Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2021 Written Update Tanu to die

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2021 Written Update Tanu to die

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2021 Written Update Tanu to die Tanu threatens Abhi to treat her nicely and not insult her during their engagement ceremony, where there will be many onlookers. She doesn’t want him to misbehave with her. She asks him to behave the best as he does with Pragya. Abhi doesn’t like to tolerate her. He keeps his cool just on Pragya’s word. Prachi and Rhea realize that their first plan has failed. They tell that they have a backup plan to make Tanu confess her crime.

They think it will be a great move to spike Tanu’s drink and make her confess the entire truth in an inebriated state, so that they can record the confession and present in the court. Pragya dislikes the idea. She rebukes Prachi and Rhea for coming up with such an idea. She tells them that they should lose their values and stoop low to teach a lesson to a wrong person. Abhi doesn’t think that Prachi and Rhea made any indecent plan.

He supports them. He defends his daughters in front of Pragya. He ultimately convinces Pragya for the plan. Pragya asks him who will be the person to get Tanu drunk. This time, Ranbir takes the task. He asks Aryan to steal Tanu’s phone, while he administers the spiked drink to Tanu. Tanu prepares for her engagement with much excitement. She wants to meet Abhi soon. She receives Pradeep’s call. She lies to him once again that she is sick and had come to visit the doctor. Pradeep shocks her by revealing that he is at the same clinic, he has come to meet Dr. Mehra.

He enquires her whereabouts. He asks her to come out and meet him. She gets tensed that her lie will be caught. She cooks up another story to fool him and tells that she just left from the clinic. Meanwhile, Pallavi is glad that Abhi’s freedom is close, and then Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage can go smoothly. She informs Rhea that she won’t be coming to attend the engagement ceremony, and even Vikram is away.

She apologizes for not being a part of Abhi’s rescue mission. Later, Pragya makes a plan and asks Aaliya to befriend Tanu again. She doesn’t want Mitali and Aaliya to make any mistake. She tells them that they shall treat Tanu nicely. Abhi agrees with Pragya’s plan. He also thinks that its no use to oppose Tanu, until they bring out the truth. Tanu finally arrives for the engagement, after getting rid of Pradeep. She gets a warm welcome from Baljeet.

Furthermore, Ranbir loses his heart to Prachi once again on seeing her decked up for the function. Prachi tells Shahana that its too tough for her to conceal her feelings for Ranbir. Shahana asks her not to sacrifice her love for anyone. She tells her that she is Pragya’s daughter, she should learn how Abhi and Pragya are staying strong and fighting for their love against every problem. She asks Prachi to take a stand for her love.

Prachi tells Shahana that she can’t fight her own sister Rhea, Rhea loves Ranbir and wants to marry him. She wants to side away from Ranbir’s life. She asks Shahana not to compare Abhi and Pragya’s great love story with her sacrificing story. Abhi feels terrified thinking of his engagement with Tanu. He shares his fears with Pragya. She relieves his fears by promising him that she will always be by his side and not let Tanu cause any harm.

Mitali asks Rhea if she has prepared Tanu’s dose. Rhea shows her the dose to add in the drink. Mitali tells that she is ready to serve the drink to Tanu. She takes the drink to Tanu, but the latter refuses. Pragya gets Tanu’s phone. She clicks a picture of the engagement card. She takes Pradeep’s number from Tanu’s phone. She sends the invite to Pradeep. He is shocked to know that Tanu is getting engaged to Abhi.

He tells that if the invite for the engagement is true, then Tanu will face his wrath, she has to really die and get punished for her cheat. He loses his cool. He decides to find the truth by reaching the engagement venue. Pragya awaits Pradeep. Will Tanu’s truth come out when Pradeep’s arrival? Keep reading.

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