Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2021 Written Update Karan returns

Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2021 Written Update Karan returns

Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2021 Written Update Karan returns Sherlyn asks Prithvi to do anything but steal the phone from Preeta’s room. Prithvi tells her that his plan failed, Kritika couldn’t help, he should make a better plan and wait till then. She has no time to wait. She argues with him when he takes the situation lightly. Mahira agrees to steal the phone and help out Sherlyn. Pammi wants to know what’s Sherlyn upto. She tries to keep an eye on Sherlyn and Mahira. Sherlyn doesn’t realize that Pammi is following her. Sherlyn takes a disguise of a thief to steal the phone.

She covers her face to hide her identity. Mahira guards Preeta’s room while Sherlyn attempts to find the phone. Pammi finds Mahira acting suspicious and questions her. Prtihvi too reattempts to steal with phone, but doesn’t know Sherlyn’s plan in advance. He doesn’t inform her. They both make the attempt at the same time. Sherlyn gets spotted by Preeta and Shrishti. Soon, the entire Luthra family find the thief in the house, unaware that she is Sherlyn, they try to catch and beat up the thief. Will Sherlyn get caught red-handed this time, or will Prithvi come to her rescue? Keep reading.

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Mahira waits outside Preeta’s room to help Sherlyn escape from the window. Pammi interrogates Mahira on seeing her acting weird. Pammi spoils Sherlyn’s plan. Sherlyn fails to escape from the window. She gets caught up inside. Shrishti comes there to ask Preeta about Akshay’s phone. Preeta tells her that she had kept the phone on the table. They don’t find the phone on the table. They realize that the thief who took the phone is still inside the room.

They look for the thief. Sherlyn manages to escape from there before Preeta catches her, but she comes across Pammi in a jiffy. Pammi gets frightened and thinks she is a thief. Shrishti and Preeta see the masked thief runnng away. Sherlyn tensely runs away from there. Prithvi happens to see Sherlyn in the masked thief disguise and thinks she is really a thief. He decides to catch her to impress Preeta. The Luthras learn about the thief. The family gathers in the living room when Pammi screams in fear. Pammi tells them that the thief is hiding behind the curtains.

Pammi also reveals the crucial fact that the thief isn’t a man, but a woman in a man’s disguise, since she has seen her eyes closely. The family assumes that Megha has come as the thief to take Akshay’s phone. They check for the thief everywhere in the house. They also lock all the exits to trap the thief. Sherlyn gets terrified. She asks Mahira for help. Mahira doesn’t think she should help her in this tricky situation. She avoids Sherlyn. She goes back to keep herself safe first.

Consequently, Sherlyn is left helpless. The family finds the thief hiding. They go close to catch Sherlyn. Just then Prithvi recognizes Sherlyn. He comes up with a drama of getting injured. He distracts the Luthras to make way for Sherlyn to run out. Sherlyn gets saved in time and runs out. She enters the house from the backdoor and runs to her room. She doesn’t realize that she left her footprints.

Preeta and Shrishti happen to see the footprints, and realize that the thief has entered the house from the backdoor. They realize that its not Megha, but someone from Luthra family. Preeta follows the footprints which lead to Sherlyn’s room. Preeta suspects Sherlyn. She wants to find a solid evidence against Sherlyn to get her arrested. Preeta misses Karan a lot. She tells Shrishti that she will also sleep on the floor just like Karan, who would also be sleeping on the floor in the lockup. She wishes that Karan stays fine and comes back home soon.

Karan and Preeta long for each other. They wish to soon unite. In the coming episodes, Preeta will bring Karan home on bail until she proves his innocence. Karan will fail the evil forces, Prithvi, Sherlyn and Mahira, who get united to break Karan and Preeta’s pairing. Preeta swears to protect her husband. She tells Karan that she will save their Kundali Bhagya. She supports Karan and shows her strength. Isn’t the track getting interesting with Karan’s return? Comment below and keep reading. Catch the latest promo below.

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  1. It’s not interesting it’s stupid because these 3 musketeers live In the house with them and still all the wrong things has been done and nobody can discover them and the family know that prithvi is a bad guy yet they still have him there

  2. नाटक को जानबूझकर कर रबड़ की तरह खिंच रहे हैं। कहानी का मसाला तो है नहीं। नाटक देखने वालों को बो कर रहे हैं। प्रीता को मुख्य पार्ट दिया गया है। मगर क्या वास्तव में प्रीता का मुख्य पार्ट है। मुझे तो नहीं लगता। शर्लिन,माहिरा, पृथ्वी को ही मुख्य पार्ट में दिखाते हैं।ये जो चाहे कर सकते हैं। कोई भी इनको पकड़ नहीं सकता हीरो हैं हीरो। प्रीता बार-बार हारने के बाद भी चौकस नहीं रहती, लापरवाह है। लापरवाही के कारण ही हार खाती रहती है। बेकार है।
    जानता हूं कि डायरेक्टर, प्रोड्यूसर जो भी डायरेक्शन देंगे वही प्ले करेंगे। मगर प्रीता को ये रोल छोड़ देना चाहिए।मगर नहीं छोड़ सकती क्योंकि पैसा चाहिए। मगर अपने चरित्र से समझोता नहीं करना चाहिये।
    दर्शकों की नजर में क्या इमेज़ बनती है उसका भी ध्यान रखना चाहिए।

  3. It’s Not interesting . Because , the three villains are in their House , but they still can’t realise that .

  4. Omg enough of Mahira producer stop the stupidity
    That’s not send a message to people. Only treat like idiots with this story of abusers and not respect.

  5. No this is too much the innocents always fail,how come Mahesh doesn’t realise that Mahira,Prithvi and Sherlyn tried to kill him, still he doesn’t tell his family about this,they all stay together yet no action is taken on those three funny.

  6. They always make villain powerful.Instead they should make Karen and preeta smart enough so serial will become interesting.its boring to see the villain powerful all the time. If the villain will be caught serial will come to an end.

  7. dr preeta this sherlyn came to your room take the akshay mobile.
    dr preeta you inform shirti to find foot print you come to know that so please you can do it.
    dr preeta this sherlyn she hide in the certain
    than you can remove full certain you come to know that dr preeta you can do it.
    rahki you can remove the sherlyn face mask and scold properly don’t leave him but you can do it.
    pammi you see sherlyn face properly this maira she is telling lies I know that maira I said you we should not do like that understand that what I am saying for you maira keep it your mind.
    dr preeta comeing on friday you can open the jail now see what I will do now.

  8. It seems to be interesting. But something is missing. I think it could be covered soon. But i am still watching.

  9. Bakwas serial, please don’t touch with a iron rod too, all characters are idiots, but like pritvis dialogues, calling names of his girlfriends , murko ki maharani, etc etc otherwise Pammi brought in to replace tantrums of her sis in law,
    But why is Karna gilli danda player with wearing casuals in the jail.


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