik is really a nice person. He wishes all the best to Sirat. He knows Kartik will keep her happy. Ranvir loses out on his emotions and walks lost, coming in Sirat’s sight. Ranvir meets with an accident, much to her shock.

Sirat can’t believe that Ranvir is back in her life. How will things turn for Sirat? Will Kartik unite Sirat and Ranvir after knowing their painful love story? Will Ranvir sacrifice his love for Sirat? What do you think? Comment your views. Keep reading.

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