Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2021 Written Update Track finale

Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2021 Written Update Track finale

Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2021 Written Update Abhi Finale Sarita asks Pragya why did she come home when she is already dealing with much sorrow. She loves Pragya as her own daughter. Pragya cares for Sarita. Sarita asks her not to waste time and find evidence to save her husband. She asks Pragya to think of some way to defeat Tanu. She tells that everything has changed once again, Tanu is planning ahead of her, sshe is smarter and also has law on her side. She tells that Tanu has become dangerous for the entire family.

She adds what Aaliya suggested. Pragya tells that Aaliya gave the same suggestion to her, to speak to Tanu and make a deal to settle the matter out of the court. Sarita also thinks that they should compromise with Tanu to save Abhi. She wants Pragya to calm down Tanu’s rage and hatred.


She tells that many lives are related with Abhi, they have to be careful and not make any mistake. She asks Pragya not to lose Abhi. Pragya wants to save Abhi’s life, name and fame. Sarita tells that a battle always needs a sacrifice. She asks Pragya to go and meet Tanu right away. Pragya agrees to meet Tanu. She calls up Tanu to fix their meeting.

Consequently, Pragya meets Tanu. She tells that she has come to beg for Abhi’s future. She sheds tears. Tanu asks her why is she crying like she has accepted her defeat. She enjoys the sight of Pragya pleading her. She checks if Pragya is making any video. Pragya apologizes to her. Tanu tells that she will forgive Pragya, but on a condition that Pragya leaves from Abhi’s life. She asks Pragya to see the result of their clashes.

Pragya admits that she has done wrong. She tries to end Tanu’s ego. She tells that she accepts her defeat, she is really sorry that she came in Tanu’s way. She agrees to do whatever Tanu wants. She asks Tanu to withdraw the case. Tanu agrees to her request. Rhea is tensed for Abhi’s next hearing. Abhi tells that Pragya is there to prove his innocence. She asks him how will he save himself. He tells that Pragya has saved him from Tanu many times, she is a fighter queen, she can do anything to save him.

He tells that Pragya can become Durga for his sake. He has no tension. He tells Rhea that Pragya will defeat Tanu and also make her cry. Tanu asks Pragya why did she come for a compromise. She wants to test Pragya. She tells that the people used to praise Pragya and Abhi’s pairing. Pragya tells that she loves Abhi a lot. Tanu tells her that Pragya should fall in her feet and apologize. Pragya is ready to lose her self-esteem for the sake of Abhi. Tanu asks Pragya if she can get separated from Abhi.

She wants Pragya to lose her esteem and also her rights on Abhi. Pragya offers her money. Tanu asks her to give her Kumkum. This becomes an unacceptable demand. Pragya tells that Abhi is her husband, not any thing to handover. Tanu asks Pragya to compromise if she wants to see Abhi free. She asks Pragya to forget Abhi and their vows. She shatters Pragya by her big demand. She threatens Pragya to put her into pressure. Pragya further gets pressurized by the opes of family. Baljeet, Rhea and Aaliya expect Pragya to save Abhi. Pragya tells them that she will bring Abhi home, no matter what, she will not lose to Tanu.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2021 Full Episode Written Update:

Abhi tells Rhea that Prachi is also naughty like her, that she is overhearing their talks and not coming to join. Prachi tells that she didn’t wish to disturb them. Abhi asks her to say something about Pragya, since she has always lived with her. Prachi tells that Pragya is dedicated, she can do anything to keep her promise to her loved ones. She adds that Pragya can create any miracle to protect her family. Abhi also believes the same. Rhea isn’t scared or tensed after her belief in Pragya gets revived. Tanu gets mad to get Abhi back.

She dreams to unite with him. She accepts that she did a mistake to live with Nikhil, but she came back to him. She feels Pragya did the same mistake to live with King. She wants to tell him that she is rare, her love is also rare, she loves him and deserves him. She gets drunk. She wants Abhi to live with her. She tells that she will party with him soon. She wishes Pragya does what she told her, if Pragya really loves him, then she will have to leave him.

She laughs and pities Pragya. Pragya cries on Tanu’s demand. She doesn’t want to tell anything to Abhi. She thinks she shouldn’t fall weak to accept Tanu’s demand. Abhi calls her up to know if she is fine. Abhi gets upset when she doesn’t answer. He knows that Pragya had gone to meet Sarita. He plans to spend the entire day with Pragya, his love. Pragya doesn’t think she can tell him the truth. She better avoids his cal. They both miss each other.

He finds peace when he hugs her picture. Furthermore, Ranbir and Prachi get into a moment. He helps and cares for her. She reprimands him to keep him away. Aryan finds her getting rude towards Ranbir. He tells her that its too much, she shouldn’t hurt Ranbir’s sentiments. Tanu dances happily thinking the share of happiness she will receive when Pragya sheds tears. She awaits Pragya’s decision. She finally gets Pragya’s call. Pragya gets ready to pay the price, to get her lover freed. Ranbir and Prachi land into a similar moment once again.

This time, Rhea sees them. Mitali asks Pragya where was she at night. Aaliya tells that they couldn’t sleep at night, but Pragya was away somewhere. Baljeet asks Pragya is everything fine. Aaliya wants her answers. Mitali tells that the family is worried for Abhi. Pragya tells that she won’t let anything happen to Abhi. She goes to meet Abhi.

Aaliya senses that Pragya isn’t able to help Abhi. She wants to take the matter in her hands. Baljeet defends Pragya’s efforts in saving Abhi. Rhea doesn’t rebuke Ranbir, not Prachi. She warns Prachi against taking advantage of her silence. She asks Prachi not to take her place in Abhi and Ranbir’s life. Prachi doesn’t to take anyone’s place. Rhea warns her. What will be Pragya decide finally to save Abhi? Keep reading.

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  1. Pragya va t elle encore se sacrifier pour Abhi ? Ce dernier attend toujours que Pragya résout et règle ses problèmes. Ne peut il pas pour une fois agir comme l’homme de la maison.


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