Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2021 Written Update Pradeep dead

Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2021 Written Update Pradeep dead

Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2021 Written Update Pradeep dead Abhi and Pragya go to the room to find the ringing phone. They get close to the cupboard, where Pradeep is locked up unconscious. They find Rhea’s phone there. He thinks Rhea’s phone was ringing. They dismiss that they heard some other phone ringing. They leave from the room. Abhi decides to find out Pradeep’s address to meet him. He tells Pragya that he can get the address by the mobile number, Purab’s friend can help them in this matter. Pragya asks him to find out and proceed.

Pradeep gets conscious. He rushes out of the cupboard. He looks for Abhi and Pragya to tell them Tanu’s truth. He wants to tell them that Tanu is married to him. He finds Pragya there and goes to approach her. Pragya stays busy on a call and doesn’t see him behind. Tanu gets conscious. She comes to her total senses and recalls that she had locked Pradeep in the cupboard. She checks for him. She panics when she doesn’t find him in the cupboard.


She wonders if he got conscious and left from the room. She runs to look for him. Ranbir bumps into Pradeep, who is in a waiter’s disguise. He doesn’t realize its Pradeep, but finds something wrong. He thinks to share his suspicion with someone. He sees Aaliya and tells her about the weird waiter. Tanu overhears them. She stops Aaliya from reaching Pradeep and interrogating him. She uses the drugs to make Pradeep fall unconscious. She doesn’t let him reach anyone in the Mehra family.

Mitali gets a shock to see Tanu with the unconscious waiter. She questions Tanu about him. Tanu lies that the waiter fainted, and she is just helping him out. She cooks up a story to fool Mitali. She succeeds and sends away Mitali. Tanu takes Pradeep out of the house and hides him inside the car trunk. She doesn’t want anyone to know about Pradeep. She tells that Pradeep has to be away till she gets engaged with Abhi. Abhi discusses the plan with Pragya. He gets Singhania’s call, who wants to talk to Tanu right away.

Singhania threatens to come with the cops if Tanu doesn’t talk to him. Abhi tells him that he will surely make him talk to Tanu. The entire family come up with a plan to pretend sweet and concerned for Tanu. Tanu knows they have no affection for her. She vows to ruin their lives. She asks the Pandit to begin the engagement function. She asks Abhi to join her. Abhi sees Pragya and goes to stand with Tanu for the engagement ceremony.

Tanu and Abhi exchange rings in front of the family. They get engaged. Pragya tells Abhi that he isn’t losing to Tanu, he just has to be strong and fight back. Tanu gets informed by someone that Pradeep is found dead in the car trunk. She receives this shocking news and can’t believe it. Is Pradeep really dead or is it Abhi’s plan to trap Tanu? Comment your views. Keep reading.

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